Monday, November 28, 2005

A New, Devastating PMS "Plague"

My closest friends and I have discussed, over the years, first of all the parallel anti-ethical methodology of the old KGB / Soviet Union in international affairs AND the "godless", hateful amoral tenor of the murderous Muslims among us.

My favorite younf professor, protector of historical academic integrity and deflater of PEECEE pomposities, Mike S. Ad ams has come upon the perfect appellation for the Foes of Light and Freedom.

The UNC-Wilmington prof names their malady as PMS. That is Paranoid (insert Muslim or Marxist) Syndrome.Here's a part of Mike's thoughtful piece:

"It appears that, without question, Professor Daly is suffering from Paranoid Marxist Syndrome, which is also known as PMS. For those who have never considered the similarities between radical Muslims and radical Marxists, it is time to take heed. While the attacks of the former have been well-documented over the last few years, insufficient attention has been paid to the attacks of the latter."

I guess some want the word "extreme" in there, but Hey! a paranoiac is as extreme as they get!! Hitler, Stalin, Arafat, Mussolini, Mao, Pol Pot, Castro, bin Laden, "Calypso Louie" Farrakhan... Fruitcakes all.

But the hate-America virus that has crept into the U.S. Congress is not new and just Iraq war-driven.It was there in the days of Vito Marcantonio, Adam Clayton Powell, and during the Vietnam war.

Beware the Fog of Coalescense. The people who hate Bush, you will notice, have NO allegiance to any other person, and have no plans to offer.They pump out the PMS fog in an attempt to blot out a booming economy, with prime purchasing power, low interest rates, nonerxistent inflation and the lowest unemployment rate since Reagan !!!

Does anyone else remember when Jimmy Carter cried "malaise" and surrendered to Iran? When the media (Then and now infected with PMS) trumpeted that we were "in decline" in 1992 when we were on the rising crest of a boom?

The Soviet propaganda machine in America did not do us in, though it tried to scare hell out of us.Now, shrilly, the same PMS handmaidens are at it again. They say it just cannot be true that America is strongest, best, most enlighhtened, most free!

Is that true?

Or is it the PMS sickness Mike Adams has discovered?