Wednesday, November 09, 2016


Every time FDR ran for president, he was vilified and branded as everything from a lightweight upper-class snob to an ogre rotting away, debilitated by sexually-transmitted disease with paresis in his immediate future.

Harry Truman was attacked by the left-leaning as well as the wild right wing isolationists as a crooked small time machine politician promoted by a mob in Kansas City.

Gen. Dwight David Eisenhower was called "bubble-head"  and even a "communist conspirator" by Sen. Joseph McCarthy and his friends in the media-- and they were of not inconsiderable number.

JFK was, of course, a stealth "Papist" hell-bent to deliver a precious United States into the hands of the Pope and the Vatican College of Cardinals.  Such was the dirty-trick sewage effluent point out by Richard Nixon and his friends in print radio and TV  in 1960.

Ronald Wilson Reagan was called "an amiable dunce"  by Massachusetts' Tip O'Neill, then speaker of the House..And described by Jimmy Carter's nasty media machine as "a 'B'-film actor who got billing lower than an Ape in his best motion picture.

So having experienced all this, I was not surprised at the callous and libelous savagery  visited on Donald J Trump during the campaign that ended last night with his victory over virtually all the print and television media--- both executives and corrupt hirelings. 

The extent of it was only surpassed by the collective yawns of the majority of the American electorate.  The view held here is that the dismissive nature of the attacks and lies from the rabid  bitches and lapdogs of corruption served only to empower and magnify the resolve of the "little guy-and-gal" to flip off and spit in the face of journalists niversally and whole-hog.

It is amazing how many of these arbiters of information have never heard of the nasty reactions to media hubris in past years.

Earlier this year, citizens in Great Britain voted overwhelmingly to leave the European Union and a rather impudent but wholehearted decry of globalism and a harbinger of the return of border sanctity and national honor.  The Donald sniffed that spoor on the wind and transmogrifid it into a massive defeat for the elite "establishment" Uniparty  that has been crippling America with open borders and spineless, subservient trade surrenders.

Many of us were not surprised, and therefore not particularly stricken dumb by Trump's victory over a very poor candidate who "stood for" many many things she did not--- DARED  not--- articulate.

Rather than something so shocking it makes one vomit, the capture by Donald Trump of the presidency is actually nothing out of the ordinary for a free, robust citizenry / electorate. It is what a Republic is all about. 

As well as honest and efficient border control, protection from insidious Islamic slaughterers infiltrating an army into our country, this election was about saving the Supreme Court of the United States from the  abyss  and restoring respect for the Constitution and its bill of rights to the executive branch of our government... And, yes, that means the Attorney General and the Justice Department.

The slovenly purveyors of offal in the media have no idea that the black and brown as well as the white citizens of the United States are informed on such arcane matters.

But the eternal truth is where individual liberty and personal freedom are concerned, every American citizen has a raw, scabless running sore and the ineradicable  power of the ballot... A palliative that can erase  evil  and restore the system to robust vigor.

This is a Spiritual time, and therefore a Teaching time for old and young alike. Because it is axiomatic that to be teachable is to be Spiritual-- and vice versa.

Carpe Diem.