Saturday, September 26, 2009

Spores of Tyrannical Suppression

Did you know that the narcissistic impulse to statist censorship is aggressively contagious?

It appears that the spores or viruses or whatever other carriers of Hunger-to-Coerce-and-Suppress free activity and speech can leap a whole half-continent in a nanosecond.

From the offices of ACORN in Maryland where the corrupt seek to punish those who unmasked them and from theCongressionally de-funded precincts of ACORN in California to Washington D.C., the Kill-Messenger Malady has spread to Austin, Texas.

The Austin American-Statesman reports that Art Acevedo, the Chief of Police there, is announcing a full investigation of internet postings which Acevedo claims threaten public trust of police and undermine authority.

Acevedo claims some city employees may be parties to the defamation and suspected subversion, and that his investigators will seek search warrants and subpoenas to root out the offenders on the Internet.

This is just another tin-badge Chavez type who has read more liberal claptrap than he has digested American Constitutional Law. And, of course, his yammerings will come to naught if the columns of comments from, Austin and other Texas citizens count for anything, ( SEE

This is NOT the Tiny Teapot Tempest it appears.

Non-success to the contrary notwithstanding, the suppressors of free speech is all around you. They have been comfy with the indolent and corrupt Monkey Media that hides truth and dispenses haft-truths, untruths and insincerity daily.

There is a large hunk of the citizenry who actually resent the truth telling of the free Internet and the whirlwind world wide web that embarrasses the ancient dying slavish “libruhl” .

Horror is that these people WELCOME Art Acevedo’s attack on Internet freedom. They are eager to accommodate the silencing of Rush Limbaugh, Dr. Michael Savage, David Horowitz, Neal Boortz and Laura In graham.

Vigilance is the only antidote. Mow the Acevedos and the FCC bullies down as they raise their tyrannical tentacles. The spores are in the air.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Do You Smell What I Smell ???

When the New York Times broke a story Tuesday, September 22 that the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation is going to seek a bailout for itself from "healthy" banks it is tasked with protecting from failure, I actually sobbed.

It was easier than laughing.

Just the day before, the United States attorney in Manhattan got a Grand Jury to augment its indictment of an Iranian slush-fund donor of millions to Obama, Hillary Clinton and John Kerry while he defrauded banks of $297 million-plus.

Hassan Nemazee, who is listed as a half million contributor to the president’s successful campaign, $100,000 to Hillary's primary fight and $200,000 to John Kerry in 2004 was first fingered by Citibank for taking $75 million of its money in loans for which collateral was nonexistent.

Then, Bank of America and HSBC joined the whining, raising the reported theft-cum-fraud to four times its original tote (or $297 million).
You can read all about it here: .

We must smile when we learn that the U.S. DA in charge of the case is one Preet Bahara.

Now add to these two "banking" stories that have all kinds of "bailout" and political implications another bubbling cauldron of investigation into thick and indigestible ACORN coddling by the U.S. federal government, and you have a really burgeoning backlog of smelly stories for the Monkey Media" to catch up on.

They are the Monkey Media because they do not SEE, HEAR, or SPEAK OF evil in the present administration. We are about to discover if their olfactory receptors are intact.

Senator Susan Collins of Maine, Darrel Issa of California and Lamar Smith, Texas all oversight committee members in Congress asked nine independent Inspectors General to investigate U.S. government funding and involvement with the embattled community organizing group ACORN by the respective agencies / bureaus overseen by the IGs.

The Department of Justice is first on the list. That should burn Eric Holder a new one. Then comes the Treasury department (Geithner), and several that I had never even heard of.

This blogger has been one of many to forecast that sooner or later the logjam of misinformation and indolence on the part of the alphabet TV and the craven AssPress will be broken by sheer tonnage of the sleaze and corruption
So far, only Bloomberg and Reuters wire services carry all the information above. The UK Telegraph and Times of London have had better coverage than 99% of US papers.

We will soon see if the stink will pry them out of the trance.

Meanwhile, here's a late Flash !!! The left wing British paper "Guardian" Tuesday morning called our president irrelevant and "impotent". Spot on, old chaps....