Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Can You Believe it ??!!

"Dear Mr. Editor of  The Sun:
"Some of my little friends say there is no Santa Claus. 
"Papa says, 'If you see it in THE SUN it's so.' 
"Please tell me the truth; is there a Santa Claus?

VIRGINIA, your little friends are wrong. They have been affected by the skepticism of a skeptical age. They do not believe except they see. They think that nothing can be which is not comprehensible by their little minds. All minds, Virginia, whether they be men's or children's, are little. 
In this great universe of ours man is a mere insect, an ant, in his intellect, as compared with the boundless world about him, as measured by the intelligence capable of grasping the whole of truth and knowledge.
Yes, VIRGINIA, there is a Santa Claus. He exists as certainly as love and generosity and devotion exist, and you know that they abound and give to your life its highest beauty and joy. Alas! how dreary would be the world if there were no Santa Claus. It would be as dreary as if there were no VIRGINIAS. There would be no childlike faith then, no poetry, no romance to make tolerable this existence. 

We should have no enjoyment, except in sense and sight. The eternal light with which childhood fills the world would be extinguished.
Not believe in Santa Claus! You might as well not believe in fairies! You might get your papa to hire men to watch in all the chimneys on Christmas Eve to catch Santa Claus, but even if they did not see Santa Claus coming down, what would that prove? Nobody sees Santa Claus, but that is no sign that there is no Santa Claus. The most real things in the world are those that neither children nor men can see. Did you ever see fairies dancing on the lawn? Of course not, but that's no proof that they are not there. Nobody can conceive or imagine all the wonders there are unseen and unseeable in the world.
You may tear apart the baby's rattle and see what makes the noise inside, but there is a veil covering the unseen world which not the strongest man, nor even the united strength of all the strongest men that ever lived, could tear apart. Only faith, fancy, poetry, love, romance, can push aside that curtain and view and picture the supernal beauty and glory beyond. Is it all real? Ah, VIRGINIA, in all this world there is nothing else real and abiding. 
No Santa Claus! Thank God! he lives, and he lives forever. A thousand years from now, Virginia, nay, ten times ten thousand years from now, he will continue to make glad the heart of childhood.

Monday, December 16, 2013

The Scurrilous Culprits

Have you ever wondered who is responsible for all the stealing that's gone on in solar panels and the bird-slaughter and ugly landscape of the windmill farms ?  I bet Al Gore comes to your mind.... But he's just a dishonest hustler and flimflam man with his eye on the buck. He hasn't been exactly a jewel of consistency or probity since they threw him out of Vanderbilt University a LOOOOONG  time ago. Gore's ancient, moldy act is a shell game for suckers, pretentious, but pusillanimous.

I ran across an important collection of laughable predictions by the men who used their credentials to shock journalists and credulous families into believing the sky is falling.  Every one of them had graduate degrees in something and if their predictions had any basis in fact or validity, all of us who can now place them where they belong with derisive guffaws, would not be here.

According to these three clowns of the academic tent, we should be dead along with most of the rest of the world's people.

Paul Ehrlich, James Hansen and Michael Mann have been proven in peer-reviewed critiques, to be purveyors of false "scientific" information. There are others. 


The phony "market" in mass solar panel production, proliferation of makework and emission schemes, exploding electric cars and billions of dollars worth of "carbon footprints" and the treasury raided in the name of "controlling"  CO2--a gas necessary for photosynthesis and production of natural oxygen has done more damage to the American economy than even Obamacare.

We can never recapture what has been wasted in the name of Chicken Little.

But an enlightened electorate CAN begin to slow the plunder and re-examine the lifeless meaningless dead-end path thrust upon us by those mesmerized by the chimera of man-made global warming.

In 2014, these idiots will  make another mindless charge. 

Heed them and Impede them !

Monday, November 25, 2013

Allegiance & Gratitude

"One looks back with appreciation to the brilliant teachers, but with gratitude to those who touched our human feelings. The curriculum is so much necessary raw material, but warmth is the vital element for the growing plant and for the soul of the child."
Carl Jung 

We graduated from the eleventh grade into the Big Wide World, in 1942 at Buford high school. I didn't know I was deprived but I soon found out, surrounded by full-12-grade graduates at Emory.

But this is a Thanksgiving blog and what I want to emphasize is that because of gratitude ( my only claim to righteousness then) I can remember the name and specialty of every teacher in that school while I was there. Several of them also taught  my sons. 

As a matter of fact, I am absolutely certain that Misses  Daisy Shadburn, NanJohnson, Berta McCurdy and Nita Tanner focused on my barren soul in the first four grades to teach me a sense of gratitude that I just didn't know or instinctively feel as did my next-door neighbors the Lawler family  (the only Roman Catholics in our town at that time.)  I got very hot and thirsty one rainy day running around inside the Lawler house and drank some Holy Water from one of their mantels. Subsequent, immediate instruction was a powerful foundation for understanding what "being thankful" meant.  But by the time I had glided through the "rooms" of Eva Gholston, Barbara Johnson, TW Morgan and Gladys Hines,  I was in the anteroom toward maturity.  When Kitty Bell actually came to my influenza bedside to tutor me in algebra, I not only passed into the 10th grade: I was grateful, thankful and knew what those words meant in a deep personal way that no Sunday school teacher or  threatening preacher could have ever explicated or built.

It is not fashionable nowadays to pile plaudits at the feet of teachers. But this powerful group of civilized motivated women that sculpted my clay into a sponge hell-bent to learn and then teach  a sense of gratitude--- they would probably be barred from many of today's "Core"-ridden schools. 

Kitty Bell finally left  Buford and gravitated  to Oak Ridge Tennessee where she worked in the Manhattan project (building the first Atomic Bomb).

It's very fashionable in academic circles nowadays to pick at the Thanksgiving of 1621 and compare it with the Thanksgiving of 1623 and then with the Thanksgiving of 2013. 

But except for the fact that the pilgrims off  the Mayflower  were thanking God as well as  the civilized Native Americans who had taught them to plant maize and hunt and trap meat ( which averted their starving), this discussion is more to shine a bright light on how bungling, unenlightened souls come to understand  Grace, Thanks and Gratitude.

My Betts, before she went to the True World, had a favorite fable from the Orient most illustrative of one thing ( among many ) .

An ancient Chinese father of many who were fathers of many, attended the wedding of a prince and his princes. After the ceremony, the Ancient One presented the couple with a small convoluted shell, iridescent in all of the shades of the spectrum, and though  tiny, it  projected a brilliance that was almost unkind to the 

"I see," the well-traveled prince said, "that you have been to the hazardous south border of the far sea. You must have traveled many moon-changes".

"Ah, Inded", smiled the Vizier. "Arduous and lengthy journey...Part of Gift !!!!"

So, THIS is the target of true gratitude...the Heart  and its praise of all Respect and feeling for the struggle and the loss and the winning of wisdom and the passion of  delivering it  to others.

Here are the dimensions  of  gratitude. How many know?

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Don't Blink !

This space in the cyber expanse has not been chary in branding the gyrations and machinations of the present administration as "Con", "Sllick", "Phony", "Flim-Flam",  "Bait and Switch" and it MUST be admitted, the Dummy thst hawks it's wares IS ...uh..."Carney"...
right ?

Well, it apparently was NOT baseless name-calling.

Even when allegedly being "serious", they cannot shoot straight.

They announce 100,000 people have "applied" for Obamacare in the past five weeks.  But only 27,000 have signed up on the sideshow website.

And they will not comment on how many million have had health insurance cancelled.

The Fiscal Times has an eyebrow raiser:  Click HERE. .

The gubmint cannot expect us to take it seriously until someone answers some questions without dissembled babbling and smoke and mirrors.

(1)  How many people have acually BOUGHT into Obamacare ?

(2)  How much more than the $100 million did the website cost ?

(3)  Did anyone other than the "builders" qualify or bid on the website ?

(4)  How many people in the U.S. have had their health insurance  canceled with the implementation of Obamacare ?  

Armed with these facts,  maybe even the toe-suckers at CNN and MSNBC  can  appraise the catastrophic stable-floor we have been thrust upon.

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

So, Palin Read the Law ?

How many times does this happen every year unbeknownst to the majority of literate American voters ?

How many times, that is, does  a well-known public figure ( politician, priest ,  statehouse grifter, columnist, and blogger or talking head ) make a prediction about future  hazards and calamities and said prediction is pooh-poohed by what seems to be thousands of other pompous politicos , pundits, palavering  TV  boobs and hustlers ---and we never hear when the original warning shot is proven to be  valid and spot on target  ?

 Well I can't remember a famous  case.... Until now.

Back in 2009, when fright-face  House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told us all that we needed  to pass the Obama care bill to find out what was in it because it was over 1000 pages longand according to her the Congress had only  only days   to rubberstamp  the monstrosity .

Former   Alaska governor Sarah Palin, mused judiciously in an interview as well as on television  that the worst feature of all the murky Obamacare oppression   was its setting up of "Death Panels" tasked with appointing the ancient, the halt, the lame and the blind to die a little bit sooner because medical care would be wasted on their already  moribundity.... said condition to be adjudicated by non medical bureaucrat  gatekeepers.

And so it has come to pass.   (STORY HERE)

 Was "stupid "  Sarah Palin the only person who read the   cumbersome bill ?

She was well-known for this kind of treachery as governor of Alaska by shadowy grifter Democrat  operatives  and naysayers  whom she was forever unmasking and disrobing.

Of course,  minions of the fish wrappers, the AssPress and the  sycophantic  babbling heads will always claim  foul when they are countered buy someone who reads proposed legislation and researchers intention .

ESPECIALLY some woman who was so infra dig as to choose life rather than abortion for a Downs-child  pregnancy.

It has never been   considered  "FAIR"   by members of the left wing "HIVE"  for  opposition to use  LOGIC or for their opposition to be armed with WIT, of which they can   boast of a not  a half measure.

For a month noww, they have been in disarray, strangled and silenced by their Idol's outright wb of lies to them and us.

Friday, November 01, 2013

Can You Hear Now ?

In times of crisis, close, incestuous entities such as political parties tend to  first dissemble and then, to disinmtegrate.

We are at one of those times...a very clear and impressive moment of
near-laboratory science density.

The so-called "Obamacare" legislation  faced tough sledding to begin with. But the Obama administration's mosdt  dedicated obfuscators came up with a 1,000-plus page "bill" of legislation that was read by nobody except the congressional drudgery monger proofreeaders.

The democrat speaker of the house, Madame Pelosi  announced: We will HAVE to pass it to see what's IN it !!!"

Not all of the opponents of the bill agreed on a single "drawback".  But every republican lawmaker voted against it.

Some said it woould strip everyoe of ther "present" coverage.  The president promised that would NEVER happen, and so on and on and on.

Then, a Republican majority was elected in the House and this year, we went through the drama of a freashman senator from Texas, Ted Crus, leading  filibuster against funding the healt law in the budget   Remember, only the House can  originate budgets and expenditures. So Crus, the "tail" in a minority Senate was "wagging"--- that is, Leading,  a majority conservative House.

This time, they all agreed on ONE reason:

"We must save America from this calamity by defundng.  If we do NOT, the USA will be strangled, disappointed, and finally be halted, frozen in impotent anger because no one really knows what wiill happen  in October.

Well,  October is gone.

This morning I saw where Pelosi and others are now claimin that the Republicans "sabotaged" the AHCA legislation.

If crying "HAVOC",  and incurring thewrath of the New York Times, et al, ad mauseum is "sabotage"  so be it.

This colyum has just one thing to say...no matter HOW distatesful and impolite:

We Told Ya So, morons !!!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

SCOTUS Reckoning

There is no specific legislation that empowers the U.S. Government to issue edicts to alledgedly control "greenhouse gases" that supposedly convict mankind of "warming" the globe.

But the environmental protection agency limits commerce, closes down coal fueled power plants and indulges in issuing non-statuatory regulations with no popular support.

Now, the Supreme Court has collected six  lawsuits into one case it will hear this year.  SCOTUS announced this, but the US  Murky Medis did NOT cover the story.

I found the announcemenmt from SCOTUS in  AFP 's News Budget. (Agence France Presse).

You can read the AFP story H E R E !

There was a time when the conspiracy to tax everyone for a ghostly "carbon footprint" would have welcomed this crisis-ender moment with glee. 

No more.

James Hansen, formerly at NASA has been disrobed as a liar. The UN-IPCC report has been dismissed as fraudulent.  The East Anglia warmists were caught  jiggering numbers, dates and timelines.

Many people now know that gass passed by global cattle herds and even  by termites, produce more CO2 than internal combustion engines.

It is obvious that the media muggers are freaked in the USA because they did not report the  SCOTUS announcement.

Stay tuned for the fall of the dominoes. It is a certainty that the high court justices are neither low-informatuion drones OR Chicken-Littles.

Sunday, October 06, 2013

Petty Posturing Perfidy

When I went to the Library of Congress website on October 1 I was advised that we blind people who sought to download books on digital carrier would not be served and that only members of Congress and their staffs would have access to the Library of Congress until the "shutdown" was over.

Having done quite a bit of research at  the Library of Congress in the past and having found it rather a lonely exercise, I was somewhat aghast that all blind people in the United States were victims of presidential and bureaucratic patty  intransigence.

But I never dreamed the nether  extent to which these pea-brained, solipsists could burrow.

Some other sightless or visually- challenged folks must have alsocontacted their Congress critters and lobbyists because by Saturday the automatons at the library had opened the book downloading site for business. Albeit with embarrassment.

But on the same day, minions of the bureaucracy were attempting to close the Atlantic Ocean, announcing that charter boats would be barred from 11,000 mi.² of saltwater fishing area. Surely, I thought, this is somebody's idea of a joke for headline purposes.

But no! The Internet was flush with videotapes of the occurrence and the proud pronunciamentoes  of the pygmy oppressors.

Even furloughed, the federal employees blindly-following Gubmint
orders, announced they were "following orders to make life as difficult as possible for all citizens in all situations".

Well, in the words of that great Oriental philosopher Lois Lerner: 
"What's new about that?"

The Park Service had already tried to keep World War II veterans out of the unmanned  area of the World War II  Memorial. When the old Octo-and-Nono-Genarians had plowed on to their sacred area the fellers in the Smokey-Bear hats wired the barrier securely. 

Then, Far away in Normandy's Pont du Hoc, they closed the cemetery where dead of the 1944 summer invasion lie.

Of course, all golf courses and Camp David were untouched 

Apparently oblivious that this sort of activity, more than anything, was driving the president's "approval" percentages down, they had one marvelous and laughably feckless attempt remaining.

On Saturday and Sunday they were patrolling  the roads radiating from Mount Rushmore in the South Dakota Badlands, making sure that no one could SEE the mammoth  sculpture of four revered American presidents, Washington, Jefferson, T. Roosevelt and Lincoln.

I just hope some of these simpletons try to activate the absolutism of Algorian "green" dicta: limiting the amount of CO2 emitted by human breathing.

Just so they leave my digital download site alone. They're losing now and will lose all in the end. 

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Eeeeeeek !!!!!!!

In Rotterdam, The Netherlands, authorities have dispensed with the  excess expenses of police detectives' overtime and training and use of "sniffer" Police K-9  specislists.

They are substituting.....well....RATS !


What will this mean to the rest of the uncivilized world (the DUTCH  ALWAYS "break the mould")

If these  anticanine economies spread to the UK and (*gasp*) to America,  there will be a predictable uproar from feminists protesting anti-Girl policies of the rodential exploiters, with a subsequent volume of "Eeeeeeeks!  emitting from the  Feminaziz who ae notoriously  wary of rats.

There will follow, as the slick-tailed critters take over policing of airports, replacing Homeland Security GROPERS and gallant Alsatians---calls for anti-discrimination laws and demands for the banning of WARFARIN and other noxions fatal to rodents.

And, finally, as a reprise of all deterioration of authority since Adanm, there will be a surfeit of ROGUE  RATS (not to be confused with RugRats or "kids" ).

Where will it all end ?

Probably with an Earthwide search led by the Greenie Environmentalists for an AlGorean Pied Piper to save the Planet.

Progress, always Precarious, also always has pusillanimity guaranteed.

Eeeeeeeeeeek !

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Don't Leave Home Without It !

It is fitting that the oldest continuously published newspaper in the United States would come up with the story of an entrepreneur who desire it is striking hotly with surefire sales to a wide customer assortment.

The Hartford Courant, first printed in 1764, is reporting mass sales of a kit aimed for the use of students, teachers, principals, monitors--- and for that matter all employees forced to make a living by toiling in one way or another in "gun free"  zones.

The Navy Yard in Washington DC is a gun free zone. Most public skools and colleges are "gun free" zones. A gun free zone as most people understand it is an area are a building where firearms are absolutely forbidden for everyone--- even security personnel.

This new kit contains and 800,000 volt stun gun taser, a triggered pepper spray, a 12 foot window ladder, and.. Well, you can't go HERE to check out the entire contents of this the survival resources in the "kit".

What family, indeed, would not indulge a vulnerable Mom, student, even an old Dad such an array of protection against the mentally deranged mass murderers that populate our streets and our carefully background-checked workforce.  After all it is the politically correct way.

It would be too easy to arm the security personnel, or train employees in serious self-defense.

I'm not talking "cheap" here, either. And I don't begrudge the fellow who put together this kit a time of his profit-- and I'll wager that will be more than considerable.

If that's the best we can do. Let's do it. But I still feel that something is being diluted by the deluded.

This isn't The Way, Courant founderThomas Greene and his fellow Colonials would have done it. It's an historical fact they left Breed's Hill  RED.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Ballad of Tyler and Demias

This is a "Bell Curve":
This is ALSO the "Ballad  of Tyler and Demias".
The graph represents the normal distribution of achievement level in almost all human physical and mental effort.  It looks like Antoine de Saint Expurey's  "Boa that Swallowed an Elephant" from the Little Prince.
But it holds.  From the  left, the highest acievers are few, the median achievers are lumped into about a 70% mass  and the lower achievers dribble off in a mirror of the highest.
This altogether natural, constantly reappearing distribution in the  basic snapshot in the REAL world of honest appraisal.
But in the world  of Tyler and Demias, it is unwelcome. One might say it is like many truths in the hands and minds of the community organizers and collectivist levelers in the 21st century.
It does not exist for the evil meddlers.
I worked with a physician in a past life who would, when presented with a fact unfamiliar to him, bark: "That's Not SO !!!" ....No matter how many times his obtuse fool act was unmasked.
So, we have an institutionalized intricacy of outright lies replacing scientific truth in our society.
It begins in the grammar school gangs and bullies who make merciless sacrifice of children who excel.
Envy is the most destructive of the Seven Cardinal Sins, of course.
African-American top achievers are regularly attacked physivally and verbally as "Crackas" and "Whitey-ASSES".  White scholars are defamed as "Petty-Puss" and "Faggots" as well as "Kissers" and "Suckers".
Tyler Weaver was not trampled by his peers, however. Neither was  Demias Jimerson.
Tyler read too many books, and won the library prize too often, so his librarian put the name of everyone who had read 10 into a hat and "drew" for the prize.  (Tyler had read, DEMONSTRABLY, hundreds.)


Jimerson ws a football prodigy.  He scored every time he got the pigskin ! So, to "give the others a chance".  Demias was not just curtailed in playing time. He was punished when he showed extra prowess.

This is the way government bureaucracy is operated.  This is the way government "public" skools are operated.

Next will be high school basketball, wrestling and  soccer is already, arguably, in the tank.

But the immutability and ineradicability of the Ball Curve WILL persist and like heroic mankind, prevail, in time, because, as Faulkner said..."We can endure !"

Monday, August 26, 2013

How Low Can They Go ???

"Cometh the Dreamer...We must Kill Him Now!"

Do you get as disgusted as I do when you read about the cops taking down a couple of 10-year-olds for having a lemonade stand ?

Well I've found something worse!

 What would you say if you saw a mother and daddy teaching  a toddler how to garden--- to raise fresh vegetables  right beside ( actually in  the  shadow of)  a grimy housing project  ?

 I mean, that would be MORE than lighting one little candle, and not cursing the economic darkness, wouldn't it ?

 Well take a look at THIS.

The United States Department of Agriculture jackbooted thugs have cited a four-year-old for improper use on federal land .

These Creeps could better use their time coralling the thousands of people who are making big-money growing dope in the national forests and parks.

 But there is a  stink  all over and throughout federal bureaucracy under this administration as though all federal employee have been ordered to do the worst thing possible to the best, most beautiful people .

 This is not overreaction.  Jjust look around you.  Check it out !

  Why on earth do they do these things ?  Because they CAN....

Thursday, August 08, 2013

Layers of Learning

(Regular readers of this Blog will recognize a sharp shift of subject and perspective.  This will occur more often.  My most precious critic  admonished me that the Vlog was cursung the darkness very effectively...but that we were not lighting enbough candles, so here goes !)

When I was about 10 or 11 we used to roam around in  what we called "The Tarzan Woods; behind my granddaddy's house. Half the area was roofed with kudzu vines, and the rest had once been pasture, with a nameless creek at the bottom of the map.
One day when we weren't swinging on the kudzu or rasslin' , or shooting Blue Jays,   James Tapp, W.P. Locket and I would go to the pasture and  hunt for snakes and shoot our  BB guns at pigeons from a nearby barn.
One steamy July day about 11 o'clock in the morning we sat down on the bank of a  shallow gully shaded  by pines and scrub oak.
We were bemoaning the fact that there weren't any good materials for building a hideout in the Tarzan Woods.
W.P  advised that we were sitting on the side of a potential hut and raced to get a sumac sapling that he lay across the gully's width.
He didn't even have to elaborate. In a couple of squirrel tail shakes, we were all three, crisscrossing and basket weaving sumac sticks and pinetops across the gully ... And pretty soon we had our hidey-place.
For a week or two we would huddle in that suffocating little pine-smelling camouflage.  I remember a boy named Ezzard  Sammons was visiting in town and he came to the woods  with us and helped us find some "blue mud"----very rich and trustworthy clay base.
Just at the entrance to our dark place we hacked a square hole from the bank and lined it with clay and "fired"  it to make it into a kiln. This was Ezzard's idea and we marveled at it. We made ashtrays and amulets and we tried to sculpt  squirrels and bears and deer with stick antlers.  There was not a Rodin or a Praxiteles among us...
But the ashtrays and bowls worked out very good.  All our folks bragged on all of this especially on our two-tone efforts with plain old Georgia  red clay "accents"
Sometime before the second weekend when we started thinking about Ken Maynard, Buck  Jones and the Dick Tracy serial at the Capes  Theatre, we got bored and left  our gully shack.  It started raining after the movie Saturday night and rained all day Sunday.
On Monday James and I were headed for W.P.'s house with our leaky Ked tennis shoes  squishing.  

We looked up the woodsy hill... And there was no brush-roofed hidey-place there.  No sign of it. No fireplace, no kiln...(Well there was a sliver of smoky gravel where our baking place had been.


You know how "country folk"  rank rains:  frog strangler... Mold maker... Horse swallower...

We were the beneficiaries of a GullyWasher. I say beneficiaries, because we got an immediate lifelong lesson that the Sunday school teachers would have never gotten into us with parables about building on sand. Our science teachers later, talking about "construction on the floodplain would have failed, too.
All kinds of lessons danced around us. The innocent looking gully--- and its purpose--- had been there a long time before we had a brain flash.
Who knows what-all life changing and saving ideas flowed from this great tragedy ?
The girl  I met about 10 years later and married for 57 years had a Perfect  motto when she was 16-goimg-on- 30 :
"What IS....IS !!!"

When I was about 10 or 11 we used to roam around in  what we called "The Tarzan Woods; behind my granddaddy's house. Half the area was roofed with kudzu vines, and the rest had once been pasture, with a nameless creek at the bottom of the map.
One day when we weren't swinging on the kudzu or rasslin' , or shooting Blue Jays,   James Tapp, W.P. Locket and I would go to the pasture and  hunt for snakes and shoot our  BB guns at pigeons from a nearby barn.
One steamy July day about 11 o'clock in the morning we sat down on the bank of a  shallow gully shaded  by pines and scrub oak.
We were bemoaning the fact that there weren't any good materials for building a hideout in the Tarzan Woods.
W.P  advised that we were sitting on the side of a potential hut and raced to get a sumac sapling that he lay across the gully's width.
He didn't even have to elaborate. In a couple of squirrel tail shakes, we were all three, crisscrossing and basket weaving sumac sticks and pinetops across the gully ... And pretty soon we had our hidey-place.
For a week or two we would huddle in that suffocating little pine-smelling camouflage.  I remember a boy named Ezzard  Sammons was visiting in town and he came to the woods  with us and helped us find some "blue mud"----very rich and trustworthy clay base.
Just at the entrance to our dark place we hacked a square hole from the bank and lined it with clay and "fired"  it to make it into a kiln. This was Ezzard's idea and we marveled at it. We made ashtrays and amulets and we tried to sculpt  squirrels and bears and deer with stick antlers.  There was not a Rodin or a Praxiteles among us...
But the ashtrays and bowls worked out very good.  All our folks bragged on all of this especially on our two-tone efforts with plain old Georgia  red clay "accents"
Sometime before the second weekend when we started thinking about Ken Maynard, Buck  Jones and the Dick Tracy serial at the Capes  Theatre, we got bored and left  our gully shack.  It started raining after the movie Saturday night and rained all day Sunday.
On Monday James and I were headed for W.P.'s house with our leaky Ked tennis shoes  squishing.  
We looked up the woodsy hill... And there was no brush-roofed hidey-place there.  No sign of it. No fireplace, no kiln...(Well there was a sliver of smoky gravel where our baking place had been.
You know how "country folk"  rank rains:  frog strangler... Mold maker... Horse swallower...
We were the beneficiaries of a GullyWasher. I say beneficiaries, because we got an immediate lifelong lesson that the Sunday school teachers would have never gotten into us with parables about building on sand. Our science teachers later, talking about "construction on the floodplain would have failed, too.
All kinds of lessons danced around us. The innocent looking gully--- and its purpose--- had been there a long time before we had a brain flash.
Who knows what-all life changing and saving ideas flowed from this great tragedy ?
The girl  I met about 10 years later and married for 57 years had a Perfect  motto when she was 16-goimg-on- 30 :
"What IS....IS !!!"

Sunday, August 04, 2013

Which IS it ?

Our president said al Qaeda was dead.  He personally assured us  (his worshipping lowly subjects) that HE had dispensed with Osama bin Laden and all was well. Our "media"  crowned him with laurel and Huzzahs of gratitude.

But on the 11th anniversary of the Twin Towers attack (9-11)  al Qaeda struck at the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya killing four Americans who had no security forces  to defend them.

Our president then said it was "all about a video distasteful to Libyans".  His whole administration compounded this lie---even to the Unites Nations General assembly, Meet-the-Press, This Week, and Face the Nation Sunday TV shows.

Now, just a day ago, the administration is closing all U.S. embassies in the mideast because of "chatter" that al Qaeda is going to pull off a gigantic and bloody  event to terrorize many nations and interests.

What Americans need to know is:  Which Fantasmagorical untruthful  "shot in thr Dark" to heed.

Some thoughtful people  are making the case that North Africa is the staging area for World War III to explode.


It is not a huge problem for us and others who believe very few of the alarums and  orders issuing from a political jungle that  trains tax collectors to take sides and "brand" white-crackuh-racists, then snoops on everyone's email, phone calls and steals identities without valid warrants.

But for the blind True Believing "America-Last"  dem=demagogues, it must be infuriatingly confusing  without a program--the kind of program you get at a dogtrack.

Their programs begins with a Zero-Sum thought-value.

And rational, thoughtful folks are abandoned by the Tax-Eaters in D.C.

Monday, July 29, 2013


Just a brief update to remind us all that it is NOT what we do not know that finally destroys us; it is what we know that "just ain't so" that dooms us all.

On Monday, July 29, the administration in D.C. announced that there will be no more  "polishing" or testing of public school  Civics, History  or Curent-Events curricula.

The Obama administration blamed "republican sequester  budget cuts".  Dubya's name was not mentioned this time.

HERE is the Full Story

You and I know and THEY know they could continue to offer Civics and History and test those subjects. They could cancel attendance at a couple of  NEA freakouts and save millions.

What this administration wants and intends to HAVE is a young electorate brainwashed to follow the rules of the National Socialist Democrat agenda blindly.

This is the way it worked in Germany's  National Socialist Democrat Workers' Party in the 1930s.

Who's going to complain ?  Not the militant unionized teachers.  There ARE no more PTA groups.  They are "discouraged" because they allegedly "embaras" minotity students and parents.

So, am I telling you there will be two generations of ignorant young adults as regards History and Civics (Goverment anfd Policy governance)  ?

Yes.  That is what I am telling you.  Maybe THREE generations of civic and policy zombies.


Friday, July 19, 2013

A Party Line ?

We  have retreated, until now from expanding on the courageous focussing on just and true fact by the jury that aquitted George Zimmerman.

But our time has come.

The Pooh-Bah  mullahs of Persia have spoke:  "Trayvon Martin, an innocent child, was willfully slaughtered in  a racially motivated attack by George Zimmerm.

Thus the bloody-handed, Islam-crazed fascist dictators toed the Obama Line.  Read it H E R E.

On the same day, the U.S. president, projecting  Martin as HIMSELF this time instead of his son,  parroted the nasty propagada of the most vile oppressors of human rights on Earth.

The fact that police records unmask the 180-pound, 5'11" burglar, gangbanger and doper is, certainly not news to Obama or rthe Mullahs. They still say "TEEN".

It would be news, however, to the jury that aquitted  the man who shot Martin.

Conspiracy by spoecial prosecutor Angela Corey, Bernoe De la Rionda and others witheld this evidence from the defence attorneys and the judge also hid it.

But you can be SURE that a teacher of constitutional law knows of the several legal strikes against Martin that forced him out of school in Miami  and detoured him into the gated community where he was sdscovered prowling a gated community where his Dad's Lady lived.

What is so surprising is that the Iranian mullahs and the president echo one another.

One might even sketch them as a mini-mob of flash protestors....

Jay Carney, meet Ayatollah Kameini.... 

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

"ALTER'd" Ignorance

Even though fewer that 100,000 Americans watch Obama's cable outlet, MSNBC at any givern moment, (compared to Fox Chasnnel's 4-million-plus) the costant display of ignorance and deliberate lying about the World on this niche is appalling and embarassing.

Take for instanmce the "pundit" Jonathan Alter, author of the sycophantic book praising  our president's baptism in pragmatic moderation, "The Center Holds".

Alter is as close to an intellectual as MSNBC gets. (It IS after all the home of Sissy Chrissy Mattews and Al Sharptioon.)

Now, after his most recent demonstration of his abject ignorance about his subject, Alter is a candidate for many, many WaPo "Pinnochios"---unless he really believed what he said.


Alter's  problem is that he knows NOTHING about the world, and yet he talks about world economics & politics with Kissingeresque  gravity.

In this he is not very much alone. Most of the Driveby media pundits seem  not to know that conservatives are in control of the Eurpean Unio, Germany, England,  and, in fact, most of Europe.

The harlots and succubi of American journalism  WISH it were not so.  They prate on to us as though  the "right" has been  inundated by collectivism in Europe, goading Americans to "join the change".

But they do not do therir homework.  All the chanmge in the last decade has been buttressing the new attraction of economic and social conservatism.

You could look  it up ! Check Australia and Canada while you're looking.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

New Orwell Triumph

We assume you have all heard about the 475% increas in purchases of George Orwell's "1984"  since IRS intimidation, extortion and blackmail were uncoverd and the National Securioty Agency's dipping into all of our lives in search of "patriot" terrorists was "leaked:.

The White House and State Department lying about the Benghazi slaughter of four Americans to save Obama's electoral "bacon" also has been of some  import---the most horrendous lie and cover-up in the History of this nation.

You certainly remember that "NEWSPEAK"  was the  structural armature of the book, leading the artifices that bred  the mind control of all citizens by "Big Brother".

Now, in a Charlie Rose interview that nobody saw,  our Chief Magistrate literally  nearly busted a gut  to avoid using the term "American citizen".


The  AssPress stylebook, which informs ALL the media will be changed to require the use of "U.S. Persons" henceforth. Or maybe even "U-S-ians". (Pronounced "You-ESS-Yuns"

This is to differntiate us from Canadians and Brazilians, Argentines and Costa Ricans, ALL of whom are "Ameriucans".

In the name of International Political Correctness, we do not want to hurt anyone's feelings. (After 244 years of  completely comfortable application of   the name of the man who drew the first mao of this hemisphere (Amerigo Vespucci), we are now going to be browbeaten into USians on the anvil of Fascist  "NEWSPEAK" !!!!

The Brits, Germans, Russians and even Iranians and Chinese will have to tortuously (and gleefully ???) re-educate their masses. Up until now we have always been "(insert adhective, "bloody", "damned","greedy", etc)  Americans.

In 25 consecutive years, summering in Canada, I never heard citizens of The United States referred to any way but "You Bloody  Americans".

And the Canadians are, technically "Americans" of course !

I want to live long enough to see who salutes this white flag. Actually, it sounds and  feels pretty creepy....  USians, indeed !

Sunday, June 09, 2013

Watch the Shells and Shills !

We wager that you are hypnotized by the intricacy involved in the media's covering up for Obama and his administration's creepy corruption in the massive plot to bury the Benghazi murders, or the Justice Department's  intimidation of reporterss, or the IRS shakedown and silencing of conservatives during the 2012 election....OR,  more recently, the SHOCKING...I Say 
S H O C K I N G !!!!... revelations about national intelligence wholesale  spying on "regular americans".

Well, the fact that the UK  Guardian scooped rthe snoop story is a tipoff that it was a planned "leak" by dark forces to  take the heat off Benghazi, IRS and Holder  and reduce all the "scandals" to "manageable"  irrelevance,  while...well....while the OTHER hand manipulated the future of the United States.

In the United Nations, recently, Susan Rice was our ambassador and ventriloquist dymmy par excellence.  She told the world PLUS five political tell all TV talk shwes that the Benghazi massacre was caused by an amti-Muslim cartoon.

Now we know it ws a planned Al Qaeda  incursion carried out on September 11 on the anniversary of the WTC and Pentagon  destruction.

Ms. Rice is now Obama's top national security advisor---a position once held by serious giants with gravitas, rather than bloviating liars

But the focus of our scrivening  here is to point to her successor at the UN: Samanrtha Power.

Ms. Power is a champion of  "Soveriegnty Re-Distribution".

You can check H E R E for particulars, but Ms. P believes that the foreign policy of our United States should be self-immolation by mea culpa. ad that we should abdicate our existence in favor of having all the rest of the world hold suzerainty over us.

Three-card monte, sleight of hand shell games and misdirection have ever been the over reaching scenario of this Obama administration.

It is a disciplined staging that follows National Socalism formulae identified with the Saul Alinky "Chicago Way".

We should "redistribute" our attention to save the Sovereigny of our Repoublic.

Thursday, June 06, 2013

The Clueless RINO

How did Lindsey Graham ever qualify for public office ?

Kissing John McCain's wrinkled old backsides and snuggling up to The Pretender do NOT compute as criteria.

On Wednesday, June 5, Graham (allegedly a South Carolina U.S. Senator) put on his wisest mask and his most solipsist persona  and mulled a question dear to National Socialist democrat party types and credentialed "journalists": i.e. "Are Bloggers entitled to First Amendment protection ?"

I got news for the Palmetto Trash Boy !  Ever since Thomas Jefferson paid two whorish-hit-men to slander and libel George Washington and John Adams (paying the lackeys  with tax money), and ever since the Congress repealed the Alien and Sedition acts, ONLY an idiot screaming fire in a theatre is barred from freedom of expression, per the Supreme Court .

Read the First Amendment to the Constitution for yourself. It is VERY simple:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Senator Graham, an open-ended sycophant who never saw a reporter or commentator's rear he wouldn't buff and buss,  gets paid off for this kind of crap by being the first on the list. for "republican" lawmakers  on the Sunday News TV shows.  Many timers he has been on all of them the same Sunday...Like Susan "Benghazi" Rice.

He is the REAL reason Jim DeMint put aside HIS S.C. senate seart.

The  redolence of RINO  recrudescense was too heavy with guilt by  assiciatuion.

Anyway, Graham knows NOTHING about the cardinal paragraph in the Bill of Rights.  I fear to learn the depth of his ignorance and depravity.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Just THINK....

We are willing to take many arguments about the scandals  fogging the windiws at 1600 Pennsylvanua Avenue in the Caoital city.

One thing we can agree with is that some of the criminality might  flow  from the fact that the president did not hear his oath correctly and believes he is sworn to protect his access to power and his own  arse, rather than the Constitution as it IS rather than as he would HAVE it.

We will agree with a growing number of pundits who grudginly admit he is not too keen (or efficient) at governance.

But we MUST insist that he is a well-recognized Hot-Shot at "organizing" political   activities and camaigns.   He has the scalps of Bill and Hillary Clinton and James Carville  to show for his victorious political instincts. No mean victory was his in 2008 !

Therefore, it just might be possible that he made some missteps in  his slavering hunger in the 2012 re-election conflict.

But can anyone in the United States really, truily BELIEVE that this  student of Saul Alinsky, the Chicago Daley machine and staunch definer of what IS...IS...could NOT be aware of the cover-up of the Behghazi  affair ? That he did not know his closest thug / ally Eric Holder was carrying out a scorched earth offensive against media critics ? OR...that his IRS goons were harrassing Christians, conservatives and  Tea Party groups to silence then in the election?

Anf, finally...Do you think he was unaware that Big Sis Napolitano flooded the forecourt of IRS locations earlier this week with her fondling storm trooper cadres ? (To "protect"  taxmen from protesting Tea Partiers ?!)

GiVe us a break!   Our "Chief Magistrate"  is certainly a Doofus when it comes to managing  his administation and governing and upholding the Constitution.

But he has mastered all the manuals on extortion and intimidation.

He knew.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Irrelevant ! (Also Offensive !!!)

We have a virtual blizzard of flimsy adjectives emanating from the lips of the execrably incompetent Jay Carney, spokesman for the disengaged and hunkered down president.

"Where was the president during the murderous alQaeda attack on the Benghazi consolate and annex ?"

That question is offensive and  irrelevant.

"When did the president first know about the IRS targeting and punishing conservative groups and  pro-republican  media ?

Also irrelevant.

"Did attorney general Holder inform the president  he was Grabbing associated Press telephone records ?"

That's ANOTHER  irrelevant and offensive question.

All right.  The president says "there is no "there...THERE"  (he read about Gertrude Stein sometime somewhere).

But it looks to us like there is no "buck" at the White House and if there were it would not "stop"  because there is no "there" ..THERE either.

As we type this,  America's all-time media White Knight-Hero, Bob Woodward opines on MEET THE PRESS that the Benghazi record of the Obama administration is all lies and a grave issue, indeed, because the lies and the loss of the Benghazi installation was a loss to al Qaeda...which this administration had told the American people was "dead" along with Bin Laden. Any contradiction of this premise would make Obama look sillier.

You can read and see Woodward's  Sunday morning statement H E R E !

We are now, incrementally piling up psychometric evidence of total denial
and / or  rot encrusted with lackadaisical incompetence.

It may be just a matter of time before an independent counsel / prosecutor may be "irrelevant"...no matter HOW "offensive".

Bob Woodwars's words will weigh heavier and heavier.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Leadership, Management and Discipline

We heard just a snippet of an interview with a retired military person who was asked about what the interviewer called “Obama’s lack of leadership”.

“It's not exactly the lack of leadership alone,” the flag level officer replied. “ He has, apparently, no management skills at all—and therefore we’ll never know about his leadership skills!”

That rang a bell for us because believing we read the Constitution of the United States very carefully many times between ages 14 and 88, our prejudice has always been that those elected to administer— or even to write— the laws of this nation are not automatically “ leaders” when they are elected or appointed.

These people are, initially, servants of the people. They may or may not grow or evolve into a matrix of “leading” with some on-the-job seasoning.

But before the seasoning those charged with the magisterial task of governing a nation of 300 million people must have what we will call (for lack of a better term) Management Skills.

It shouldn’t have taken us 4 1/3 years to find out that Barack Husein Obama has not now and has never had any skills in managing people.

Maybe he learned how to bully, blackmail, extort and strong-arm his way to a conceived “community organization” from his godfather, the communist poet Frank Marshall Davis...or from Chicago socialist Saul Alinsky’s manual.

But he never learned about hierarchical management, which is an absolute necessity in governance.

And there’s no question about where this kind of training is most available and shows up with most eloquence and efficiency.

West Point, Annapolis, Parris Island, Quantico and such like places.

For, the primary factor in superior management skills must  be  DISCIPLINE:  Self Discipline and applies discipline up and down the line.  And right now, the United States isin  the most undisciplined  era of its 235 years of existence as a nation.

Some of you will say that the Wharton school at the University of Pennsylvania or the Harvard business school might be added to the list that just appeared in the paragraph above from instinct.

But just offhand the only economics graduate that we can remember ever having had a really splendid presidential governance was Ronald Reagan, and his, a bachelors degree in economics, was from a small, almost municipal, college in Illinois. RR did most of the creativity.

So let’s stick with the no-frills rigor of Quantico and Parris Island since there is little likelihood that a president-elect to take out four years for either of the military academies.

But it would not be impossible, between early November and late January for a cadre of politicians headed by the president and vice president to be— yes, IMMERSED in management skills as taught in the Marine Corps’ basic training and officer training regimens.

At least—and I know this is a dream—no chief magistrate or senator, our House Speaker / committee chairman...or Veep... Would be bereft of management principles in a hierarchy.

Admitting that this may be a more unrealizable goal than putting all 435 national legislative stalwarts  at the mercy of Medicare and Social Security, we believe there is great merit here.

At least our servants will have to qualify for a chance at the apothegm “leadership”.

Sunday, May 05, 2013

Validation And Vindication

This past Autumn, with election politics hot in the United States,  al Qaeda struck at an American diplomartic installation near Benghazi, Libya, killing the Ambassadoe to Libya and three other Americans.

It was September 11 !!! NOT an unfamilar date.

The Obama administration, having firmly averred that al Qaeda was "dead", circulated talking points throuighout the Exevutive and State departments to the effect that  a cartoon video caused protests outside the installation to "ignite" .

Now we know there were NO protests.

We may not have been the first, but the next day, this blog asserted that mercenary, unarmed Libyans hired by the U.S. Government, were the only "security" on the spot at the time of the carnage and chaos.

Soon,  our ambassador to the U.N., Susan Rice was lying to the world and the appatatchik of the Obama administration was following suit.

They succeeded in flummoxing the American people and the grovelling, sycophants of the U.S. Media.

Obama was re-elected.  O Frabjous Joy !

But,NOW, even prominent Democrat  congressmen are appearing on national television to strip the last threads of the Emperor's undergarments.


The House Oversight committe wuill finally get to the bottom of all this next week. Up until now, the sloppy, traitorus press and TV whores have referred to the committee's witnesses as "Whistleblowers".  They have come forward in spite of being threatened by the guilty with everything from career-ending extortion to death.

We prefer to call them Gutsy Patriots.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Who's Dncing ? We're SAD...

It was somewhat  distressing for us to read a piece in the blogosphere about "dancing on the grave"  of Old Media.

It is no great joy for a reporter who wrote for a newspaper first at the age of eleven to see tradional newspapers and even 60 year-old television outlet shamed and keel-hauled out of relevance.

Even if it is their own fault.

In the aftermath of the Boston bombing, in a constipated effort to hew close and closer to an agenda of political correctness and at the same time go through the motions of  "news delivery", the Old Media just failed miserably.

And, even the wild social media of Twitter and Facebook, beating downwind lustily, was closer to vital newsdgathering and dissemination than were the old papers and painted talking heads.

The fish wrappers and the TV outlets have forgotted a salient fact.

They are in business.  And, the one thing that absolutely gyarantees the failure of any  profit-seeking  enterprise is...ARROGANCE.

Remember Coca Cola's  brush with death when they changed the flavor of their non-diet product "for the consumer's own good" ???

That is what has happened to CNN, where the opinions and prejudices and agendas of  talking heads and beancounters have doomed a network that was once the almost perfect NEWS source worldwide--created by a genius, Ted Turner.  Now it is in disarray, and just stumbling and fumbling around, compounding every failure.

Regality of the New York Times is also gone with circulation and ad revenue disasters, and for the same reason.

More and more daily users are opting for Reuters and even Bloomberg and dropping the AssPress wire service because it does things like warn its consumers they cannot use the term " "ILLEGAL Alien" any more, and that  they MUST use "undocumented immigrant visitor" instead.

We do not enjoy this. No glee here.

And yet, we cannot  wait patiently to see who covers the really TRUE and FACTUAL story of the president  meeting with Saudi High Officials, the smirk of the face of Abdul, only 24-hours-ago-"FBI Person-of-Interest" in Boston...

Along with  Abdul's  hurriedly-arranged "deportation"  back to Saudi Arabia.

And, next up will be the media coverage of the group of  Benghazi "whistleblowers"  testifying to Congressman Darrel Issa' Oversight committee. The investigating congressman has warned the State Department, CIA and others to "Lawyer up...and BOHICA !"

Will the cyberworld and the blogosphere shame Old Media again ?

Sunday, April 07, 2013

WANTED ! : A "Brutal" Servant

The best nostalgia and firming-up of good first-judgments often comes when we are on our way to buttressing a long-held prejudice.

So it was for us when a foray into the life of  Jack Kemp--former NFL quarterback, graduate degreed economist, congressman and Reagan cabintet member.

It was a double play of sorts:  Kemp-to-Tim Russert-to Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan.

It would be a handy tool for locating the BIG "KULTUR" schism (or chasm) to divine how many people under the age of 45 remember either Kemp or Moynihan or both of them in any focussed way.

They were the last of a truly "bipartisan-but-very-coherently pausible debaters with a granite bedrock of love for the country and its people.

It does not matter to whom he SAID it, but  DPM coined the sentence:

"Sir, you are entitld to your very own opinions...BUT you are NOT entielef to your own discrete facts..."

Treading even heavier on the sensitivities of the misleading propagandist-demasgogue-prevaicator,  Moynihan once said  to an arrogant bureaucrat:

"He lies not just because it is in his personal or political interest to lie....He lies because it is his NATURE to lie ! "

It matters not whether he was talking about Nixon or Kissinger...Clinton or Ron Emanuel.  The sting is unerruing.

I do not see Moynihan's  ilk anywhere in the public ken today. We have seen the last of the Kemps and the Moynihans.

But we are less of a nation without them.

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Overwhelming Muck & Merde

Our screed today is so twisted a tale of contorted America-hating and subterfuge, it makes one's head faiely whirl.

We would rather write about something courageos like Peggy Noonan's  unveiling the story of the Philadelphia  abortionist who reportedly killed many babies AFTER delivery with the flick of deadly shears....Noonan did this on a Sunday Meet the Press show, terrorizing the news media industry which had suppressed and spiked the story internationally.

But THIS blog is just to announce in passing that  Kathy Boudin is not just paroled out of prison.  She is a professor at Columbia University.

On October 21, 1981, this female rich kid radical,  taught and indoctrinated at Bryn Mawr and Leningrad University, helped a gang of fellow Weather Underground thugs and Black Panther murderers rob a Brinks truck in  Rocland Couny, N.Y.

They killed three uniformed guards in the heist.

Now, free after 22 years, Professor Boudin is teaching social "science" at Columbia University and lecturing at New York University.

Her friends, Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorn, raised her son while she was in prison.

O yasssss !  THAT  Ayers.  THAT Dorn.  Bombmakers and snarky conspiratots in many another Weather Underground project  and several elections of B.H. Obama in Chicago. They were close fiends, co-committeemen and  complicit in the 0-Micheele splice.

This is a panoply of what has happened to your Nation.  They do not even care to "hide"  these disreputable and incestuous affairs between armed robbers, killers and "The Academy".  We are so numb here in 2013 we all just assume the position when he hear the  "B O H I C A" command.

But, before you Bend-Over-Here-It-Comes-Again...Click  H E R E  for the piece de la resistance !

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Always so Foggy....

Here's the way they do it:

First, the chief magistrate of the United States, or one of his hatchet men in the White House  maligns Fox News, or one of its commentators, or threatens another commentator like Rush Limbaugh or Mike Savage, acuusing them of lying about the administratuion.

Then  the same Dark Phalanx threatens the target with destruction by advertising boycott or evecutive fiat...or SOMETHING.

THEN, Fox News'  viewership makes a stratospheric climb.  Or Rush Limbaugh's already nation-leading  millions and millions of listeners increase by 10% to 20%.

THEN, everybody gets really, really SILENT about the attack and the  determined loyal reaction of conservative citizens voting with their pocketpooks and their attention in a massreaction that dwarfs any  "boycott".

Weeks go by.  Some comedias and bloggers on the internet ridicule the incendiary threats and predictions of doom by the White House "spokesmen".

The high-blown attack on free speech  thuds like a poorly laid egg .

Time goes by and when sinking approval ratings level out, the incestuous lust affair of the New Yourk Slimes, WaPo, AssPress and the alphabet netwoprks (all of which never reportes the immediate failure of the attack from on hish, aplash again with an interview that ALL media outlets cover for two news cycles.

THIIS time, some lapdancer for the socialists "reminds" everybody that no one EVER criticized or threatened Fox News or Rush Limbaugh, EVER.  Not ANYBODY...EVER.

You may read about the newest of these Silly Liar shows H E R E.

Like a good li'l sheep, YOU  are sposa disregard everything that came before this latest Goebbels-Like offal.

It's the fog of debiant dishonesty.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Present at the Fadeaway...

We  have just fionished reading three days of  "reporting" about the savage attack on a local magazine by the mayor of Philadelphia.

He is appropriately namd "Nutter" !

Now we are completely convionced that we will NEVER again have peace and comity in these United States.

(1). Because at least one fifth of the people can neither speak or think in English .

(2). Because news reporters for TV as well as print, can no longer use coherent, non-inflammatory or unbiased dialog and tone. And....

(3). Because no information can be recognized or transposed and delivered from one person to another any longer unless it involves real or perceived VICTIMHOOD and extortion or emotional blackmail.

(4). Because if a person is not GUTLESS in the public exchange of ideas, one is not "acceptable" in that milieu.

If you want to wade through the cesspool, GOOGLE  "White in Philly"

Alas, Babylon, Shenandoah and the Divide ! All are Lost and Gone Forever....

Friday, March 08, 2013

Mad Scientist Plus 1,000 Igors

What are we to make of this performace by ourZombie Bureaucracy?

Millions of dollars spent recklessly daily on Drones and Hackers to spy on frequent communicators on the Internet...

But not one dime for a White House "tourist".

Millions of dollars for new uniforms for Big Sis'  TSA / HS goons....but less than half-force for U.S. Border security.

Lavish vacations for POTUS and FLOTUS....But a freeze on $$$ for legitimate DoJ  investigations---selectively applied.

Between 5,000 and 6,000 illegal criminal non-citizens freed from deportation detention.  But not ONE border agent or ICE enforcer has yet been "furloughed"   or canned.

This is a  well rehearsed and acted out comedy of Lies and Liars in an attempt to scare all American citizens, and  an ill disguised  shot at "blaming"  all our woes on "Republicans", especially newly elected members of Congress with Hispanic names who are  *(gasp)*  CONSERVATIVES !

The dministration wants us to believe that the "sequestration"  budget cuts  are none  of the President's doing.

But he  signed off on them as did  Democrat legislators.

Now, with the help of his Media Whores,  the president wants to emphasize all the pain, and escape any  responsibility for  his meandering, bumbling cynicism.

He is aided by many, many nasty abbetors and conspirers.

Meanwhile, have you noticed that unemployment is up to 8.1 % again?

No one dare speak the name of the misery index with the DOW  heading for 15,000.

And the Sheeple just slink along for another beating...another whimper.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Bit Dog Chorus

As long as the socialist statists are overwhelming the Traditionalists among us, the Chicago style, short memoried, drive-by media are all happy-faces.

But have you noticed when someone DARES to write or tell the truth,  the whole of the whore print media and television collectivists  howl in chorus with an unanimity not heard or seen since Arturo Toscanini conducted the NBC orchestra?

As long as House sopeaker John Boener and Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham obediantly kiss the ring of the left wing domos, the "collegiality" of the national legislatures is crowned and applauded by ALL the press and TV prostrate clowns.

But when a conservative refutes the parameters of the socialist line, as Marco Rubio did after the so-called "state of the Union" spiel, he is attacked for taking a sip of water for his tired larynx.

Similarly, Senator Ted Cruz announces that  ex-Sen. Hagel  cnspired with, exchanged promises with  representatives of  Iran's Ahmadinejad, and Cruz is pilloried and denounced  for having beem born in CANADA !

Oh, it's HAIL when the birther boot is on the other foot !

And, Wednesday, as Hagel's appointment to the Pentagon is on hold and in great danger...and when Democrat N.J. Sen. Bob Menendez is being plumbed by the FBI for spending taxpayers' money on teenaged  whores in the Carribean....and when  the newly named  CIA chief Brennan is facing questions about his fitness amd behavior on Benghazi....and when emboldened traditionalists are questioning motives of  Democrat  dispersal of drones, hackers and abrogation of constitutional civil rights....Now, on 2-20-13, the New York Times and the AssPress and all other wholly prostituted siphons of the  D.C. collectivism are unanimously mocking the sweet words of Rodney King:

"Why can't we just get along ??!!!"

When THEY  threaten that conservatives will return all black citizens "to the cotton field and the lynching tree..."  That;'s just peachy.

But when two Latino Patriots break ranks and show the Naked Emperor, it"s "Time for "collegiality"  (surrender by the Jews and antiCommunists !!!)

We pray for "collegiality" also: for a true epiphany for the vast majority of traditionally loyal,  people who used to Love America enough to cry out...anmd to Act. And....Remember !