Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Murderous Apology

Having spent many years of my youth reporting from the police station of a large metropolitan area for a rather famous newspaper, which also sent me to the state capitol to  enumerate the highs and lows of state senators and representatives, I thought in these  late years there could be nothing that would surprise or shock.

Before I was 30, I had seen every kind of murder and suicide, hateful homebound  brutality beyond the imagination of Tarantino or Peckinpaugh.

A state legislator once called my home and offered to kill me  because I had unearthed a crooked scheme worth  a couple of million to him and his friends, buried in a seemingly harmless bit of local legislation that he assumed no one in his stateline locale would ever know about. 

Anyway the point is I thought I had seen and read everything.

But during or after Ms. Patricia Smith's  speech at the Republican convention about her son's death at the hands of  Muslim jihadists at the Benghazi (Libyan) consul;ate,  an overwrought and certainly slightly psychotic editor of a national magazine, GQ, rushed to Twitter and announced to many of the billion subscribers he could reach--- that he wanted to
"beat Patricia Smith to death" !!! 

To read that, Click here: GQ Writer Apologizes for Tweet About Wanting to Beat Benghazi Mom to Death

He apologized some time later with another tweet.

But as anyone who has lived to majority in this world knows, one just cannot un-ring a bell... Or get the Preparation H back into the tube !

But just in the last 10 years or so, the elite controllers of the garbage-spewing media have established a certain regimen for those who want to heap calumny and libel on others. A  comparatively witless idiot is allowed to say or do anything in print, on television, and especially on the Internet with full  expectation of impunity-- if not immunity-- as long as he rushes to Twitter or Facebook with an obviously completely insincere "apology".

Beating  someone to death is something that few people know anything about. I doubt if this victim of verborrheea  even knows what someone looks like who has been beaten to death....  I do.

And to promise such unspeakably inhuman recourse is actually beyond the ken of anyone sheltered between the covers of a man's fashion magazine, albeit expanded to such embarrassing opinions as that Obama belongs on Mount Rushmore with George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt.

My self-centered  impulse is to not "accept" these kinds of "apologies" and to never forget their Genesis.

It is spiritual to forgive, but there  is a word in more than 100 languages for the unforgivable.

So be it with this execrable mutant. Insincerity is surely punishable.