Monday, October 26, 2015

Double-Standarrd Desert Dudes Breaking Free...

Saudi Arabia, if it has ever arrived at all with the heavy baggage of austere Islamism they call "Wahhabi", came late to the fraternity of nations outlawing slavery,

Almost exactly 100 years after Abraham Lincoln signed our Emancipation Proclamation, Saudi Arabia outlawed slavery in the kingdom in 1962.

But, a couple of this (21st)  century's "Crown Princes" haven't heard the Gospel yet of free handmaidens and viziers and lackeys, even though one of the most flamboyant Saudi Princes of them all was a product of a liaison between an older "Prince" and a black washerwoman slave.

The particular "brand" of Sunni Islam practiced in the Arabian kingdom (established in 1932)  is considered the most austere and punitive of all the Islamic belief systems--- all of which, though faith-based, are stratified with political, economic, military and social prescriptions and proscriptions.

For instance, a thief's hands are amputated.  A woman having sexual intercourse (agreeably or forced) out of wedlock, is beheaded. And that's just touching the
Wahhabi high spots.  Wahabi Sharia court sentences of 1,000 lashhes of flogging are tame.

So today, in Beverly Hills, California,  one Saudi prince is said by police to have a screaming bloody woman leaving his rented digs in Beverly Hills, where other
"guests" have reported His Princeness being serviced sexually by one of his male attendants while he lined up his housekeeping staff, naked, around the swimming pool.

This is all on the record. He is quoted in the UK Mail as saying: "I wanted to see some nude, naked  X*X*Y !"

Let us shift the scene to Beirut, Lebanon where authorities blocked the (escape) flight of another Saudi prince, who was headed home to Riyadh on his private
jet.  The police and news outlets say the Royal arab had two TONS of "narcotics" on board: "40 large parcels weighing more than 50 pounds each". 

Now, it is true that the strict Wahhabi Muslim rule is against the use of alcohol "and other dangerous stimulants"... But the dangerous stimulants so far as we
can find out, are not particularized.

So we have Saudi Arabian "royalty" in its roles  as flaming  "Pervert" and "Drug Smuggler", respectively flitting about the world stage and fluttering pretty close
to the heat of the Kleig lights, while a supporting cast back in the kingdom live in fear of breathing or spitting in the wrong place.

And these are, arguably our most favorite allies in the Persian Gulf region (except of course for Israel which is hated and serially defamed and dismissed by our  Doofus Secretary of State John Kerry and our president, 0.

I guess I just want somebody out there to answer two questions:

Will either of these punks disguised in pink checkerboard turbans be punished ?

By Whom ?

And, remind me how many and what charges the Saudis  are holding Western "visitors" on.

TThe media is unfairly hypocritical anout "equality" and "fairness" when i comes to a suspect "Double Standards" in race or sex.  Will that cover these Dusky Desert Dudes ?