Thursday, September 09, 2010

A Kenyan and An Indonesian Went Into a Bar.....

One of the latest revelations of some very sharp Internet Blogger-Investigators is that much of the "stimulus" money supposed to create jobs, went into the toilet, so-to-speak.

There have been many horrible examples---none of which has made any of the "alphabet" news programs or more than two daily newspapers.

Thursday, it was revealed on the Internet (I Hate The that the Obama-Geithner-Pelosi-Reid administration gave $700,000 to one academic to create software that would "invent" jokes.

Well...NOTHING is as serious as hilarity. So I am putting in my bid for some of the "stimulus" Mutha Lode:

"Take my President......PLEASE !

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Reaping the Harvest....

It cannot have been completely unnoticed by readers of this space that we are hostile to "recreational" mind altering substances.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010 had three stories availavble on the Internet that probably missed the ken of your favorite talking head or wilting daily rag.

First one was an item on Drudge Report that a senior aide to Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA) was arrested on Capitol Hill, on carrying and concealing marijuana charges putting a dent in the supply of Happy Hemp for our sugust legislators and their staff huffers. Marcus Stanley is a high profile economics researcher for Boxer.

This came too late to curb the excesses of a deceased senator's leeches and their regularly scheduled "Daze Days", open secret "Weed Welcome" celebration for senators' helpers who needed their Ganja to dream up policy.

Then, from London there was the story of rather famous USB banker Neil McCormick, who ran away to Hong Kong last year for refuge. He was a "derivitive" expert.

At a "Weclome Home Neil" gala, he was seen to be wandering in circles, mumbling to himself:" y' can't DO this to me...You canm't..." And a short time later was found to have leaped, fallen or been pushed out a window, landing 60 feet below on a rubble heap.

Mr. McCormick, according to friends and journalists, had been an habitual snorter of cocaine since his days at Oxford.

Finally, there is "Moonbeam" Jerry Brown, candidate for California Governor, whose surreal past is a lengthy filigree of pipe dreams and chimeras.

He announced Wednesday that he has a foolproof plan to cure the Golden State's economic ills !

He told voters it just cannot MISS!, adding:

"I will tell you about it after the election......"

Take it from a former drug-treatment professional (for 20 years) these three stories DO have common ground. And "recreational" mind-altering chemicals are NOT "benign" and NOT without their malignant consequences.

Our society is sickened with them.