Tuesday, March 07, 2017


Why is this man laughing ?

Could it be he is watching a video of the U.S.  media and democrat weasels being outsmarted by a "crazy" new president of the United States ?

Since the new president nailed his predecessors, catching them red-handed spying on him,  the Dem / Media Conspiratorial Complex has hushed dramatically about alleged Russian "hacking" of  the 2016 election. Why is That ?

Because it never happened. The only "hacking" of the election ws apparently done by U.S. intell;igence officials.

This was revealed in a huge mother lode of secret correspondence "outed" by WIKLEAKS  Tuesday.

It will be a while before all this is brought to light by our national legislature. But, as the new  Homeland Security chief, John Kelly  said (also on Tuesday), POTUS would never have opened the Pandora's Box without firm evidence . Part of that evidence, ironically is a New York Times story last January 19. 

There is a lot to be investigated here.  Haven't yoyu always wondered what message  Attorney General Loretta Lynch divulged to Bill Clinton on their airport tarmac meeting ?

One thing is obvious.  The charge against the newly elected president and his agents that they played footsie with Russins during election 2016 is an issue that the DeepState would just as soon forget...and have YOU forget also.

They are not  at all knowledgeable or nimble when someone exposes their lies and skewers them on their own pothooks.

And it must be a soul-killer to be laughed at by Vladmir Putin on an houtlyy / daily basis.