Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Remember? Yesssss !!

Nostalgia isn’t always sad
Or why do we remember?
It’s up to us to dump the bad..
For sure in this December.
There’s reason why we hold a thought
Of yesterdays and nights.
It’s ‘cause our lives would come to naught
Without our memory’s lights.
That smile, that laugh, that kiss and song
Are all why we delight
In bringing back to keep, prolong
Our years of pleasure, bright.
So, while someone may damn his fate,
And scatter gloom around
As drunken holiday ingrate...
We’ll Carol loving sound !
We’ll glory in our yesterdays
And actively proclaim
That had we not the feast that plays
A Hymnal in our brain,
We would not be ourselves and know
That yesterdays have made us so....