Monday, December 16, 2013

The Scurrilous Culprits

Have you ever wondered who is responsible for all the stealing that's gone on in solar panels and the bird-slaughter and ugly landscape of the windmill farms ?  I bet Al Gore comes to your mind.... But he's just a dishonest hustler and flimflam man with his eye on the buck. He hasn't been exactly a jewel of consistency or probity since they threw him out of Vanderbilt University a LOOOOONG  time ago. Gore's ancient, moldy act is a shell game for suckers, pretentious, but pusillanimous.

I ran across an important collection of laughable predictions by the men who used their credentials to shock journalists and credulous families into believing the sky is falling.  Every one of them had graduate degrees in something and if their predictions had any basis in fact or validity, all of us who can now place them where they belong with derisive guffaws, would not be here.

According to these three clowns of the academic tent, we should be dead along with most of the rest of the world's people.

Paul Ehrlich, James Hansen and Michael Mann have been proven in peer-reviewed critiques, to be purveyors of false "scientific" information. There are others. 


The phony "market" in mass solar panel production, proliferation of makework and emission schemes, exploding electric cars and billions of dollars worth of "carbon footprints" and the treasury raided in the name of "controlling"  CO2--a gas necessary for photosynthesis and production of natural oxygen has done more damage to the American economy than even Obamacare.

We can never recapture what has been wasted in the name of Chicken Little.

But an enlightened electorate CAN begin to slow the plunder and re-examine the lifeless meaningless dead-end path thrust upon us by those mesmerized by the chimera of man-made global warming.

In 2014, these idiots will  make another mindless charge. 

Heed them and Impede them !