Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Bureaucrats....The Plague Quickens

Gilbert Keith Chesterton on bureaucrats:

"They fight by shuffling papers.

"Have bright, dead, alien eyes.

"They look at our labor and laughter

"As a Tired Man looks at flies..."

A nice creative articulate lady named Jessica Hughes was minding her own business this week when her cell phone interrupted her thoughts.

"Hello", said the bright voice of a young lady, Are you a supporter of Barack Obama?"

"No," Jessica said. Silence.

"Well, why not ?" the voice sounded different to Jessica. So, she replied, "Because he voted four times in his political career to let many infants die unnecessarily..."

"Well," the voice said, "I am a volunteer for Obama in Texarkana and we..."

"Pardon me," Jessica interrupted, "You should find something better to do with your time !"

And, she hung up her cell phone.

Then, Jessica was visited by two Secret Service agents who told her they were investigating a "death threat" she had made against Barrack Obama. They said the Texaekana volunteer told them Jessica said that "your candidate will end up dead on a hospital floor."

"That is not true, Jessica told them. She enlisted her husband as witness, and asked who made the coimplaint.

(This was all taking place on the Hughes front porch.

The agents ignored her question began to ask about her "thought patterns" and her "feelings".

She clammed up. She asked for their badge numbers. They refused. Jessica asked for cards. The female agent said: "You gettin' no card."

The male agent gave her his card and said: "If there is a problem, you can contact Houston."

She says she also will contact Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson, and probably the Center for Law and Justice and Judicial Watch.

Later, on a conservative thread, several postings wondered about the politics of the Secret Service agents. Were they "leftists"? What was the agenda when they attempoted to police Jessuca Hughes' thought-and-feeling processes ?

I can solve that one. Just as the Great G.K.Chesterton did.

They're not "left" or "right"...They're bureaucrats.

Like the men who dressed in plain clothes and crushed Jew skulls and gutted others on Kristallnact in Germany, and who directed millions into the gas chambers and ovens of the camps. Nothing personal. Just policy.

Bureaucrats' only weapon is...intimidation. They curdle and melt like a salted slug without it.

But tyrants have built many empires with bureaucrats as "point men".

Stick around....Stay tuned. America at the tipping point. Some show !!!


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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Criminal Threats and Edits

It's just too delicious not to bite into again.

Although The Chosen One served on TWO boards of TWO community and school orgaizing and reform groups with bomb-thrower Bill Ayers in Chicago, the NYTimes and the AssPress call the relationship "tenuous".

Although Ayers and his wife Bernardine Dohrn hosted political fundraising inttroductions for Barry OPbama in their home, Obambi says anti-American Ayers "was just a guy in thje 'hood.."

We are waiting with bated breath to hear the explanations of his sponsorship at Colimbia, and elsewhere in the world by the America-hating, jew-baiter Professor Khaled..or Khalid..or whatever.

Although the revered Washinton Post called the disgraced Franklin Raines an Obama advisor, he claims not, now. Raines helped drive Fammie Mae mortgage giant into BailoutsVille, and was fined millions for "accounting errors" and escaped prosecution.

The volume is being turned up on these "incidentals" as we post.

Leading crier..."Point-Zamboni" if you trumpeting these morsels, which have been hitherto ricocheting around the blogosphere, is Governor Sarah Palin, the Republican veep nominee.

She will again be accused of being "shrill" and "strident" and "reckless".

Will she be threatened with criminal prosecution like the anti-Obama citizens of Missouri? Or the non-camopaign groups pursued by frothy-mouthed lawyers for daring to produce truth-based videos about the Democrat candidate's past?

Stay tuned here and to Druge and Real Clear. They are fearless.

Meanwhile, do you reckon the American people realize the difference between the Palin of the "Melting Biden" debate and the recorded-on-tape "pincushion Palin" of the Gibson and Couric appearances was....was....lost on the cutting room floor?

In other words, poisonous editing ???!!!