Tuesday, April 11, 2017


Here's a heads-up  for the NAACP, the Urban League, the Congressional Black Caucus and Black Lives Matter:

Muslims, right now as we breathe, are capturing, imprisoning, torturing and SELLING migrant blacks from West Africa daily for from $200-$500 "a head" in Libyan communities. Some, of course, are sold into sex slavery. Others to die laboring.

This has been going on since the late 1700s and early 1800s, when Libyans and Tunisians were called "Barbary Pirates" and ran an equal opportunity worldwide slave market, mostly comprised of white European victims.

United States discouraged the Pirates in its first international role as "policeman-to-the-world, invading the North African coast with its brand-new Navy and ending the piracy horror.  Temporarily.

At that time, the North African Muslims flaunted  their piracy based slave trade.  Despite the harsh interruption by the United States, slavery in that region has continued, but more subtly practiced as time goes by. (No Casablanca pun intended!)

This story, which was reported worldwide by the BBC, Yahoo, Agence France Presse and documented by the United Nations, can be consumed  HERE.

You probably will not hear or see it on your television screen or in your local fish wrapper. It is not politically correct. Like all other indications that the brutish depravity of a worldwide ideological plague is gaining rather than losing force is just too much for the liberal left to digest-- much less regurgitate.

It is almost harshly  fitting that we attend the fact that murderous slavery still thrives under the protection of mosques and Suras while we, the civilized, offer our hearts, minds and souls to the total peace and generosity of Passover and Easter blessings.