Thursday, August 18, 2011


Neither decrepitude nor wilting health shall detour us from following the criminal profligacy of those who used the cloak of U.S. law enforcement to cover death and destruction in the wake of "Fast and Furious" gun rinning along our southern border.

The BIG SHOW of a debt-ceiling hoist and printing of funny money by the Federal Reserve system cannot blot oput the bloody scar left on all of us by the ATF-led keystone cops romp that caused at least one U.S. Border guard's death.

The crew of ATF smallbrains who last appeared before Congress to do their Sergeant Schultz act of "I Know NUTTING...NUTTING.." has all been "promoted" to higher salaries to reward....WHAT ?

Tuesday, Congressman Daniel Issa and Senator Chuck Grassley shared with the media a letter they addressedto Atty. Gen. Eric Holder asking him for the third time to answer their questions put to him a month ago.

They also aked him why he was requesting from them a transcript of secret testimony by ATF. acting director Melson in light of the fact that the Inspector General's Office in the DoJ is supposed to be directing an independent investogation. Why is the IG not requesting the transcript ?

That storyline is expanded HERE .

Sonner, maybe, rather than later, we will find out if the Office of the Inspector General of the Department of Justice has been compromised--(read "subverted) .

That would add another impeachable offense to the growing list.

They----and "they" are legion and powerful---cannot run and hide forever. There is an election coming up in 14 months.