Friday, July 02, 2010

You Just Don't Understand

All you people making fun of Nancy Pelosi's latest Pearl of Wisdom, lissen UP !

You are out of date. Old Fashioned. Behind the curve....PASSE' , in fact.

"The quickest, surest way to create jobs is to provide more funding for unemployment compensation !!!"

That's what she said. So, What ?!

This is 2010. Look at the record. Things have changed.

Nowadays, the surest way to defeat a senate candidate is to make him secretary of the Navy...Or a national security board member.

In 2010, the surest way to give everybody health care is to pass legislation that makes it impossible fot anyone to have health insurance.

In 2010, the way to save the "housing market" and provide a home for everyone is to not require anyone to qualify for a real estate loan. This also helps vitalize banks.

In 2010, the way the Attorney General protects all citizens is to deep-six any punishment of racist things who assault and intimidate voters at polling places.

In 2010, the most certain way to protect America from Islamofascist killers is to read them their Miranda rights.

And, this year, the Department of Homeland Secutity is protecting our citizens by concentrating on uprooting "militias" and maligning Tea Party

And even over in Afghanistan, the U.S. military "Rules of Engagement" prohibit a soldier from firing his wepon unless he is attacked by a person with a plainly visible firearm.

Also, in 2010, they give special decorations in Afghanistan for "Courageous Restraint" under fire.

You knuckle-draggers are sooooo 20th Century !

Get WITH it, people ! Join the PeeCee Movement that hid an enemy monster nicely for a decade so the animal could slaughter and maim scores of helpless and unarmed GIs at Fort Hood, Texas.

Come on down on the ZERO side of the Rabbit Hole with Alice and Hunpty Dumpty and the Red Queen!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

We May, Indeed, Be Doomed by Our Elected....

We had hoped by now to be able to "move forward" with the JobGate and Extortion scandals involving high White House officials and trading money cow positions for political favors.

Only reasion we cannot is that the U.S. Attorney General and the White House counsel are refusing Congressman Darrek Issa's requests for informatuion and communication records. The Office of Special Counsel is silent so far.

But that will likely change after November congressional elections.

Meanwhile,. let us take a look at the sad state of public representation we are in...everywhere.

Here ( is a startling mid-America wakeup call.

Ms. Peggy West is a Wisconsin Obama stalwart politician; a Democrat member of the Milwaukee, WI board of county supervisors, duly elected and sworn.

SHE does not even know where Ariziona IS, but she calls for all Americans to "boycott" the state of Arizona because its legiuslature enacted and Governor Brewer signed a new law empowering ALL Arizona police and peace officers to ask suspected illegal alien border-crossers for photo identification. The law encourages deportation of illegals thus identified.

Ms. West cannot understand why Arizona needs such a law. She says she could understand a state like Texas toyung with such a tactic "because Texas and Mexico share a border..."

Well, New Mexico and California (also border states) in addition to "boycotts" of Arizona are screraming for Obama to sue Arizona and kill the law.

More of the illegals identified and NOT yet identified are fleeing to Caliofoprnia and New Mexico than back to old Mexico.

Can Peggy West's Wisconsin and Milwaukee be far off their future track ?