Thursday, December 21, 2006


Christmas is about the Advent of Hope and Forgiveness in the world.

Chanukkah is about Light to displace darkness and despair.

That these holidays are celebrated all over the world during the Winter Solstice and as an introduction to a New Year of Hope and Light is not without profound and elegant mystical meaning.

We all may have another chance to look at our selves, our souls and improve our lives and the lives of others, everywhere.

Giving presents is not bad. But giving of our selves, daily in earnest, can be more than good. Giving can be life changing. The gift of a new year...even the gift of a new day to those of us who are aware that we march closer to our last earthly Spiritually invigorating.

Actually, no man or woman knows when the last day will be. So it behooves each of us to grasp the Light and Hope of the season.

There are many on our earth who cannot read or write, and who mimic and parrot what they hear. And they can choose to buttress and strengthen their ignorance by never admitting a new Light or a new Hope.

But History has so far shown that the captive minds in collective evil are like Ernest Hemingway's Worms in a Jar,, attempting, bereft of Hope and without Light to gain sustenance and meaning from one another in insularity.

They will desiccate, finally, and be blown by winds of everlasting wisdom.

And if they really believe they can gain immortality by slaughtering all who are not imprisoned in hopeless darkness, they must fail.

Hope and Light have eternally sealed mankind's endurance and inclination to prevail.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Remember? Yesssss !!

Nostalgia isn’t always sad
Or why do we remember?
It’s up to us to dump the bad..
For sure in this December.
There’s reason why we hold a thought
Of yesterdays and nights.
It’s ‘cause our lives would come to naught
Without our memory’s lights.
That smile, that laugh, that kiss and song
Are all why we delight
In bringing back to keep, prolong
Our years of pleasure, bright.
So, while someone may damn his fate,
And scatter gloom around
As drunken holiday ingrate...
We’ll Carol loving sound !
We’ll glory in our yesterdays
And actively proclaim
That had we not the feast that plays
A Hymnal in our brain,
We would not be ourselves and know
That yesterdays have made us so....

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Thanksgiving Grace

My best friend’s mother died today, my son’s wife’s Matriarch is struck.
And two colleagues and close-held guides do battle in their bloodstreams and

their guts

Against malignant, migratory doom. Oncology now governs all our hours, ights and lives.

So, will we kneel and offer heartfelt gratitude?
Why Yes ! We Will.

The persecuted, migrant, haunted Pilgrims did.
Their food and safety could be traced to savages
Once feared as cannibals and foragers on human life.

O, how does this occur, that displaced tribes swallow the urge
To lessen danger by devouring strangers and deign to feed
Invaders from the maize hills, turkey flocks and yam roots saved for frost ?

There must be secret magic here...There must be
More than Mohawk-Erie-Iroquois largesse
And hospitality afoot.

For, boiled down, dry-dstilled,
There was, in each unique God’s child
At that first Thanksgiving,, a personal, burning gratitude
That echoed Grace, where even Native Indian saw
The silhouette of generous humility met
With tempered glee for having life and hope.

Amazing surely was the Grace that flowed from the same root wellspring
In Romance tongues as "Grazie" from Italian ones and "Gracias" from Castile.

Thanksgiving’s not for things we have, but Grace to take
The times we did not ask for; and, stirred with Hope we’ll be surprised by Joy.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

One Scrivener's Opinion

A dear, valued academic liberal friend, upon receiving my detailed report of the "rise" of the New York Post, silhouetted against the decline of every other newspaper in the United States, asked me what I thought has happened, and I wrote her this letter. Someone said I should "Blog" it, so here goes (with original caps-emphasis, as it was sent:

Dear M,

A good look at the history of American Journalism would be of good
utility here.

From the time of Philip Freneau's Aurora and the American Gazette (1800 election) when Jefferson hid behind the guys who besmirched Washington, Newspapers have been biased in their news columns and handmaidens of demagogues as well as self-righteous "spoilers" in the opinion / editorial sections. Dig Abe Lincold up and ask HIM.

There is nothing new about that. Television has NEVER had an unbiased commentator since David Brinkley and Chet Huntley. Uncle Walter was a damned JOKE.

The "peepul" have caught on. Most everybody can get news quicker and cheaper on the Internet, and they will continue to do so in greater numbers...REGARDLESS of the bias to the left of GOOGLE, et al, ad nauseum.

On the Internet, they can seek out the Blog or columnist that fits their bias matrix.

The newspapers are dead, except for sports coverage and parceling dead fish and baby diapers. The New York Post is an example of that. It flies in the face of The Big Apple's DOMINANT left-liberal political bent and climbs past the other dailies in the area with "sports and titillation".

People are a lot smarter and more sophisticated nowadays than they were even ten years ago. The twisting and tweaking of straight news stories is OBVIOUS to everyone. Liberals exploit it, of course and I don't blame them. I used to do it myself !!! And, conservatives raise hell impotently...but it just does not matter any more.

On the internet, you can see nasty, wild crap from the "right" and the slobbering demagogues like Huey Long and Talmadge, and you can see the crooks and thugs like the ineffable fugitive from EU justice, G. Soros and you can read Kos and you can see bare breasts (*gasp*) and bestiality, too.

I never thought newspapers were supposed to be "fair and balanced"...but I did---at one time---labor under the misapprehension that the Associated Press and Reuters had a responsibility to report facts and occurrences without subversion and guile.

The deterioration and obvious collectivist, PeeCee tilt...the anti-religion attitude of the Associated Press has had more to do with the extinction of journalism as we know it than ANYTHING the newspapers have done on a local level.

That's the way I see it, and I admit I see through a prism that is born of my years as a reporter and editorial writer on a GREAT newspaper....the old Constitution of Ralph McGill (and Henry Grady's tradition).

Alas, all that has gone with the wind also.

Love, always...


Sunday, September 17, 2006

Mainstream Media Murmur

I am not your friend.
You pay me well, but I betray you.
You purchase words from me and expectations, too
That, certainly, those words will paint the facts of Life
To undergird decisions.

But I am not your friend.
I do not tell you things that do not fit
My slots and missing mortises.

I fear your mind and so
I render you a mindless, clueless child
And pander to your greed and envy.
My Duty is a sworn one...
To withhold any balanced view
To temper inflammation with contrary peace
Or give a different value to the words I bring than my own warp.
And thus I will imprison you with your comoplicity.

I am not your friend, but still I haunt your every breath,
Insinuate myself into your play, your laughter and your rest
With twisted and subversive sounds and sights
Destruction of your culture is my goal.
I am your teacher and your chart...
But ....I am not your friend..

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Who Is Up Next ?

The Depot wants to update readers about a few courageous voices that do not glance off harmlessly when they hit the PeeCee armored agents of the Dinosaur Media.

Tony Bennet is quoted as saying that America is "a cultural void".

Bob Dylan joins him and opines there is no more music.

Rev. Al Sharpton denounces Gangsta / Ho rap and hiphop as "destructive".

Juan Williams, a noted liberal columnist for the dying Liberal print press, wites in his new book that rampant illiteracy and self imposed "dumbing down" are smothering the nation.

And, Bill Cosby just keeps on doing something that Howard Cosell NEVER did....telling it like it is about community and cultural suicide by Afro-America.

These were Internet stories, NOT from the MSM.

This must be embarrassing to the Politically Correct crowd, who consistently call murderous terrorists "militants" and homicidal bombers of infants "martyrs" and beheaders of innocent newsmen "freedoim fighters".

The Depot, here, and even Cato is heartened and energized by all these revolutionary revelations of things that have been self evident fot at least a decade and a half.

But, despite the truth telling, PeeCee will not die. The Spiritual Spike has not been driven thtough the heart of craven evil.

Watch the news anywhere. See how they protect larcenous, lying congrerssmen.

Listen to the weasels misinforming you and distorting facts about a confessed predatory criminal.

See them hide the truth about a major league basbeall player who cheated with dope.

Cosby, Dylan, Bennett, and Williams have "done good".

But where is the next truthteller now? And, can he or she break through the barrier of the politically correct prison that asphyxiates our freedom?

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Will the Real Dwarves Please Stand Up ?

On Tuesday, August 15, a new Zogby survey on the state of American education was published.

In case you missed it, this exhaustive poll of 1300 Americans, coast to coast, of knowledge revealed:

* Seventy five percent (75%) of the students polled could name TWO of Snow White's Seven Dwarves.

* Only twenty five percent (25%) could name two of the justices of the United States Supreme Court.

* Most knew the name of Superman's home planet (Krypton), but less than one out of eight knew the name of the planet nmearest the sun in our solar system (Mercury).

In this space, we have bemoaned, in the past, the essential cultural and civic illiteracy encouraged in government schools.

Let's pose a question or two here.

Is it a conspiracy of left wing politicians and the teachers' unions to keep all the evolving citizenry oblivious and uninterested in the workings of the Rebublic? Or of the natural world, in fact?

Is the word "democracy" (which is not mentioned in either the Constitution or the Decalaration of Independence) just a shibboleth?

Why don't you question your local Tax-eaters and find out?

Thursday, August 03, 2006

How about himself ?

So, Mel Gibson has apologized to the cops who caught him driving drunk?

And he has apologized to what he calls the "Jewish Community" for spewing anti-Semitic vitriol --(His locution) --and vulgar, bigoted profanity?In full C-Y-A mode, Gibson wants the cops and the Jews to forgive him because he "was out of control".


But when is he going to apologize to me? I mean, when is he going to tell us about his Confession, and his Contrition? When does he make peace with the Master of the Universe and what he would have at one time called his "PUBLIC"???

I used booze for 20 years wildly and addictively.I got clean and sober when I was EXACTLY the age Mel Gibson is today.

But before and after, nobody EVER overlooked any of my mistakes, diatribes, fulminations or nasty performances. Painful consequences pounded and suffocated my soul.

I always had to pay for my mistakes and shortcomings. I had to battle enraged targets of my antisocial verbal garbage. I was ostracized and, in some cases, severely chastised.

When I tried to make amends to one man, after I was in recovery, he said:"You were a S.O.B. THEN, and you will ALWAYS be a S.O.B. !"

So, although I don’t expect a non-PR apology from the man who made Scot "Braveheart" Billy Wallace a transcendent symbol, I do wonder....

Can he ever forgive himself ?

Monday, July 24, 2006

Fair is Only Fair !!!!

Dear Kofi Annan:

As transcendent ruler of the secretariat of the United Nations, you are treating Hamas and Hezbollah as though they were high-stakes players in the internationsl policy game, with representation before members of the Security Council and so on.

I feel that you are slighting me. I have been hating Jews and Blacks and Catholics all my life. I was a founding member of the Whit Citizens' Council here in my area in the 1950's. I have given thousands of dollars to David Duke and other great Americans.

It is time that the United Nations recognized our organizations. We crossbreed, and when you add all the KKK and Skinhead membership together, we have a "population" latger than many nations in your general assemnly...maybe even more than Hezbolla and Hamas combined.

So, get to it! If you do not recognize us (the Klan and Skinheads United) I am going to complain to the A.C.L.U and to Fidel Castro, and to Hugo Chavez, and to the crzy (ILL ??). person in North Korea. THEY ALWAYS get your attention.

It's only Fair! Think about it !

Your sycophantic supplicant,

Billy Bob (Bubba) Hatemonger
In The Fetid Swamp Bayou
Gatorville, USA

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Bet You Saw it First Here !

Here are two bulletins you won’t get on TV or in your daily fish wrapper:

The chief judge of the Federal District of Columbia court has ruled that the Federal Bureau of Investigation was well within its powers in entering, searching and seizing incriminating materials from Congressman William Jefferson’s (D. LA) office.
Liberal columnists and frightened politicians had raised cries of "invasion" and "thuggery" against the FBI, which has already videotaped Jefferson receiving money in a "sting" and has also found marked money in his home freezer. Two persons have pleaded guilty in connection with the investigation.

Judge Thomas Hogan said impeding the activity of the FBI and barring the agency from exercising legal subpoenas for search of congressmen and senators would "create a sanctuary for criminal activity."

Fear and genuine trembling permeate Capitol Hill.

And in another delightful incident which illustrates that the Emperor, indeed, is nekkid, the Republic’s most powerful news wire service again showed why I call it the Ass Press.

The Ass press, in stories sent out on its sprawling net to all members in the media, referred to Republican fund raising as money from "SPECIAL INTERESTS".

But, when referring to Democrat Party slush funds, they use the tern "OUTSIDE GROUPS".

You’d expect such blatant idiocy from the NYTimes, the WashPost, the Atlanta Jaycee, or the LATimes, 24 / 7 and forever.

From Al Jazeera, the BBC and Agence France Presse, this sort of twisted twit verbiage is de rigeur.

But when are the freedom-loving radio stations and papers going to complain about the Ass Press and its skulking ill-bent indoctinatory tactics ?

Citizens are already complaining, turning to the Internet and XMradio for balanced information. Inexorably, time wounds all heels.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Ignoramusses Unite !!!!

How did you spend July 4, 2006 ???

I spent it reading and hearing about polls that purport to show that America hates its president, has no desire to win in Afghanistan, Iraq or in the war against IslamoFascist Terror.... Which to me all means the same thing.

If these talking-head sheep and their undergirding pollsters had been around from 1775 through 1782, there would have been no glorious victory over Cornwallis at Yourktown.

There would be no United States, no Constitution, no Bill of Rights, no growing Liberty on this continent that peaked with the freeing of the slaves in 1865, and saving of Western Civilixation in 1945.

Because, the signers of the declaration and the members of the continental army of General George Washington were A MINORITY of the people in the thirteen original colonies.

Oh ! You doubt that? Look it up, anywhere. I learned it in a rural Georgia grammar school in 1936. And every reliable historian has recorded it.

I would wager... (though except for Blaise Pascal's wager, I do not "bet")...that many readers do not know that the Continental Army had thousands of black soldiers, rebelling against England and battling for their own freedom.

Anyway, there are many things that are lost on July Fourth these days. Present day governemnt schools in which the teachers denounce and battle against "No Child Left Behind", there is no history of the United States revolution properly taught. Merit and excellence are abhorred and discouraged.

it is *( G A S P )* not appropriate, to mention either Jesus or George Washington in a government school nowadays.

Piety and patriotism are proscibed....Not just muted.

And so, you have been assuming that an overwhelming mob of "democrats" won your freedom and established the first great beacon of Liberty??

Well, most of them were a minority of courageous, indefatguable Nathan Hale Types who were frustrated that they had only ONE life to offer. A few were quaking cowards when the chips were down. But Benedict Arnold and Paul Andre' were heroes to all the tories. Thank God Washington was an even better spymaster than Dubya !!!!

And there's one other thing the average American does not know.

They never used the word "democracy". You will not find it in any of the Federalist papers, or other correspondence of the revolutionary era. They called the United States a Republic and they called all men who opposed the British Crown "republicans".

Even "Whigs" were suspect for a loooooong time.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Evils of a Boob Memory....

Lying, venal subversive journalists bank on the modern disposable society with its short memory to protect their backsides and camouflage their transgressions.
I hope I am joined by others in my frayed tolerance for these hijinks of hypocrisy.
Here are two examples that show that present day journos and pols survive on strength of H.L. Mencken’s diagnosis of the "Boobwazzee" !
First there what is supposed to be the deep dark secret of the U.S.A. Intelligence services "plundering" financial information to track terrorists and their supporters. Despite requests from the co-chairs of the 9/ 11 Commission, and leaders of both political parties, the New York Times, the L.A. Times and the Ass Press all went with the story that we were tracking every penny, euro, dinar, and shekel we could find going into terrorist coffers. Despite the fact that "secrecy" might save thousands of innocent lives. (I.e.: Bali, Spain, London).
But, looky here now! President Bush signed an executive order in December, 2001 authorizing and Veep Dick Cheney made a speech outlining the plan PRECISELY!
It was not "secret" at all.
And, then there is the dependence of Senator John Kerry on your miserable memory.
Just three years ago, running for president, Kerry called a news conference and announced that George W. Bush planned to "cut and run" from Iraq, and endanger the entire American nation and its people by doing so. It’s on the record. It was prominently reported—yes, in the NYTimes and the LATimes, among other fishwrappers, plus all TV news outlets.
But just this week, 34 of Kerry’s fellow Dem senators voted against his widely, loudly hailed motion to "cut and run" from Iraq by July of next year.
If this ole blind, nearly deaf 81 year old can remember these things, do you suppose the rest of America has really forgotten?
Well, just in’s your reminder.
Like Leadbelly’s "Bad Actin Woman" of yore, these folks "DON’T MEAN NO ONE MAN NO GOOD!!!!"

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Where's the Beef ???

Headlines on the internet news pages screamed: "One Child Killed By Israeli Strike in Gaza".

But back a few months ago, when the Islami Jihadists struck in Egypt, and Bloody Hamas struck in a resort on the Mediterranean coast of Israel, did the world's great news organizations report how many Jew Babies were slkaughtered?

No, they did not. I went back and checked. But Debka Files, a website of consistent truth, as regards espionage and terrorism, DID.

That this is "not fair" is no news. Life is not fair and the communist-loving left leaning world journalism establishment is the most unfair precinct in all the estates of what passes for twenty-first century civilization.

All the internet giants have agreed to Communist China's censorship and regulation of their news sites and searches.

Those of us who believe in freedom of communication for ALL the world are already summarily defeated.

It is no longer supportable by facts to revel in the great freedom of discourse throughout the world.

The "filter", apparently is Leviathan and immovable.

But, it is eternally ethically insubstantial, and will, finally, doom us all.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Who knows the Rules?

It hit me in a double-clutch punch...right between the eyes and in the gut at the same instant.

Like a supercharged jolt of electric shock, it shook me

"Coulter won't buy Lauer's liberal logic..."

Well, now there is only Logic, you know.

It may be Aristotelean Logic, or it may be William F. Buckley Logic, but those two are the same, because logic is like pregnancy and life itself.

It either IS or is NOT. It is pristine and incorruptible.

What the writer should have used, whether describing the Left or the Right was the word "illogic".

Whatever is NOT logical, whether from the pen or tongue of a conservative or a liberal theoritician, is by definition illogical.

There are rules.

The fact that most journalists know nothing of these rules is certainly disaffecting, if not, indeed, criminal.

But there it is.

A great example of this is a pathetic case of some woman namee Busby who exhorted a group of illegal immigrants to help in her political campaign.

"You do not have to have papers to vote", a video shows her saying.

Now comes the multitude, in defense.

"Well, that is not what she MEANT, so it is ACTUALLY NOT what she SAID", they whine.

Well, I fancy myself a logician, trained in academia, and I say it is nonsense to declare someone did not say something because that is not what she / he MEANT to say.

In the U.S. congress, that may be the norm. But when you approach MY intellect, it's bogus.

And, no matter how hard the demagogs try, they cannot change the immutable rules of syllogism.

Monday, May 29, 2006

The Stupid Syndrome

On Memorial Day, I found several things bouncing around the Internet and the world's wire service press reports that established a new level of illiteracy and ignorance.

Three wire services referred to the "mayhem" created by a piece of constructyion equipment tracking that sounded like gunfire in the Capital's Rayburn officer building.

No human being was injured during the "crisis" in the least way.

Incidentally "capital" is Washingtion and "capitol" is the building !)

Well, here's what "mayhem" is (Webster's Unabridged):

mayhem: One entry found for mayhem.
Main Entry: may·hem Pronunciation: 'mA-"hem, 'mA-&mFunction: nounEtymology: Middle English mayme, from Anglo-French mahaim, from Old French, loss of a limb, from maynier to maim, probably of Germanic origin; akin to Middle High German meiden gelding, Old Norse meitha to injure1 a : willful and permanent deprivation of a bodily member resulting in the impairment of a person's fighting ability b : willful and permanent crippling, mutilation, or disfigurement of any part of the body.

I point this out because my night city editor nearly 60 years ago, Sam Cox, who did NOT finish Harvard or Yale, could not ABIDE sloppy l;azy writers and beat us around the ears with a bloody buzzard's gut when we used a "color" word incorrectly.

There is no brake or bridle on these lazy minded liberal leftwing louts and splenetic inciters of the fabricating amtiquer media nowadays.

They also do not know the meaning of decimate which they use in attept to magnify casualty reports.

If a troop of 100 is "decimated", it loses tem men, not necessarily any of them fatally, according to the dictionary definition.

All I want to suggest here is:

If they don't know what the words mean, then should we believe anything they write? Or say?

Friday, May 26, 2006

Sensitivity to Subversion

It has come to my attention that there is a huge and obvious camel's nose under the tent of American sovereignty...and It's NOT illegal aliens invading aceoss our southern border. (Althouth that HAS become an obvious fact, accepted by 99% of the registered voters.)

Nope..This is the creepy-crawly conspiracy within the corrupt and useless United Nations to supercede exclusive national taxation policy of "member" nations.

In an organization where the representation in its General Assembly is equal for Gabon, Senegal, Belize, Cyprus and Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States, the looming "tax the rich" demagogy will surely carry the day.

My blog will not hold the timeline documentation of the lurking plan. But there are some insightful sources out there, if you choose to pursue the subject.

It is not a threat without substance.

Most recently articulated by Sally MacNamra at, it has long been a subject dear to the patriotic heart of Cliff Kincaid, who has written incisive books ("GLOBAL BONDAGE" and "GLOBAL TAXATION") on the subject... books suppressed by all the Globaloney Antique Media, but still important tomes for American citizens.

Cliff Kincaid's bio, Blog and contributions to Accuracy In Media are very easy to Google. And, very exciting to read!

All of you who have become enamoured, as I have of the John Linder / Neal Boortz Fair Tax Plan should leap to inform yourselves about this fund grap by the U.N.

I mean, what is confiscation without representation, anyway ?

(Cut-and-paste links: and

Thursday, May 11, 2006

All is Lost ???

Mainstream (Antique) media outlets were collectively nonplussed when they were confronted with the Truth this week.

Tony Snow, the new White House news spokesman caught them Lying. And he fried them in an Open Letter email.

The "press" had reported that only three million seniors had signed up for the new Medicare prescription drug plan; that almost ALL minority and poor senior citizens had been bypassed by the enrollmen deadline.

Then Snow brougt forth the figures from the administration. Not the Bush administration...the SOCIAL SECURITY administration.

They showed that everyone eligibe save about two million are safely enrolled and already receiving benefits; that 71% of African Americans, 73% of eligible Hispanics and 78% of eligible Asian Americans are enrolled. Most not enrolled already have drug coverage.

The media's response to being caught misreresenting the facts?

"The White House is trying to MANIPULATE us..." they screamed--even though the figures, the MATH was there.

Similarly, when a group of soldiers and marines in Iraq unanimously opined that the "no-good-news" policy of reporting by most of the press was "the same as hoisting the white flag of surrender", why then spokesmen for wire services and TV talking heads claimed the poll of serviceman opinion was an attempt at "intimidation".

So, the demise of Western Civilization is hastened by conspiracy by a minority of politically venal gossips, seeking like worms in a sealed glass jar, to draw whatever sustenance from one another.

Let us hope they dry up and wither, as Ernest Hemingway predicted, before all of us and our great-grandchildren are silenced and done in.....

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Easter Invitation

If this is your bunny time, don’t bother.
If you’re headed for the Avenue and a parade, go home.
And, the White House egg roll, you can avoid, also,
Along with the bellyache from those sickening lumps of sweetcheesy discoveries
In the grass and bushes of your pallid churchyard.

Do something simpler ..and fraught with pain:

Behold the tortured, Risen Son of Man and God
Bearing eternity for your quaking pleasure.

Go and see how HE tastes.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

I Call for CENSURE !!!

I have profound respect for law enforcement officers.

I have always been on their side. Even when they arrested me for traffic offenses, and once for serenading young ladies at Agnes Scott college when a buddy came home from the Pacific in 1946.

I purely loved riding with vice squad detectives and police captains and the first black detectives in Atlanta in the 1950's when I was on the police beat for the old Constitution.

I still keep up with the statistics, too.

In the year 2005, for instance, 59, 373 law enforcement officers were assaulted in the United States. Exactly 16, 563 were severely injured. Eighty per cent of these attacks were with fists, hands, feet. Firearms were used four per cent of the time, knives in two per cent. In 13 per cent of the attacks "other" weapons (including automobiles, I guess) were used.

Now, in all my life, I never even ARGUED with a policeman. The first time I got drunk, I asked one in my home town to take me home, in fact. Murphy was his name.

But my "blind" love affair with police is over. Having been accused, even by my deceased son, Victor, of being inordinately and overweeningly pro-COP, I am now asking for sanctions !

I call for CENSURE without any prior investigation, of the U.S. Capitol Police officer allegedly attacked with a fisted cell phone by Atlanta's U.S. Congresswoman Cynthia McKiney !

The charge? Dereliction of Duty.

He should have handcuffed her and called the wagon to the Longworth Building without pause or adieu.

Case closed.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Where's The Red Queen ???

Rescued by United States troops after being kidnapped and held hostage, the group of peace activists, in all of their bountiful gratitude, issued a press release referring to their saviors as "occupiers".

The Associated Press contradicted itself with two stories just a day apart..Then it allowed a purely theoretical and opinionated story to run on its international wires as news.

The producer of weekend "GOOD MORNING AMERICA" wrote an email in which he said "George Bush makes me sick....I'm going to puke !" (It was sent from his palm-held "Blackberry" unit, meaning he WAS kind of "on the run" at the time. Maybe with David Gregory, in a bar ?


I wonder how long this Alice In Wonderland siege of stumbliong, bumbling, and outright dissembling by the Antique Media will last. Long enough for America to "get it" I hope!

Their lobbyists are reportedly helping a move in Congress to "regulate" content on the internet. I suppose that meas all blogs, too.

Watch out carefully. The March Hare and the Mad Hatter are coming.

The Red Queen will be the Chief Censor of the World Wide Web. You remember what she said, in Lewis Carrol's Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, don't you?

"A word means whatever I SAY it means !!!!?

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Noisy Decapitator

Once upon a time, in 1950 A.D., I scraped together some money, and with full support from my bride, Betts, a 21 year old mother of two boys, went into the weekly newspaper business.

We purchased the noisiest and most trustworthy of ancient flat bed presses, a "Country Campbell" (Matk Twain's favorite !)- --and a Model One linotype machine.
My education in printing took place five years earlier at the Toccoa Record. I wasn’t speedy, but I was fairly proficient and the Model One was the machine for linotype dummies.

It had only one case and errors were easily correctable. It was also less likely to spit hot metal at the operator than more sophisticated linotypes.

We installed the press first. It was an oscillating dinosaur, and one needed to stand on a stool about kitchen chair height to feed its. It would grasp the large sheet of paperfrom a tilted oaken table slab with "teeth" and take it around and across the locked-in chase of type positioned on the flat bed as it clanged back and forth underneath the large drum that delivered the paper.
When we got the press in and it was working really neatly, we had to build an extra "room" behind the press, about 12 feet deep and as wide as the garage door, to enclose the linotype machine indoors. With the editor’s desk and the business manager’s desk, there was no lateral room for the linotype machine.

(Here, it occurs to me that there must be, now in 2006, at least a generation—maybe two– unfamiliar with a "linotype". It was a tall conglomeration of rotors, levers and tracks with a large "case" slanted on top, a pot of molten lead / babbitt print metal held at a perfect temperature–and the most beautiful, sensitive keyboard that only a crazy man like the inventor Merggenthaler could have invented. You sat at the keyboard and barely touched the keys and the matrices, brass thumb-sized plates with jagged distinct carrier edges inside, fell into delicious symmetry, forming a line of mirror image words. A lever on the right side of the keyboard sent the line of matrices to the type metal pot orifice, and a perfect slug of 11 picas (less than two inches) dropped into a "stick" or tray. It was, to coin a phrase, perfect. Only my Llewellen setter Jack had a higher value for me.

(Except for Betts and the boys, of course, but I didn’t OWN them... They owned me!)

It looked complicated, but it was lovely, musical, hypnotic. And I was determined to do my own linotyping, though I had good friends in a nearby town who did it cheaper than I could.

Pride goeth !!!

Benny Buffington, a 17 year old black youth, was my constant fishing companion, the only "Nanny" the boys ever had, and just about my best friend ever.

He "volunteered" to feed the press. And he was a quick study. We was a fastidious, tireless worker. He was one of the wittiest humans I have ever known, and a frustrated entertainer. He called me "Mmm Bill" the "mister" hardly spoken, but proudly indicated in his vocal shorthand.

One evening when we had decided we were "ready" to do all the typesetting on the Model One, and all the justifying on our own "stone" and print the paper on our Campbell, we were very excited. "Pumped" would be the word today.
I was sitting at the linotype, exhibiting my lightest touch and making only about three typos every tem slugs, when Benny hollered at me from his pedestal.
"Muh Bill, lissen that !" He squalled.
(He NEVER put a vowel after the "MMM" in his salutation unless he caught a bigger fish, or danger flickered around his two minor charges, Mike and Keith.

"Lissen! It’s CLICKIN’ funny..."

"Oh, hell, Benny, it’s just a noisy ole....."

"Naw..NAW SIR ! Its makin’ a reeel funny extra noise! You caint hear over there ! You gotter come ‘ere and see!! It ain’t right!!" he yelled..all the while rythmically feeding sheets to the drum’s clips.

I finished a slug, moaned and got up slowly and dramatically, barely tolerantly approached Benny’s perch on the office side of the press.

Something went "Click-clack-BUMPETY BUM P" in the nether area of the old Campbell, as the bed traveled toward the printshop area.

"See?!! See?!! I tole you !!" Benny keened shrilly..

And then we were hypnotized by the same slo-mo vision always attendant in auto accidents.

Time struggled to pass. The huge, heavy press bed---I’ll guess it weighed 700 pounds-- shuddered on it’s reciprocating gearlines on its underside, and levitated... flew off the back end of the press, sailed to clip the back of my chair and slice my precious linotype machine in half !.

The only sounds were the whining of the large motor by the press, and the faint tinkling of the raining matrices on the concrete floor..

"She’s gone, ain’t she?" Benny murmured very softly, audibly.

" Yep", I said. "I guess that’s about it...Truly All She Wrote !" I giggled eerily.

So we walked over to the exit door. I reached up and pulled the main power switch on the old fuse box and we went over to the house to play with Betts and the boys.

Betts and I had a li’l drink. And that was the end of The Rural Citizen.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Where Are the Globes ???

These figures were just jumping off the monitor screen, and spacing me out...

Twelve per cent of high school seniors in the United States could not locate the continental boundaries of the USA on a world map or globe.

Nearly 25 per cent had never seen a globe.

In New York, a survey of college seniors in the Rochester and Buffalo areas did not know who George Pataki was–the two term governor of New York recently beset by ill health.

No figures were given for how many could read the "Run, Dick, Run" primers. (They are not even used any more.)

But, hold on!

When I went to Google and typed in "English, Civics Literacy", I was directed to—hold onto your seat—391,000 sites...ALL of the first pages devoted to state and federal movements and programs for "English Language and Civics Literacy" for Immigrants and New Americans.

But alas, I found no "initiatives" to press the government schools to improve the language and civics information flow to our elementary and high school population.

It is, of course, MY obsession, not yours. I will be gone before the people of this country realize what has happened.

Always the Egoist, I admit, I am "driven" to remember as a teen aged high school junior, running into a burning "Black" schoolhouse in 1940 to retrieve a large world globe, before the flames engulfed and destroyed the school. No one paid much attention.

No one paid any attention, either, to the fact that the "Black", segregated school had only nine grades.

Nor did anyone gripe about the "White" school in my town having only eleven grades. We had two foreign languages (if you count Latin) and plane and solid geometry and trigonometry. It was better than most any public high school today. More demanding, anyway.

Every high school graduate knew the name of the governor, both senators and our congressman. Most of us could name and locate all the states and capitals. William Shadburn and I played a game, alphabetically naming the states and capitals alphabetically. I could never remember Frankfort, Kentucky. He lost out on Carson City, Nevada. We lnew Tom Paine and Dr. Benjamin Rush intimately. We fenced with Bible verses every morning.

So, I ask you...Where are the Globes ????

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Crumbling Cathedrals...Queasy Quadrangles

"David Riesman said that we are living in the cathedrals of learning, without the faith that built those cathedrals. We are also living in a free society without the faith that built that society -- and without the conviction and dedication needed to sustain it."

So began a brilliant (as always) column by Thomas Sowell. It was written around the fact that Larry Summers was forced out of the presidency of Harvard University by the mediocre-mad culture leverlers and desroyers of excellence, fueled by their ignited PeeCee gas.

It is not boasting for me to say that I had two great university experiences. The first was in the 1940's when I barely fulfilled the requirements for graduation from Emory. The last was in getting a graduate degree from the University of North Florida, with only ONE "B" in one course..the rest all "A".

Shows the difference between age 20 and age 55.


At Emory, I flourished in Dr. Tom English's literature and Dr. Will Howe's visiting seminars on romance prose. I excelled in Dr. Dickie Boyd's Greek courses, and Dr. Cullen Gosnell's political science. "Goose" and I were both flaming liberals in thos days. And it was considered "weird" to be a member of the International Policy Council, as I was. There were 11 others.

I was wedded to my philosophy regimen under Dr. Leroy Loemker. His wife played in the ORIGINAL Atlanta Symphony, and this pleased me. I was very close to Dr. Charlie Lester, a genius chemist from whom I took no courses, and his brother, Jim, from whom I got two "A's" in Geology.

My very favorite person at Emory was Dean Elliott Heber Rece. He always treated me like a man, and guided me with great love and tolerance to my diploma and my cap and gown.

I named my first son after Dean Rece.

But, though I did not flunk (fail) any courses, I had a lot of D-for-Dereliction grades. I knew the essentials of the subjects, but the professors wanted me to attend class !

At Harvard--and other great universities today--no one gets a "D" unless he commits something like what we used to call High Botchery! It is a recorded fact that ninety (90) per cent of the seniors at Harvard now graduate cum laude!

That was reserved for a very , very, select few in my university days. Some Phi Beta Kappa members failed to get the "with Honors" nod.

And the fact that Dr. Summers was opposed to grade inflation, and that he fought it every day he was at Harvard, did him in.

His assertion that, maybe, women were not, as a group, well suited to the hard sciences (physics, chemistry, biology, etc.) was not happily accepted as a lapsus lingua, by the Harvard feminista--but that is not the basis of Dr. Larry's exit.

Of allthose professors I mingled with at Emory and North Florida, some were left wingers, some were libertarians, some were Christians and some were agnostic. Nobody cared. They were all free.

But, as I joined them as an adjunct for four years, I found that even with the new wave of Dr Spock-like educational theory spewing from Gainesville and Athens, students still had to work and perform to get a degree.

Now, with teacher's unions claiming TENURE for elementary school teachers, and no punitive sanctions for either libel or plagiarism either by school boards or in academia, we who love erudition witness a slippery slope.

Dr. Larry Summers exits Harvard. Al Quaeda matriculates at Yale.

Get out of the shadow of that Ivy Covered Ivory Tower, Young'uns !!

It's Falling.

Here's a link to Dr. Sowell:

Friday, March 03, 2006

WARNING ! You Won't B'leeeeeve This ! But, TRY !

On Friday night, March 3, 2006, this is what the august Associated Press did:

Embarrassed by revelations that George Bush did NOT say what they had reported him saying, and further embarrassed that Governot Blanco of Louisiana HAD said what they had NOT quoted her as saying (that the New Orleans levees had NOT been "breached"), they made a correction. Yes ! A correction !

They corrected their internationally distributed story to point out that Governor Blanco was, essentially correct....

She MEANT to say that the levees were "overtopped". Yes, NOT "breached" but OVERTOPPED !!!

Weasels !

This is the height and depth of weaseldom.

Why would anyone manufacture such a distinction ?

Only if the battleaxe one is "grinding" ....if the (scusa, please) dawg one is betting on told an ouright LIE.

Some of you do not think that the whole Antique Media are biased and doomed.

Just look at this deal and think again.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Humility a-borning

“Release me, O Lord, from bondage of Self, that I may....” (From a prayer by Bill Wilson, circa 1935)

I have told all my raucous slithering lies again
Acknowledging their import
And the damage of their roiling ignominious defiance...
They never die, you know..just Hide.

We’re not supposed to crawl, but still we do

Like shameful larvae, wishing to weave doormats
Of our worthless latter lives.

We can not know the wealth and worth of true Humility

So long as prayer seeks whip and derogation.
What agony we wallow in, Asking for forgiveness from the injured ones !

And, sure, like misers we put by,

As in a bulging purse, the generous pardons
Ill-gotten by our sniveling words
From many injured ones. And we are smug.

Then, facing one who once was snared

By blandishments of ours and then was crushed
By our invidious libel...
Yes here we learned!

This man we cruelly traduced professed

To not remember our offense, so magnified
In our iniquitous memory.
He laughed !He turned away, to jettison our amends.

“I don’t recall,” he said, “your words or deeds,

"But anyway, you were not...are not much.
“I saw you then a liar and lout
“And I believe, you’ll always be !!!”

So whether I had wanted solace, truly

And forgiveness from this mortal man,
The power of Truth poured out his face
To catapult my soul into a fresh dimension.

Beginning then, I have felt taller, known myself

And never skulked again.
I mend a fence of friend
Most every day, now.And know some portion of Humility.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Lazy Moonbats

It just tickles me plumb to death wnem the WHOLE of the Antique MS Media falls on its bum, like a pack of pigs on ice !

Dana Milbank of the Washinmgton Post got taken to the woodshed and chewed out by his bosses for wearing a hunting outfit on Keith Olberman's show. (NOBODY watches MSNBC, so I have to tell you about it !)

NBC's resident idiot, Dave Gregory, on the White House beat, who called WH spokesman Scott McClalland "a jerk" on camera had to apologize to the whole nation on Tim Russert's Meet-The-Press show.

But the GREATEST, most beautiful moment of all was when the USA's great speed skater, Shari Davis won the gold medal ! He is a handsome man of color, you know.

It was a very sharp stick in the eye --(and the CRAW)-- for Bryant Gumbel, of HBO, who had decried the irrelevance of the Winter Olympics because.."with no black competitors, it looks like a GOP convention..."

The thing about these snotnosed children is that they are lazy.

They do no research. They do not care. If THEY do not know it, it isn't true. Just "shoot fromk the lip" !!!

Ignorance? Sure. But my son, Keith calls them "Lazy Journalists".

And... their laziness is going to kill their influence. That is my prediction. The "Consumers" of information are not simply SMARTER than these myopic moonbats.

We are, none of us, lazy. They are.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Have you heard about ???

Am I the only one who remembers all the pseudoscientific screaming about the "New Ice Age" in the late 1960's and the 1970's???

Or am I dreaming?

Now the chicken littles all have grabbed and embraced Glow Bull Worming as the "Major Threat" to the world.

You will note that these screamers all have a history of "policy wonkism"--the belief that government control of people's lives is the be-all and end-all--the Paradise on Earth In Our Time.

There have been many cranky ideas that have been embraced by these sort of collectivist minded morons.

The last one was Lysenkoism, pushed by the Soviet Communists whereby they claimed proof of IMMEDIATE inheritance of acquired charateristics. Before that, it was the horrid spectre of an "infected gene pool" that led to sontrolled genocide and, eventually to the European Holocaust.

The fate of these braingassy fads is self evident.

Those of us who can actually remember living through these frenzied idiocies take a calm and wary attitude.

I reccommend we all read Michael Chricton's State of Fear for starters.

Then, consider the tale of the two ignorant cretins who were interrupted by a state trooper as they savagely beat up two bearded, black- hatted Hasid Jews on the highway.

"What the devil are you doing?" the trooper hollered as he cuffed them.

"Well, they's Jews, ain;t they?" one cretin asked.

"They killed Jesus Christ, didden they?" whined the other thug.

"Well, I don;t know about that," the trooper mused. "I think the Romans had a lot tgo do with that, and besides, that was 2000 years ago!!!"

"The HAIL, you say!!!" the two imbeciles hollered, in unison, "We just heard about it at the camp meeting last night !!!!

Friday, January 27, 2006

A Black By Any Other Name...

Some idiot named "Self" who was running the campaign of a member of the ancient and honorable Scranton family, that claims birthright to the Pennsylvania governorship, has been fired "for cause".

He called Scranton's GOP primary opponent ""the REAL Rich White Guy" in the race !!!

He was talking about Lynn Swann.

Yes, THAT Lynn Swann. He of the chocolat-cafe'- au-lait epidermis, the cultured tones, gallant demeanor, four super bowl wins with the Steelers and NFL Hall of Fame credentials.

(He also serves on the corporate boards of Hershey and H.J. Heinz.)

I point this out here because you will NOT read it in your local fishwrapper, and it won't be on ESPN or CNN.

There is also another point to be made here.

If you want to be elected over an opponent, there are several things you must NOT call your opponent:



Tone Deaf




Pro-death penalty

Pro Academic freedom

Reciter or protector of Natural Law.

This is NOT, of course, because all the voting public is AGAINST these things. It is because the irrelevant Antique media hates these things, and will not "cover" anyone even accused of such apostatic allegiances.

And, certainly, one should NEVER scold an opponent for being "overly responsible" or "too involved in accountability issues". That was tried back in 2004.

The "accused" ...WON!!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I M P O N D E R A B L E....

As many know, I consider myself a fellow-traveling Jew.

This dates back to the 1940's and my teens. At Emory, my "Christian" Greek letter fraternity, ATO was politically (and, lonesomely) aligned with the two Jewish fraternities (AEPi and TEPhi) in interfraternity council and other matters.

As a mentor, in my early years at Emory, my mentor on the Wheel and Campus publications was Teddy Levitas, (later a better dentist than he was then a sports writer). I was also very fond of his brother Elliot Levitas and his personal heroism in public office.

When President Harry Truman bulldozed the U.N. into recognizing Israel as a nation state, I had already been contributing my small pittance to Zionist causes.

I have never changed

Now, what I cannot understand is how Steven Spielberg and other Jews in America can make weasel-knees to the Islamofascists.

How can a Jew be a "liberal" in the United States today? Have they not ever read the roll of the 9 / 11 corpses from the Twin Towers?

What is it about "The Holocaust is a Myth" or "Erase Israel from the Map" they do not understand? me out here.
How can any Jew, son or grandson of Jews, regardless of how or whether they practice Judaism
take the passive, pacifist "liberal" ideology today ?

My Betts, who also was a Judeophile, used to ask her patients:

"What is the payoff for your self hating behaviour ???"

That’s what I'm asking all these Jews who still call themselves "liberals".

Whassamtaa You ????

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Academia Through the Looking Glass (Bassackwards, That Is)

Professor Mike S. Adams of UNC Wilmington delights in catching education administrators who are clueless and/or ignorant.

Not nescient, now...Ignorant.

He recently wrote of the UNC-Greensboro Factotums who swooped down upon two student protesters and persecuted them for "disrespect" in that the two carried protest placards calling for Free Speech in an area not designated as a "free speech zone".

What in HAIL is a "free speech zone" ???

I thought my great, great, great uncle, my great grandfather, my uncles --and now my Marine grandson---all offered their lives, fortunes and sacred honor on the altar of Liberty to make the whole of the United States a "Free Speech Zone".

Not only that, the UNCG faculty and administration star chamber proceeding sought to illegally prohibit the accused protesters from "noting, reporting or repeating" any of the inquisition goings-on.

Cool and intelligent (and less Constitutionally-Challenged) people stepped in, and the students , without apologies from the cretins in charge, are back in school.

Talk about "respect" !!!

I write of this in my web log in order to bring attention to two very wonderful (and underfunded) organizations.

FIRE, the grass-roots group, is the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education. The Pope Center for Education Policy is more a factfinding enterprise.

Of all the great American institutions that repristinate freedom and shine the light of truth on the subversive morons and idiots who lead the Dumbing Down and Enslavement of America's children, these two atr probably the least ideological, the "cleanest" and the most selfless. My opinion, anyway.

What I call "The Antique Media" will NEVER tell you about them, so here are their URL addresses on the web:

(You may need to cut-and-paste)

If you care at all about the free dissemination of knowledge and information---for your offspring or THEIR offspring, visit them once in a while. They are fighting the weasels and the plantation overseers.

You DO remember, don't you, that slaves were not allowed to learn to read or write ???!!!

On pain of death????

Well, we're talking National Brain Death here. Right Now, in a college or high school near you.