Saturday, January 21, 2006

Academia Through the Looking Glass (Bassackwards, That Is)

Professor Mike S. Adams of UNC Wilmington delights in catching education administrators who are clueless and/or ignorant.

Not nescient, now...Ignorant.

He recently wrote of the UNC-Greensboro Factotums who swooped down upon two student protesters and persecuted them for "disrespect" in that the two carried protest placards calling for Free Speech in an area not designated as a "free speech zone".

What in HAIL is a "free speech zone" ???

I thought my great, great, great uncle, my great grandfather, my uncles --and now my Marine grandson---all offered their lives, fortunes and sacred honor on the altar of Liberty to make the whole of the United States a "Free Speech Zone".

Not only that, the UNCG faculty and administration star chamber proceeding sought to illegally prohibit the accused protesters from "noting, reporting or repeating" any of the inquisition goings-on.

Cool and intelligent (and less Constitutionally-Challenged) people stepped in, and the students , without apologies from the cretins in charge, are back in school.

Talk about "respect" !!!

I write of this in my web log in order to bring attention to two very wonderful (and underfunded) organizations.

FIRE, the grass-roots group, is the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education. The Pope Center for Education Policy is more a factfinding enterprise.

Of all the great American institutions that repristinate freedom and shine the light of truth on the subversive morons and idiots who lead the Dumbing Down and Enslavement of America's children, these two atr probably the least ideological, the "cleanest" and the most selfless. My opinion, anyway.

What I call "The Antique Media" will NEVER tell you about them, so here are their URL addresses on the web:

(You may need to cut-and-paste)

If you care at all about the free dissemination of knowledge and information---for your offspring or THEIR offspring, visit them once in a while. They are fighting the weasels and the plantation overseers.

You DO remember, don't you, that slaves were not allowed to learn to read or write ???!!!

On pain of death????

Well, we're talking National Brain Death here. Right Now, in a college or high school near you.

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