Friday, June 03, 2011

Still Rolling Snakeyes

All the barking and baying of the airheaded hounds is turning to whimpers of anguish as the nation's reigning administration and its director fade below pre-bin Laden raid levels.

The state-cuddled media (AssPress, NYT, WaPo, MSNBC ) are in dropsy-like vapors. They cannot understand why the Dim Dem clowns continue to slide in the voters' collective opinion. (See Gallup & Rasmussen.)

Gaggles of journo worms in their socialist / statist jar are all as silly the New York Times' blaming Arizona Governor Brewer and Sara Palin for Congresswoman Gabby Giffpords' shooting the SAME morning that the nutcase gunman was announced to be apolitically ignorant.

Now they cannot understand why the Osama Death Bounce has "evaporated".

Here are some enumerated reasons:

(1) Killing bin Laden did not produce one job.

(2) The raid did not halt one foreclosure or save one home.

(3) The solipsist high-fives did not affect $4+ gasoline.

(4) USAG Eric Holder and the ATF are still stonewalling cross-border gunrunning that killed American citizens.

(5) No "liberal" leader shows seriousness about the $14 trillion deficit.

And, finally everybody who has died trying to erase bin Laden for the past nine years had more to do with the success of the raid than a hound barking at the moon to claim credit for its setting.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

That People OF the Gubmint, BY the Gubmint and FOR the Gubmint Shall NOT persih...

Back in 1992 an overwhelming majority of Coloradans votedfor a constitutional limit on taxes and spending they call TABOR---Taxpayer's Bill of Rights. It essentially prevents growth of government by tax increase without plebecite approval by the citizens of the state.

Cometh now, 34 state legislators, former state legislators, former congressmen and other "Tax-Eaters" filing a suit in federal court to throw out the constitutional proposition because it is hindering legislators in their attempts to grow government bureaucracy, increase taxes and otherwise line the pockets of greedy criminals and corrupt grafters, grifters and layabout bloodsuckers.

In Kerr vs. Colorado, these golden guzzlers of the citizens' wherewithal claim it is NOT FAIR for the people--the lowly citizens-- to cramp their spendthrift style.

In other words, they want the federal courts to undo what the citizens of Colorado have ordained.

You can read about it:HERE

Feeling rather augustly mature in my octogenarian way, I view this collective madness by these grubbing weasels of the tax trough as the childish sandbox "take-my-ball-and go-home" antics of a Joe Biden or a Barney Frank.

These clowns not only have not read the ninth and tenth articles of the Bill of Rights...They have not read any SCOTUS decisions on state propositions and constitutional amendments.

Whistling inthe Dark, you say ?

Whistling up some votes from the tax-eating masses? That's possible, always, of course, with this crowd.

But in this year and next year, watching will be VERY interesting. And, maybe, FUN !