Friday, October 19, 2012

Petraeus & CIA Strike Back

Even the largest circulation newspaper in the country, the Wall Street Journal  has become embroiled in the Benghazi covr-up.

It has become the ritual of the day to clobber the "intelligence community" for Bloody Benghazi that killed our ambassador and three other mericans.

But, finally a very good reporter has come up with the fact that the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency)  discovered and disseminated the fact that the attack was by al Qaeda terrorists and NOT by peeced protestors angry at an anti-Muslim video.

In less than 24 hours, the whole Obama administration knew this. GO HERE!

Still, the president and the state deopartment claimed the comic video caused the slaughter. For two weeks, before the United Nationa General Assembly even,  they claimed it was NOT a "terrorist" attack.

Why did they do this ?

Well, Obama HAD to do it to salvage the idea that he had destroyed al Qaeda when  the six U.S. Navy SEALS killed off  Osana bin Laden.

Of course, people who "keep up" with things KNOW that "al Qaeda means "The Base", that AlZwarhiri is still alive and working even harder than his late boss, and that along with Hamas and  Hezbollah,  the Brotherhood that promoted the Egyptian and Libyan "revolutions"  are evtensions of this "Base".

And Obama MUST deny all that.  He really believes he has done something important because six special forces specialists rooted out and killed oe man in Pakistan.

That, alng with the fact that our ambassador was mutilated post-mortem while the president appeared on a women's TV gaggle and anti-American comedy show.

But you just cannot hide from and bury stuff like that just like you could NEVER make up that kind of behavior by the chief magistrate.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Big Candy May Have Done IT

We have been waiting years for someone to come along and thrust a sacred spike through the heart of the whorish American "legacy" left biased media.

Now, with the performance of glutinous Candy Crowley of CNN disquised as a 'moderator" at the second presidential debate Tuesday night, we have the full-throated embarrassment that may attenuate  bias fpr a long while...if not permanently.

Joe Curl at the Washington Times has the  breath-by-breath account of her unembarrassed fulfilment of her promise (I aim't gone be no fly on the WALL !!!)

Read Curl's rundown HERE!

All the internat and  blogospere was achatter about La Crowley from the time she was tapped for moderator of the TownHall debate on Long Island.

She is a notorious Obam,aBot, having abbounced for publication when Governor Mitt Romney picked Paul Ryan as his veep candidate thusly:

"This has got to the biggest DEATH WISH ticket in History !!!"

Well, she gave her Dream Zero ten more minutes of time Tuesday nighht than she did the GOP challenger, Romney.

She also cut Romney off repeatedly to gove 0 a chance to shuck and jive his flim flam way.

So, Now, we conservatives wish to thank you, Big Candy Arse for so blatantly embarrassing your media chums (who were, incidentally raucously drunken slobs at the debate venue)

Oh, and speaking of Death Wishes, Big Girl......

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Unraveling Makes LIE LARGER

Since this site "scooped" a lot of the Legacy Media on the Benghazi murderous cover-up, it is only fair that we go to a NEW Media reporter for coverage of Wednesday;s Congressuional Hearings that forever convicted the administration of wholesale, institutional lying.


Obama's Lies Unravel in Congressional Hearing on Libya 9/11 Attack

Today's congressional hearing on the Sep. 11, 2012 attacks across the Middle East, that killed the U.S. ambassador to Libya and three other Americans in Benghazi, have destroyed the Obama administration's lies about the event. There was not enough security in Benghazi, despite repeated requests; there was no preparation for the attacks, despite intelligence and warning signs; and the assault in Libya had nothing to do with an anti-Islamic video, as President Barack Obama and his appointees had claimed for weeks.

On the eve of the hearings, the State Department claimed not to have linked the Libya attack to an anti-Islamic video made in the United States--although Secretary of State Hillary Clinton did so in television advertisements the State Department produced for Pakistani television, and UN Ambassador Susan Rice told the media over and over again that the attacks had been part of a spontaneous demonstration of outrage across the region. Numerous requests for additional security in Benghazi had been ignored by the diplomats at Foggy Bottom.

The White House, meanwhile, finally discarded the "video" narrative to which it had clung for weeks, in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary--but not before the filmmaker had been arrested in the dead of night at his home on the pretext of a parole violation, and not before President Obama devoted the bulk of his September address to the United Nations to condemning the video and defamation of Islam and Muhammad.

The new White House line is that poor intelligence led it to an erroneous conclusion about the video--even though that claim is contradicted by the State Department's own claims about what it knew about the attacks.

Both the White House and the State Department were adamant in their criticism of the video in the hours after demonstrators scaled the walls of the U.S. embassy in Cairo, as well as in the weeks thereafter, though the White House claimed--through an unnamed source in Politico--to have denounced the embassy's apologies.

In one of today's hearing's more memorable--and ignoble--exchanges, Rep. Darrell Issa took umbrage at State Department Official for Embassy Security Charlene Lamb's assertion that “We had the correct number of assets in Benghazi at the time of 9/11 for what had been agreed upon.” Issa retorted that her claim "doesn’t seem to ring true to the American people.” Nor, indeed, did it comport with other evidence presented to the hearing, including Lt. Col, Andrew Wood, who once headed U.S. security in Libya and testified that there had been serious deficiencies in embassy security, and that it had never been protected with the necessary resources.

What is clear is that the attacks on the anniversary 9/11 took the Obama administration by surprise; that the administration placed too much confidence in the removal of Osama bin Laden, as well as the President's own personal popularity, in declaring that Al Qaeda was in retreat; that the first impulse of the administration was to attack freedom of expression in the U.S., as well as the political opposition; that the administration never lived up to its most basic security responsibilities in Libya; that it lied for weeks about the most serious terror attack against the United States in years; and that it is lying still, in an attempt to minimize political fallout.

The entire cover-up is falling apart--and today's congressional hearings are likely just the beginning.


When we were very young, our elders warned us that prolonged "self-abuse" promoted degeneracy and dementia.

We do not know which is the "carrier" and which the "host"....But, the Old Legacy newspapers and TV babblers and this administration ARE sufferers...

Thursday, October 04, 2012

The BIG Losers

Ernest Hemingway  wrote eloquently  about the Mfisi---Hyena---that, when punctired in the belly by a bullet or an enemy's bite, would gnaw and digest its own intestines.

You can look for the "legacy" media to begin this operation, along with vengeful hate-crime attacks on the tormentor who broughjt them low---Mitt Romney.

For, it IS the New York Times, the Associated Press, the Washington Post and all their toadies in the alphabet TV  networks who were exposed as traducers, liars and corrupt  conspirators Wednesday night  when Romney stripped "The One"  nekkid and with him, the depravity of most American "journalists".

Mind you, they will NOT melt likler snails in salt.  Not All of them.

They will consult new "talking points" and they will set out  to avenge the wounds meted out to their darling.

 Will you allow them to try this with impunity ?

Just picture the average independent or undecided voter in his chair before the TV set. (There had to be nearly 20 million "undecideds" watching.  What did they think?

"Who is this bright fellow dismantling the sitting president of my United States ?  Surely he is not the Ogre from a cult.  He is obviously not a slavering cannibal who mistreats wives, daughters and dogs. He has made no "gaffes"---quite to the contrary, he is really concernmed about why the president cut Medicare by $716 billion.  He wants to know where that money went.

So do I.

This very polite and civil man asks about the multiple billions of tax dollars given to so called  ."Green Energy" .companies that went into the toilet as soon as the "sponsors" skimmed  the cream. (Democrat donors ?) 

This is not the wild eyed robber baron all the slobbering MSNBC  people described.  This is not who Klugman, Keller and Klein  painted for me.

Have I been  lied to, altogether ?  Or did the dastardly Republ;icans Photoshop a Hologram and send it to the debate ?

So, just like when Little Johnny  copied Elmer's or Eleanor's homework and had to lie multiple, pyramidal  times to cover it up, the legacy media will have to DO something to try and  mend the "raveled sleave"  of  Obamanation.

Something like...say..."Wont you believe what we slickly manufacture (again) ???

Or are you going sto stick with C-SPAN and yourt lying eyes and ears ?

Monday, October 01, 2012

Big Snowball ? Or Steamroller ?

Don't look now, but someone other than Cato's Depot has been watching the sham-jive at the White House and the United Nations !

There is going to be a congressional investigation of Hillary Clinton, her untruthful UN ambassador and everyone else trying to cover their arses in the murder of four amerivans---including the Amnassador to Libya---in Benghazi on 9-11-2012.

Actually while the White House dithered and lied and while its sometime occupant went before the U.N.  to blame "the protests" on a video, and while they sent federal agents to imptoperly detauin the video producer....memberrs of the House Oversight Committe were gathering TRUTHFUL information:

(1) There have been continual attacks on the Benghazi consulate for weeks before the slaughter.

(2) The State Department, though warned by Libyan auyhorities, aparently REDUCED security, disarmed guards and hired unarmed Libyans from a Brit company.

(3) There have been more than 50 attacks on the consulate prior to September 11, 2012.

(4)  Libyans say the attacks were pre-planned and "had nothing to do" with any video.

(5) This is the most widespread Cover-Up since Watergate, much more intricate and potentially damaging to the whole nation.


(6)  No one was killed in the Watergate scandal.  Our ambassador and three others died as a resyult of State department "policy" and  hiding truth anbd warnings.

You can read the News Flash and see a video HERE!

The Congressuional Hearings will begin October 10, 2012, according to late reports.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Setting a New Nadir

"Let's see... a two bit burglary in an attempt to get some info on Democrat plans followed by a cover up vs. a policy of appeasement of radical Muslims bent on world domination leading to the murder of a US ambassador and three embassy staffers followed by a cover up. Yep, I'd judge the latter worse than the former...."

That is a quote from RAJAMAS MEDIA today.

Cato's Depot was 'way ahead of the curve on this, recognizing at the outset that the White House replaced Marines with unarmed Libyan employrees of a Brit firm, INVITING  a murderous attack on the Benghazi  consulate.

Were these "security hires" complicit ??

And THAT was while the White House was clamoring that the "protestors" were "upset" by a video. Then the secretary of state, Hillary Clinton took that line. Then the U.N. ambassador went on ALL the Sunday interview shows to say "there was no planned attack" to kill four Americans and drag the dead ambassador's body through the atreets.

That was THEN.

But NOW, CIA director Leon Panetta admits the bloodletting was planned far ahead of time, and that his agency lost track. They (AND WE) now know it was all pre-planned.

Well, whether you were cutting grass, milking a cow or dining at Chick-Fil-A with all those white and black Holstein cattle, we bet YOU knew differently too.

After all, it WAS the anniversary of  9-11 !!!

What do these third-rate scam artists take us for?

We think this IS wprse than Watergate, and maybe even worse  that Fast and Furious....Even though we still do not know how many people died in Eric Holder's conspiracy march toward more "gun control".

But if YOU let them, the sycophantic, whorish media will slip this into another memory hole before  Congressional investigators get a crack at it.

Where is the hell-raising  outrage?

Swallowed and muffled by the free cell phones Obama gave away, probably.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Reiteration: They LIE !

Rare treat on tap today !

0's White House is hammering CNN because someone there came up with the diary of the slain ambassador  to  Libya and it reveals that he feared for his life just prior to the sacking of his consulate by Islamofascists.


If you haver paid attention, you know that Hillary Clintom and President 0  refused armed U.S. military protection for the Benghazi envoy and consulate.  Instead, they hired an unarmed phalanx of Brit-hired Libyans, who are now suspected of having helped plan the attack and slaughter of four U.S. officials.

At first, the "Official" administration position was that the rioters / killers were "reacting" to a movie trailer. Then, to cartoons ?

Then,  every honest news outlet in the world, including Al Jazeera  concluded the  attacks were planned for weeks if not months for the anniversary of the 9-11  al Qaeda demolition of the WTC towers and the  killing of  3,000.  Finally, 0, Hillary and their spolesman "admitted" they "had been mistaken".

That spells  "LYING".

It is  treacherous and criminal that the citizens of the U.S.  pay so little attention to 0's  disastrous foreign policy quagmire.

It is even worse that no relevant or believeable  thrust has appeared in Congress or in the "media"  to gat at the bottom of this administration's  spineless deference to the exsanguinating muslim apparatchik

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Fog of State Lying

Are we now No-Bullet Barney Fife ?

Just a brief Heads-Up here on the running obfuscation by the Obama / Hillary administration on the weakness in Benghazi, Libya that led to the fatal attack last week.

First of all, the video was no issue. It was a foggy scapegoat for a supine attitude by our servants representing us abroad.

In the face of repeated warnings by the Libyan government that deadly days approached, the U.S. State Department hired an unarmed British security company to provide protection for the consulate. Its personnel was all-Libyan.

When asked about this, the U.S. State Department categorically denied it Saturday.

Wedmesday, a spokeswoman admitted she had lied to the press.CLICK HERE FOR STORY

While the whorish, slavish "media" are busy with "gotcha" non issues, this near traitorous "policy" in the Mideast goes unnoticed and unreported on TV and in print.

How many times has this White House had to admit to falsifying and replacing facts with untruths ? I have lost count.

Next, you may be sure that they will deny that they disarmed marines at other embassies, and that Robert Holder, the U.S. attorney general has used left wing internet propagandists to cover his bloody tracks in the Fast and Furious scandal.

But we'll try to keep you current. Spot on. Truth !

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


This morning, September 11, 2012, I awakened to images of obviously crazed muslim militants lowering Old Glory at our embassy in Cairo, Egypt, having scaled the walls. They hoisted a black flag, and cried for death-to-America, just as their fellow Arabs and Islamites probably did eleven years ago as they flew jet passenger planes into the World Trade Center towers.

Let me just say....I WILL NEVER FORGET.

But many want to. Thank God, these vermin will remind us with their bloodiness if we ever "nod off".

In the eleven years since Betts and I watched the towers pancake to nothingness, most of the world has pretended it did not happen. Evil sycophants and apologists for Islam have rigged the deal.

In the United States, the fat-faced dragonlady of Homeland Security has established a course that harrasses toddlers and Alzeimers' victims and turns a blind eye to scarves, burkhas
turbans and bearded middle-eastern men.

Our "leaders" ---who are actially overpaid servants of America, have adopted an institutionalized isolating sycophancy that they call "Pee-Cee". which holds suspect and dangerous any Christian or Jew who owns a gun.

Big Sis Napolitano has driven into her minions' minds that the most imminent threat to the United States is a handful of organized citizens limited to the states of Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and Utah.

Anyone questioning the basic motive or impetus of muslim or atheist gangs are considered dangerous extremists, or racist, in the PeeCee cloud-mind.

If an informed person the likes of Geert Wilders or Robert Spencer who has actually been INSIDE a mosque and knows what goes on in them comes alog with even delicate warning, the dime-dropper is harangued, threatedned with assassination, or actually murdered somewhere.

Some infidels other than the loose leaf anarchists of the Crescent-and-Scimitar have come to the conclusion that too many of these devouts have swapped their reasoning for a fetid movement that worships Death, and has all the characteristics of a Nihilist construct of economic, social, legal serfdom glossed over with what could actually be---standing alone---a solid monotheistic Faith.

But we wish on a moonbeam that the evil is not there and we have pretended ourselves into a savage economic, social, and Spiritual blind alley, led by our paid servants to a reckoning I hope not to see.

But while I am here a little longer....I WILL NEVER FORGET.

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Wharton MBA Speaks

My friend Reg Grant, receivd his MBA from the best source there is for such degrees, Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. He is a sharp cookie

When I sent him notice FedEx is going to reduce its per share divident by 11% nest time, he replied by suggesting a subject for this Blog.

My eyes are getting more lane and my typing less accurate week by week. Soon, I am going to have to close Cato's Depot.

Abd, Reg is a perfectly artuculate writer, so I am just going to reprint he
appraisal of our (The USA's) situation in September, 2012 .

And as I do so, I want to point out that this is why the Democrat Parrty and its nominee moved from a70,000 caqpacity Stadium to a 19,000 indoor venue for the Zero Speech.

They know !

Now, Here is Reg Grant:

Here is what I think. Right now our economy is down. It’s been down and is staying down. This keeps our countries’ revenues down.

Obama and his crew have done very little-to-nothing to get our economy growing.

Yet Obama and his crew have been busy with all sorts of social programs – ObamaCare being the leading one, but there are many more. And we are borrowing money to fund these programs at record amounts. This as we all know is financially imprudent. Bailing out General Motors so it could produce electri cars (The Volt) that had a 30-mile-per-recharge capacity is another "fr-instance". ( GM has canceled the Volt.)

When you have been in charge of budgets – whether a business or a family budget – you pay attention to getting your income up. And you pay for your necessities, then you go and buy luxuries – and that part of your income is called Discretionary income.

Many of these government entitlements are really "civic luxuries", but Obama and his gang are selling them as necessities. Yet they have not paid any attention to reducing them or realistically increasing revenue acroos the board.

Don’t we need to put the horse in front of the cart? I believe Romney will do this. We know that Obama will not do this since we now have a 4 year record to "prove" that assumption.

Well, I will not cavil. He's correct. We MUST cut close to the bone and shave some of the bone.

Electing the right people in the House of Representatives and the Senate is probably as important as who we elect president. Most peiople actually forget that ALL budgets MUST originate in the House.

As I close this Blog, I have a "*Flash*" that the United States has now dropped several more notches on the graph-chart of "International Competitiveness".

This will certainly further shrink the window of possibility regarding the saving and repristination of our Nation

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Style-Book Nonsense

Possibly, few but me will comsider this important, but here it is anyway.

If I attempted to fully "document" my complaint, this Cato Blog would contain nothing but "CLICK HERE" notices.

If I were referring to POLITICO or DEMOCRAT UNDERGROUND or MOVEON.ORG, this would be a Dog-bites-Man deal.

The usually unbiased "THE HILL" on Wednesday, in airing the pathetic White House apology to Dr. Charles Krauthammer, used the phrase "conservative columnist" to identify Dr. K.

Why not just WASHINGTON POST Columnist ????

And why does the press and most of the blogosphere universally refer to Rush Limbaugh before his name as "Conservative Talk host" ???

Does everyone in the wasteland, drive-by, Lamestream Media share the same rigid STYLEBOOK on "Identity journalism" ?

Have you ever seen Margaret Carlson, Eleanor Clift, Tom Friedman, E.I. Dionne, Paul Krugman or Eugene Robnson identifioed as "socialist" or "Liberal" columnists ?

Does Crissy Mathews, Al Sharpton, Ed Schultz, Rachel Maddow or (supply YOUR own un-favorite) provoke a description of "Obama enthusiast" or "progressive liberal writer / talker " ???

NO. Never ! They are referred to by employer-centered identification only.

I am not, of course, suggesting conspiracy here. The fact that the AssPress, WaPo, NYTimes, AJC, Chicago Tribune and LATimes along with the White House website, the prsident's press secretary / spokesman ALL do it the same way IS an indication of prejudice and bias dribbling from the same platform.

Do all these people think they are ALL-powerful and that they can bend the minds of their attentive consumers ?

And where did they get the concept that the word "CONSERVATIVE" is negative or dirty, anyway ?

Why from their college professors, of course. And like insects they live in a "Hive" and thrive on incest and cannibalism as such animals must.

Is this a small thing ?

When all civilization is in play?

You must grasp an opinion like a cactus. My nettle says NO...It's very Big.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Who Sees??? Or Hears???

There are major criminal activities going on at the highest levels of the present administration and both involve subversion and lie-mongering to cover up mischief.

The news media call it "leaking". I call it anti-American treason.

Someone in the White House has been, for the entire time of this administration, been sharing classified secret information with friendly media outlets. The New York Times has admitted routinely receiving special treatment and also confessed that it always gived cabinet level a firt-read and edit on all major political stories before printing them.

Many Washinton reporters have complained that the White House has "pets" and that AP, WaPo and MSNBC also are all in the tank as propagandists.

Now, a very circumspect democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) has begin to complain and criticize the "leaking".

Feinstein takes her position as chair of the Senate Intelligence Comittee on Intelligence very seriouly and does NOT view her job there as a political perk, but as a precious contract with the ALL Americans to protect them and the nation from international thugs and slaughtering terrorists.

This week she firmly chastized and warned the White House. She intimated that information given to papers and TV talking heads concerning the SEALS' killing binLaden has led to vengeful (fatal??) acts by foreign agents and provocateurs. American deaths have bee been traced to other "leaks".


When all Hell broke out in San Francisco after the Harvey Milk assassination, Feinstein, not yet a senator, spent months on a firing range with an instructor, learning all about all kinds of guns. She is one serious and responsible person, her PeeCee blindness to the contrary notwithstanding.

What I cannot understand is why none of the conservative pundits and political candidates have not broadcast the issue of spilling the intelligence and security information and beat the weasel, amoral and disloyal denizens of the White House about their ears with it.

Is this is incestuous bribing of news disseminators "transparency" of a "higher calling" ???

Senator Feinstein does not think so.

Neither do I.

It smells like "High Crimes and Misdemeanors" to me...maybe treason.

Break out the "I" word !

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Get This Straight ???

Lets lead off with a brand new "Lets-Get-This-Straight! moment.

A robber hits on a Kroger store. The store manager confronts him, shoots him and kills him. Kroger terminates the manager;s employment. The D.A. absolves him. When Kroger offers him the job back, he
yawns and flips them off.

But now, seven months later, the dead robber's mother is SUING Krogers for not enforcing an in-house rule ? STORY HERE

Why am I not surprised at this antic greed by an unbalanced client and her left wing shyster ?

In many ways, the world has come undone in ways it never did for Alice, the Mad Hatter, the Red Queen and Humpty-Dumpty.

Words and deeds and common sense are eerily out of whack.

The same day I picked this story up, Bulgaria identified the terrorist who tried to slaughter 40 Israeli Jewish tourists as a former "detainee" at Guantanamo Bay, released by wussie PeeCee attorneys.

And the president of the United States, moronically unaware that "small business" employs the great majority of those now out of work (11% to 14%in some states) stood before a crowd in Virginia and told them that if they owned a business, it was NOTof their doing. Someone else (in the GubMint???) "did that".

These things can happen only in a nation writhing in the coils of unnnatural allegiance to alien words and charts.

It took only three days for the likely voters of Virginia to get the message and flip out of the incumbent's column.

How about the rest of us? We have three months to recognize escape from an encroahing banal nihilistic cancer and return to Non-PeeCee common sense.

Monday, July 09, 2012

Border Bean Bag Ammo

US attorney general Eric Holder limply unsealed the identities of the criminals who killed border agent Brian Terry with guns they got from the American Bureau of Alcohol, Firearms and Tobacco agents' activity.

This was the first time they were identified.

It was also the first time the U.S. Government admitted Terry and other "elite" targets of the Mexican criminals' defended themselves with "beanbags"...non-lethal playtime ammunition.

The Fox News story said:

"For the first time, federal officials also revealed that Terry and an elite squad of federal agents initially fired bean bags -- not bullets -- at a heavily armed drug cartel crew in the mountains south of Tucson in December 2011. During the exchange, Terry was shot and killed. "

This appears, at first sight, to be a strange way for Holder to "cover his arse"or to move HIS deflated ball up or down the field.

Already found in criminal contempt of Congress for withholding documents subpoenaed, Holder is now being sued for disbarment in a D.C. court.

I hope this stink drags on at least until November 6. By that time, some larger portion of the whorish media may realize thia is a worse acandal than Watergate's burglary and that the cover-up is an evil, nasty and incestuous swamp of fetid conspiracy.

Thursday, July 05, 2012

Fresh Chit'lin' Sandwich

Anyone who has read many of these blogs on the Depot have learned that my favorite "Founding Father" was the brilliant warrior, legislator, diplomat and finally our defining Chief Justice, John Marshall of Virginia.

He halted every attempt to reinvent monarchy and collectivuism.

He was the guardian of federalism until the nation was well out of the grasp of mobocracy. He was VERY tough on lawyers, seduced every anti-Federalist jurist named to the court and ALWAYS surprised his friends and opponents with his cogent, pragmatic, insidious and soaring rhetorical logic.

To bathe in Marshall's glory, you mighht want to read "John Marshall, DEFINER of a Nation" by Jean Edward Smith, which stands as one of the three greatest biopgraphies ever writted about an American.

I mention my personal Hero because I thought of him when Chief Justice Jon Roberts handed down his healthcare decision.

It was a subtle, devastating decision, weakening the tyranny of the commerce clause, and branding the healthcare thrust for what it is, a mammoth tax-grab (enforced by doubling the corps of IRS agents).

This is the sort of craft Marshall used, time and again, to save the American Republic.

It was rare, indeed, when Mr. Justice Marshall failed to hand somebody a "poop sandwich".

One of our most brilliant writers of this age, Bob Tyrell, founder of the American Spectator, developed this theme in a recent essay. You can read that piece HERE .

All this is proof that Nancy Perlosi is not the only ignoramus who did not read the legislation, and that certainly includes all the silly conservatives who leaped to excoriate the Chief Justice as well as the moronic, cretinous leftwingers who went pottymouthed to vent baseless venom.

It would appear that Mr. Justice Roberts actually READ the law.

Thank the Lord, Tyrell read the opinion as I did. And I had to magnify the type 14 times on this screen.

As Tyrrel says, weakening the commerce clause and its chimerical evil may be the greatest gift the court has given this nation in decades.

The implications are breathtaking for conservative thinking.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

It's The Cover-Up, STUPID !!!

This is, I suppose, the end of an "affair" for me.

When major news wires, papers and the alphabet TV outlets failed to cover the scandalous "Fast and Furious" story of mrders galore and U.S. Border Guard Brian Terry's slaughter in particular, the Depot took ip the gauntlet.

For 17 months we have revealed all thet Senator Chuck Grassley and Congressman Darrel Issa have been able to substantiate about the fatal government gunrunning of weapons.

The Bureau of Alcohol Tax and Firearms (and Explosives) was created in the Justice department to enforce gun and booze laws. In the F&F caper the BATFE was trying to turn American Public opinion away from upholding the second Bill Of Rights amentment by scattering automatic weapons into evil hands.

Now, as I type, the president of the United States has asserted "Executive Privilege" to withhold from Congress documents he claims never to have seen.

This is designed to protect his attorney general, Eric Holder, who has been stonewalling a subpoena calling for the 1,700 pages.

Congressman Issa's Oversight and Reform committe is poised to hold attorney General Holder in contempt of Congress. As I publish this Blog, the committee is "in recess" because of lack of a quorum.

Are the democrat members boycotting the meeting as the democrat lawmakers did in Wisconsin? (Much to their rue and despair !)

You will know soon, and if you care, you will follow and comment publicly on this story.

Even if the full Hoise of representatives were to vote to hold Holder in Contempt, the U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia would have to arrest, charge and try Holder.

And, of course, this D.C. attorney works for Holder.

This will be this corner's last word, I think, on this:

You cannot cover up blatant criminality or excrement for any appreciable length of time. These people are now dangling at the end of their rope.

Depending on the ferocity of the media's treachery, of couse and whether we can force them to their rightful task.

Friday, June 08, 2012

More Than "Tone Deaf"---LOST

We knew that President Obama was in for a tough June.

SCOTUS has yet to rule on Obamacare OR The administration's ( Eric Holder's) suit against Arizona.

But THIS is ridiculous ! He's giving every indication he;s gone back to the Ganja Bong to serenade his scraggly arriogant nerves.

First he and his aides claimed that Wiscionsin Governor Scott Walker's 7-point landslide victory over the recall thugs "is a good sign" for the November election.

Then, he called a press conference to announce that "the private sector is doing fine!!!".

Within an hour, he was saying he did not mean that...that what he meant was that the private economy is doing better than the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees union hiring is doing. But the private sector is good....

Within a quarter of an hour Mitt Romney, in Council Bluffs IOWA, went down the list and litany of job losses that keep piling up. (We are now in the minus-four-million neighborhood, compared with 2009 !!!

Next, today, Obama defied reports that "anyone in my White House" could, or would "possibly leak classified information" to any media. He did not name the New York Times.

Along comes a serious congressional memo that references at least TWO cases where The Old Grey Lady has announced a source for sensational security-sensitive stories traced to President Obama's aides or White House sources. STORY HERE !

The memo honestly reflects the reaction of any reasonable person: "Either the president or The New York Times is wrong (LYING).

He is definitely NOT improving his "JUNE".

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Some very smart and cautious people don't pay any attention to polls until the week before election day.

Others of us---political junkies all---cannot leave a poll unread or undiscussed. But I contend that setting limits and boundaries can legitimize even the most warped and biased public opinion sampling revelatory.

For instance, some polls require only that the sample have a warm "adult" body.

The better, more professional surveys limit their queries to voters, and even refine that characterization down to "likely voters". Scott Rasmussen's inquiries like the Mills of the Gpds, grind "exceeding fine".

Rasmussen very rarely accounts for responses from less than 1000 people, always made up of what I call "habitual voters" who have exercised their franchise in the immediately past national, state, local or municipal election--- whichever is nearest past.

No other pollster that I know of cuts it this fine.

But some polls deserve the growing disdain of the consumer.

Here's an example why:

The last national election in the United States (2010) , for the first time in years showed an almost even turnout split between the GOP and the democrat party in participation by party-of-choice--35% and 35% and 18% "independent".

But here in 2012, all of the pollsters except Scott Rasmussen, when forced to reveal their "internals", indicate that they are still "weighting" their sampling percentages on the basis of the 2008 national election, which broke 37%-25% in favor of the democratic party by self-identification.

That is akin to giving an athlete a 12 yard (or meter) head start in the 100 sprint.

At the very least it would make any "margin of error" completely meaningless.

I'm addicted to this sort of information. I'm sure most people don't go this far.

But a great Atlanta homicide detective of the 1950s, Louie Hawse, abjured me to obey one rule in any investigative reporting ---or research--- that I attempted.

"Look under the rock, Bill," the would wheeze.

"Then, after you looked under the rock, turnover the rock underneath the rock and look THERE ! And then....."

Well, you get the idea.

But I'm sure most people will just wag heads at polling results, or maybe even just wait until after the October surprise to begin reading the polls.

There is plenty of entertainment around. You might even buy some FACEBOOK stock.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Let’s pretend !

Let’s just say that you and I are partners in a Wonder Widget factory. We need people to assemble widgets which are intricate and more complicated than run-of-the-mill widgets.

Neither the local high school or the local technical school produces experienced widget makers. Therefore we must train every one of our employees in dexterous manipulation to produce our Wonder Widgets !

Since our investment in this training of our would-be employees is all expense and no immediate return in added value, which of two "courses" will we take?

(1) Require that our fledgling assemblers learn (through trial-and-error)about the invention of, purpose of and salient features of our Wonder Widget, and many repetitions by the embryonic workers in the assembly of our Wonder Widget.


(2) Require that each and every hopeful employee develop a deep sense of Self-Esteem and Empowerment toward "self-actualization".

One of these pathways is fatal for both the production of Wonder Widgets and any "Learning".

My point here is that as a society we spend billions of dollars every day to prepare people for survival in a life struggle where even communist nations compete on the basis of free market enterprise.

And we have ceased to recognize that our most valuable attitude has mostly always been that we learn our best lessons by being brought up short and having our noses pressed and rubbed into our mistakes, without regard to our prideful "self-esteem".

This was brought home to me this week when I learned that educators in Florida had a typically LIBRUHL answer to a steep plunge in SAT Test writing / reading scores:

They Lowered the Bar ! Diluted the requirements !

This is what colleges of education teach—have taught for three decades.

Maybe they "mean well".

But several giant steps away from Maslow (patron saint of the lazy teacher) and a turn toward the education philosophy of Richard Feynman or Alfred North Whitehead would be a good start.

For those of you who have children or grandchildren who are being fatally abused in a school wherer Johnny can’t read, getting "Hooked on Phonics" is a good start.

After all is said and done, it’s a matter of vitality and responsibility and accountability.

Lazy teachers and lazy journalists will be the death of all of us unless the cracks and faults are sealed by people who want more and care more.

Of course, there is the caveat that this opinin is less imporant becaue it is offrered by an octogenarian-plus.

One who can remember the first and last name and idiosyncratic prejuices of evey teacher from first grade through all graduae school. They werer ALL Free Spirits; none of them gave any credit for my arogant self esteem !

Monday, May 07, 2012

The B.B. CYA President


Nobody will EVER hear about this. Frantic efforts are afoot to expunge it from the Internet.

You cannot find it on any website except Daily Caller and Free Republic as this Blog is composed.

But a former high governemt official is saying that Pesident Obama had a Cover-My-Arse memo blamong ineopt military in case the capture / assasination attempt on Osama in Laden failed. CLICK HERE !

Seems a lot of complicated nonsense involving cretinous Jay Carney and Jo Biden to me.

Why not just blame Bush ?? Same ole Sae ole.

And we already know that the Pak hideout of the terrorist mastermind had been bullseyed for more tan six months !

What a perilous "gutsy call" indeed.

Now, the "football" has REALLY been spiked.

Don't you just love it when a sleazy, low-class juvenile endeavor collapses in ruin ?

This sort of comeuppance is betterthan a triple-twisted Espresso with marshmellow syrup.

Friday, May 04, 2012


All the recent revelations about our president’s “compressed” or “composite” college girlfriends and the true identity of the “uncle Frank” of his memoirs (a communist poet, lover of his mother’s) are more than titillating.

Since the White House has ABOLISHED the hallowed PRESS CONFERENCE, (SEE THIS) these splatterings of fake garbage are our daily fare.

They are very revealing. “Fibbing”, which was called lying in the admonitions of my maturation, seems to come as second nature to this man.

Or maybe it was the Weatherman-Underground terrorist bomber Bill Ayers, accused of ghostwriting Obama’s memoirs who did all the fabricating. But take a look at this:

How the obvious effort at magnified smirking to rally all the “yoots” to his cohort crowd, PrezBarry has admitted to being a pothead / coke head “in the past”.

As one who spent a quarter-century as a degreed and credentialed professional anti-addiction therapist, it is strange that he is probably the only head of state on earth never to have been questioned by any member of the press, radio or television media on the subject of his drug use.

Does this bother you?

And if you and I confronted him on his snarky trap laid for youngsters, would we be bothered if he or Kook Carney defended his admission to drug use as being “just kidding” or, indeed, “stretching the truth” = “Fibbing”= “Lying”.

This is surely Barry in Wonderland—and NOT Lewis Carroll child fiction!

It must be contagious, because his attorney general, Eric Holder obviously does not believe that he can be held in contempt of Congress for withholding subpoenaed documents concerning "Fast and Furious" fatalities and illegalities.

What is absolutely confounding to me is that there are apparently literate people who still approve of all these linguistic acrobatics, contortions, obfuscations and falsehoods supported by a totally sycophantic Drive-By media that has to fire somebody almost daily for letting the conspiratorial cat out of the bag.

This faux drama is keeping me alive. I can’t wait to see what kind of crap sandwich the American people will be served tomorrow— and even better— how avidly they lick their lips.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Worse than Wretched

ALERT:  As we post this, the National Journal  is
peporting that the Obama-Hilary State Department is stating that "THE WAR ON TERROR IS OVER !  It goes on to say all the al Quaeda are  all dead.

Does This  mean Homeland Security and TSA "Feeling Up" and "Patting Down" will be halted ?

Back in the dear old dead days of the Cold War that was a great underground joke in the Soviet Union that went like this:

“There is no Pravda in Izvestiya and no Izvestiya in Pravda !!!”

Pravda was the communist party official organ and the name translates as TRUTH.

Izvestiya was the official Soviet news agency and the name translates as NEWS.

Thus, in Red Russia, there was no truth in news and no news in truth.

Now, where do we stand on these two important salients of media responsibility in the USA today? (No pun intended.)

In fact we are so accustomed to newsrag and television High Botchery in recent days and years that most of the formerly great newspapers have about have the circulation they enjoyed 10-15 years ago. They are all in the red financially, and folding faster than diapers in an OB hospital.

NBC recently could count less than 3 million viewers for a special that included plaudits for the present national administration and only two million for its nightly news.

Just five years ago, NBC averaged 10-11 million every night.

The other two networks have been caught doctoring videos and cherry picking reports in a malign fashion.

When evidence which was available at the time of the network skulduggery was splashed across the Internet, the TV network led all of its newscasts immediately with the refutation.

I predict there is still out of multimillions in damages when the time comes.

What bothers me– as a former ink stained wretch of the fourth estate, is that the 150 million sane and reasonable citizens of the USA do not take to the streets about this vicious malpractice on the part of the media. The repeated insult to the intelligence of a citizen by these brainwashed collectivist talking heads and plagiarists.

They are all guilty of rape of a million minds.

Do you care ?

Monday, March 26, 2012

"IF THIS BE TREASON...Pin it on Him !!!

If it were some dedicated Right-Wing Zealot reporting treachery by our president, I would not trumpet it.

But this reporrt, by Obama's Lapdog Outlet, POLITICO, that the president promised the Russian despots he would dismantle the SDI missile shield WHEN he is re-elected, stirred my blood.SEE STORY HERE. ABC NEWS VIDEO HERE.

If it were not so terrifying, it would be laughable.

Ronald Reagan first dreamed of, THEN brought into being a shield the "invention" of which Teddy Kennedy and other sham-Americans deried as "Star Wars".

The fact that it became a reality still rankles the socialist and communist anti-Americans among us.

The developement of the SDI shieold had great ramifications in the breakup of the old Soviet Union hegemony over Eastern Europe. Subsequently, Poland, the Czech Republic, Romania, Hungary all were given protection from Russian bullying.

Vladmir Putin and Medvedev have consistently hammered and threatened America, DEMANDING an end to the SDI shield in Eatern Europe.

Now, the president of the United States has been "caught" on live microphone and camera promising to ditch the shield "AFTER" he is re-elected.

And his MAIN MEN,the sycophants at POLITICO, blow the whistle on him.

It's almost too good to be true.

Did I hear the "I" word again ?

Friday, March 23, 2012

Hollering "FIRE" in an Empty Nation...

I grew up hating all the race-baiting hloody-shirt wavers in the South.

As a child, they scared me. As a grown man I abhorred them and fought them in elections from the county up to the U.S. Senate.

But I never expected to see the president of the United States lighting the torches of racism, and urging disruption and anarchy.

It is much like setting a bonfire alight in a gasoline station.

Which reminds me....What have Obama, Sharpton, Jackson, the Panthers and Farrakhan had to say about the two black thugs who set a 12 year old white child on fire on a Missouri fromt porch as he sought safety ?

CLICK HERE for a video and story about the immolation ! That's in case the media has suppressed or censored the story in your area.

There has been no closure to the investigation of the Zimmerman--Martin fatal shooting in Sanford, Florida. Grand Jury convenes April 11.

But a hunk of the population is ready to set all of America ablaze even though no one really knows exactly what happened in Sanford.

Early clues pointed to a wrestling match in grass or on the ground. Then, some said the shooter, Zimmerman faked evidence.

Now, we will probably never know, if the Martin shooting WAS second degree murder as legal beagle Neal Bootz says.

It is quicker and more exciting to set everything on fire.

Saturday Morning, March 24 UPDATE:

Miami Herald says Zimmerman has been a heroic figure in detainiong robbers and burglars in the past. A police witness who made the 9-11 call says Martin attacked Zimmerman, and was "on top of him" when police were summoned. Martin's father told police that the screams for help on the 9-11 tape were not his son's voice.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Proof Fatal Gun-Run Was Holder Obsession

Everyone does not remember that Eric Holder has been around in the Justice Department since the days when Janet Reno and General Wesley Walker slaughtered David Koresh and his Branch Danidians near Waco, Texas.

But he was a U.S. attorney in those days, and as far back as those 1990's he was skulking around plotting ways to take away legally puchased and owned firearms from United States citizens.

In a video unearthed by Tucker Carlson's DAILY CALLER, you can see our (now) Attorney General exhorting lawmakers and others to brainwash all Americans against guns the way they have been brainwashed against cogarettes.CLICK HERE .

You may not remember that President Barrack Obama, just after he was inaugurated, tried to soothe the anti-gun, anti-second amendment ignorants by saying he had a secret plan to restrict gun ownership that wopuld sweep the nation.

Many observers of the murderous "Fast and Furious" gun running in Southern border states by the Bureau of Alcohol Tax and Firearms , have harkened back to that promise.

Many believe the F & F conspiracy was designed to spill enough blood brainwash Americans into anti-gun mode just as Holder promised nearly 20 years ago.

It is very important that somebody watch these
subverters of the Constitution and Bill of Rights ALL the time. Backwards as well as forward in time.

Thank you, Tucker Carlson. Thank you Daily Caller.

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Shameless Racist Bungler

We can now---if we discard the insanity theory---only surmise that President B.H. Obama's Attorney General is an arrogant, shamlessly racist provocateur.

He has just now named to the thind highest position in the Justice Department, another black man whose career has been the defense of Muslim terrorists, and other enemies of the American people, including John Lindh, the "American Taliban" now serving 18 years when he should have been shot by the military as a traitor.CLICK HERE.

Eric Holder has repeatedly evaded coming clean with Congressman Darrel Issa and Senator Chuck Grassley about when he first knew about the "Fast and Furious" gun-muggling that killed many, including one American border officer.

Holder has been accused of planning to use all the blood that flowed from his BATF wholesale dissemination of automatic arms to turn the American people against gun ownership and "carry" laws.

It failed. And, coincidenbtally, Canada has taken an enligtened and popular step toward ending "long-gun" hunting ars registration.

The tide of freedom on this continent is running against the anti-gun froth of Holder and his boss and the devious National Socialist conmspiracy afoot in the U.S.A.

Maybe I am wrong about Holder. Maybe he just wants to finish out his time at DoJ answering Crongress' investigations in the hot seat.

One thing is certain, Holder is as blind as the second monkey and as politically tone-deaf as any cabinet member in memory.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Food Police II

You probably mostly laughed about the North Caolina school administrators in one "isolated" case of confiscating a salami sandwich and giving the child greasy McNNuggets in its stead.

But, if Obmacare stands as settled Law in the United States, and the sheeple bow down to EPIC committees deciding what meds and what treatment they may and may not have instead of physicians...then the stage is set.

There are bureaucrats just slavering at their mouths, with properly bated breath, just waiting to pounce on you and take away your Fritos and replace them with unsweetened oateal squares.

One right winger in Florida's legislature has already gotten into the act, introducing a bill that would diaallow, by statute, the exchanmge of food stamps for Oreos, Coca-Cola or any other such goodies.

They are just biding their time, awaiting Michelle Obama's GO! signal.

Time is "ripe". Washington has just about got the whole citizenry "conditioned" and timid.CLICK HERE!

You can stop this....ALL of this, by electing U.S. Senators and House members opposed to the intrusions of the Obamacare Health-Police-Death-Panels and the Food Police-in-Waiting.

It is going to take a whole lotta voting in November!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Same Old Same Old BO

This won't take long.

The outcry and backlash against what the Obama administration would have you believe is a "contraception" issue, and which the whorish media in lockstep lays at the feet of "Christians-Gone-Wild" has nothing to do with contraception in principle.

The solid bloc of opposition Obama uncovered with his "mandate" that everyone must have access to contraception, is a solid opposition to Tyrrany. We ALL became "Catholics".

Obama and his HHS secretary Sibelius have not iterated any policy or regulation that would contradict or restrict Muslim Sharia Law, now, have they ? Has any part or portion of Obama's power elite done anything to rustle the feathers of CAIR and other Muslim leaders?

No. Quite the opposite. This administration has constantly and (excuse the joke) religiously kissed the bums of Islam. Check it out.

Similarly, Obama has short-chanmged ALL of America in halting the XL Keystone oil poipline which would have delivered copious amounts of Canadian crude oil to refineries on the Gilf coast. SEE THIS

In THIS decision, he is pandering to his long-past disestablished "Greenies" who believe there are no sunspots and that man driving his auto is causing Global Warming, when sophisticated peer-reviewd science says THIS recent natural cycle of warming ended in 1997.

Voters later this year need to know that Obama and his sycophants in the Media are misleading them on these two important events.

Invading church strictures, whether it is Baotist, Mormon or Roman Catholic, is NOT the purview of the U.S. Commander-in-Chief. It presages National Socialist dictatorship.

And squeezing shut an avenue to more crude oil for America in the age of $5 gasoline and the $50,000 electric car that gets 25 miles a charge.. is...what?

"If it be Treason, make the most of it". (Patrick Henry, in 1773.


Friday, February 17, 2012

Hokum at West Hoke

Michelle Obama holds no elected office. But her slavering Food Police are proliferating invasively .

With the sure knowledge that a five-year-old child is not likely to "rock the boat", these avid National Socislists are taking over the diets of many pre-schoolers and kindergarteners and directing them from their parents' prepared lunches to the GUBMINT cafeteria "for a fee".

In a North Carolna elementary School, (West Hoke) it is apparently routinefor "officials" to deny the children access to theirparent-prepared food and detour them to onsite lunchrooms.Click HERE!

This is another demonstration of creeping Tyrrany executed in the name of Nannyism.

Certainly there ARE children who do not get a full-spectrum of food=groups and vitamin-rich morsels in their lunhboxzes.

But confiscation and redirection is NOT an option.

Just as the family and student should have a choice in the site of theor schooling / education, they surely have a choice to eat bannas and peanut butter or salami and cheddar for lunch if that's what their PARENTS provide.

As an ancient observer, I remebr the Fascist attitude in Germany and Italy that "The People Do Not Know What's Best for Them!!! The Party-State Does!!!"

Oh, it's just a little thing; some say.

But I remember when....First they came for the teachers and professors, then they came for the children, then they came for the Catholics and Jews . Then they came for.....ME!"

Creepy and insatiably hungry is what it is...before anyone kows it, they're done.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Our Victory Keystone

It has bothered me for some time that no one has raised Hell about the President killing the Keystone Pipeline.

Designed to transport the monstrous motherlode of oil-bearing sands and shale from western Canada to refineries on our Gulf Coast, the pipeline was originally approved by Hillary Clinton's State Department. Studies revealed no significant environmental threats inherent.

Then, precipitously, seemingly peevishly, without any announced justification, the Obama Administration blocked the construction of the pipeline.

In a current TownHall column, John Ransom tallied that the pipeline would mean 10 MILLION new jopbs and $15 TRILLION injected into the eomomy. READ THIS

If I were King of The Universe, every speaker at CPAC and every candidate opposing a Democrat candidate for ANY office this year would demand an answer to this question:

Is this action deliberately AIMED at the destruction of America ?

Like, for instance the crippling takleover of General Mortors and the subsequent wild-eyed production of the VOLT, a vehicle that catches fire without warning and will not travel 25 miles on a "charge"?

Or releasing alien terrorists who threaten to reveal secrets about BATF gun-running ?

Or flooding "Occupy" thugs with federal support and money?

Not just an annoyed presidential candidate, but hundreds and thousands of very vocal citizens will be asking what is really afoot here ?

And..WHAT is the FINAL GOAL of left wing liberals and this president?

There's a pile of evidence that points toward betrayal.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday, Feb. 10... A GLORY Day

It's possible I am the only one...BUT I am making February Tenth my personal Freedom-Glory-Day.

It is the day thatm in the words of Mike Hucjabee and other Baptists, Jews, Mormons, Bahai, Hindus and Buddhists "We all became "Catholics" !

And the arrogant, unfeeling, autocratic president of the United States took a well needed thumping from people who have actually READ the Constitution of the United States with reverence.

Making "mandatory" health and reproductive rules for the 310 million citizens in this nation is NOT the purview of the government. Especially when the rules counter personal Faith.

The man in the White House is one of a number of officials in U.S. history who have believed our constitution is disposable. Thomas Jefferson, who was in Paris when it was adopted, often said the Constitution should be replaced every 10 years. Had Chief Justice John Marshall not come along, the radicals might have managed that and aborted "Man's Last, Best Hope" in its gestatory period.

Radicals still want to do this. Even SCOTUS Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is itchy about it.

But on Friday, February 10, Obama hollered "calf's rope" and backed away from Tyranny nd what might have become his impeachment.

And, on the same day, my favorite subtle actor who can be wistfully funny as well as hilarious, Bill Murray, got VERY serious. (Video HERE )

The star of Groundhog Day and Caddyshack told a CNBC interviewer that the people of the United States could be...SHOULD BE...more personally responsible.

He said he realized there were always people who needed help, but that the women who bent their bodies and burst their hearts pushing wagon wheels over the muddy Rocky Mountain passes were the true symbols of America, and their success in setting and reaching goals is the template for American responsibility of Spirit.

So, we have another "Freedom Fighter "going public with the simple message of "have-a-goal-and-be-personally-responsible" for reaching it.

Murray will catch Hell from Hollywod's Socialist Hive, but so did Ronald Reagan.

Others whose colleages disdaned them for voicing such sentiments incluse Pope John Paul II, and Adam Smith andAlexander Hamilton and John Adams, (the two non-slave owners among the Foundung Fathers.)

People who attend history are usually uniquely respnsible for what they sayand do. Hail February 10 !

Monday, February 06, 2012

Seduced by the Stupid

It is disheartening to see people falling for the same whoring lies and misleading stories that set these clowns up in business in D.C. four years ago.

Evasions by the White House and the attorney general about an ATF whoopee gang bang that led to a US border guard's death has finally hit the "mainstram" after a year of obfuscation and outright lying.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics so fogs and buries the truth about unemployment that it takes the Congressional Budget Office to come up with the REAL figure of 11%.

And, right there in the small print of the BLS pdf printout is the glaring fact that there aremore than two million more people without jobs than there were in January of 2009, when Obama was inaugurated.

The alphabet TV sycophants hide the truth and froth at the mouth about the "light at the end of the tunnel".

That light may be an Iranian nuclear bomb. But it is NOT jobs.

But the behavior of the talking heads is of a subgrade quality that reminds me of the sweet dimwit female person who demonstrated horror one night when she said that police were brutalizing the African Americans, chasing them with clubs, stun guns and gas...and she showed corroboartive film.

But the police were Parisian gendarmes on the Rue de Berri, in the City of Light and the people they were chasing were Tunisian or Algerian persons of color.

That's when I stopped using the term thatwas born in the 1980's.

If we progress any further with our PeeCee daintiness, we will see the CNN and MSNBC liberal-locked-lip girls and boys referring to African-Virginians,or African-Illini.

What do they do when the victims of oppresion and minions of wealth envy are Jamaicans or Haitians??

It's all the same to these stupid people. It's class warfare, and they are taking their Saville Row and Roman Silk suits to the side of the smelly who vomit wherever they are protesting and move on.

And YOU are going to be LED by them and what they say ?

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

SCOTUS Hands Holder & 0 EPIC FAIL !

In case your local fish wrapper hid the story on page 17 below the fold and your local perky leftwing TV screecher also deep-sixed it, how about the Supreme Court UNANIMOUSLY slapping down the latest power grab by the frothy mouthed attorney general, Eric Holder and his boss.

The point at issue was whether a church or congregation could fire a minster.

Holder and Obama said it was "unfair"---the usual wussie whine.

Chief Justice John Roberts, supported without cavil by the other eight justices, introduced blind racist Eric Holder to the Bill of Rights and the U.S. Constitution...which Holder has been using like you and I would use Charmin since he's been at Justice.

My question is, when a Roman Catholic hospital like St. Joseph's in Atlanta or St. Vincents in Jacksonville...OR a Jewish hospital like Mt. Sinai in New York...OR any Baptist hospital... refuses to perform abortion, under Obamacare, will they be shut down ? Can Obamacare "trump" the U.S. Constitution the way Holder and Obama and the communist Hive in media an government believe ?

It's an interesting concept isn't it ?

We are pleased to bring it to your attention.

We just cannot get over that UNANIMOUS opinion. Ominous for Zero.