Wednesday, June 20, 2012

It's The Cover-Up, STUPID !!!

This is, I suppose, the end of an "affair" for me.

When major news wires, papers and the alphabet TV outlets failed to cover the scandalous "Fast and Furious" story of mrders galore and U.S. Border Guard Brian Terry's slaughter in particular, the Depot took ip the gauntlet.

For 17 months we have revealed all thet Senator Chuck Grassley and Congressman Darrel Issa have been able to substantiate about the fatal government gunrunning of weapons.

The Bureau of Alcohol Tax and Firearms (and Explosives) was created in the Justice department to enforce gun and booze laws. In the F&F caper the BATFE was trying to turn American Public opinion away from upholding the second Bill Of Rights amentment by scattering automatic weapons into evil hands.

Now, as I type, the president of the United States has asserted "Executive Privilege" to withhold from Congress documents he claims never to have seen.

This is designed to protect his attorney general, Eric Holder, who has been stonewalling a subpoena calling for the 1,700 pages.

Congressman Issa's Oversight and Reform committe is poised to hold attorney General Holder in contempt of Congress. As I publish this Blog, the committee is "in recess" because of lack of a quorum.

Are the democrat members boycotting the meeting as the democrat lawmakers did in Wisconsin? (Much to their rue and despair !)

You will know soon, and if you care, you will follow and comment publicly on this story.

Even if the full Hoise of representatives were to vote to hold Holder in Contempt, the U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia would have to arrest, charge and try Holder.

And, of course, this D.C. attorney works for Holder.

This will be this corner's last word, I think, on this:

You cannot cover up blatant criminality or excrement for any appreciable length of time. These people are now dangling at the end of their rope.

Depending on the ferocity of the media's treachery, of couse and whether we can force them to their rightful task.



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