Friday, October 08, 2010

H'ors du Combat

We see by both Chicago fish wrappers and the Ass Press that our annointed Jackass has predicted "Hand-to-Hand Combat" if conservatives replace Dhimmies in either House of Congress.

Just what he means by this, YOU probably have a clearer idea than he has.

With a job approval rating of 42%, according to historically Democratic party-biased Gallup in Princeton; and with a TRUE unemployment rate of more than 10% according to the same friendly source, Gallup, he is stirring up a fist fight.

Is this to pardon and support the kind of activity the New Black Panthers and Louis Farrakhan call for?

Hyperbole is ONE thing. We are accustomed to having all the ills besetting us blamed on an execitive administration that has been out of legislative power for four years in Washington.

We are used to the mainstream media covering up for the sleaze and fraud of the Barney Frank and Chris Dodd playhouse.
Indeed, those vulgar creeps are the ones who delivered Democrats into their tornadic decline, under the leadership of Harry Reid in the Senate and Nancy Pelosi in the House.

But threating the people of the United States and opposition candidates with
"Hand-to-hand-combat" on the floor of the National legislature????

That's kinda heavy handed---if not, indeed suicidal--- even for a Chicago Thug.

Three more weeks of this, and there will not be enough Dems in either house for a crooked poker game.

Or a shot at Three-Card-Monte.