Monday, October 31, 2016


A tableau of CNN's Wolf  Blitzer  whining that he and his younger reporters are being disrespected and "picked-on" by political followers of Donald Trump and pleading with campaign overseers to  protect journalists from falsehoods and threats is just so beautiful that we can hardly stand it !  

As a matter of fact, a brief and cursory recall of the behavior of  Blitzer's  alleged news 

conduit for the past year and a half should  actually provoke more genuine belly laughs than a replay of the last great ventriloquist-and-dummy act.

When every arm of print and TV media has not just bent, but broken faith with people who pay their  bills, and done so to such an extent that their practices have begun to provoke giggles between camera operators and citizens, it is really some sort of 

tour de coup to hear one of the prominent  dissemblers   begging someone not to "hurt his feelings !"

Hurt feelings ??!!  Let's apprise poor Blitzer and all his ilk that it is a foundation of psychological thought that no one can "get his/her  feelings hurt without participating. That is by giving tacit permission and encouragement.

These label-lovers had an 18 month feeding frenzy in which they have twisted jokes into life-threatening "dark" speech and exhibited more craftsmanship in labeling opponents of the Clinton Cash- and-Catastrophe machine as "Hitlers",  "beasts",  "monsters" and "clowns".

Now they cry foul when someone sees through their transparent evil intent and nails them with facts.

They want a sharp lady , Kellyanne Conway, to stop an increasing  horde of American citizens from yelling truth and powerful opinion in their faces.

Having been willing conspirator in the staging and filming of "violence" at the political rallies of their hated target, these incompetent and sometimes illiterate pseudo-journalists now want the target of their animus to silence criticism engulfing  them from everywhere.

It is to chortle if not to vomit.

The story of the media with "hurt feelings" is H E R E.

Maybe what these subversive skewers of fact need is the lesson they are getting from a constitutionally protected free people.

From nine decades of life, I can dredge up a vision of Al Jolson.

You are familiar with the fact that the big star performer always is second-last on the theater bill. Once upon a time, Enrico Caruso, who was probably greater in every way than Luciano Pavarotti, did his thing with the Pagliacchi aria, and a couple of curtain calls during which strong grown men cried and women sighed. When it was over, there was no 

rustling in the proscenium. Maybe  there were a couple of silent "beats" before Jolson marched  to center stage from the wings. In his inimitable embrace of everyone in the audience with an inspired  pose of both arms extended in love, in a voice heard at the farthest reach of the theater:

"You ain't heard nuthin' yet !"  Then he delivered... In Spades, as we old-timers are wont to say.

I hope that's what Kellyanne Conway  told CNN's pygmy Blitzer.