Friday, October 09, 2015


We decided to just let loose this week and tear up the tater patch as James Thurber said, without  doing any fancy directions to stories from other sources and URLs.

The reason is that my hide is itching at the bombardment of nonsensical unintended consequences piling up but being hidden by cynical and probably corrupt collectivist conduits of information.

Back when everyone was so excited about electric cars, some commonsensical Hayseed on a Nebraska farm was dismissed when he asked where the electricity
to run the electric cars was gonna come from: "Where will we plug-in instead of "fill up"? And other Rubes and Hayseeds were so impolite as to ask the
orgasmic greenies how the electricity would be produced without producing more so-called "greenhouse gases".

The greenies all assured us that WIND POWER would do the trick.

Now we know, from the great experiment in Denmark (the nation most dependent on "wind farms") that their maintenance and even the existence costs more than they produce in power.

As an aside, Denmark also invited mass migration of middle Eastern folk to "bolster" the Danish workforce.  And... Er... Um...Ah.. How is that working out
pray tell ?  Let's just say Hamlet never endured this kind of melancholy.

As a matter of fact, the Danish Parliament has done a full  reset on the ugly destructive wind farms... And there is a premium on the price of the beloved Tesla battery cars that will increase their cost to 180% of their present cost.

The effect of all this new information is twofold. First, media liars besotten with anything "green" and who have already disqualified themselves as reporters by
not telling the world that the "global warming" they love to blame on humans, has been "dormant"-- that is, stopped--- fur 13 or 18 years depending on whether
you're  looking at satellite records or icecap measurements.

Second, a lot of people will be doing rigorous thought-checking (not to be confused with scam-lie-factoid-checking of which there has been none to speak of  since Ben Bradlee turned loose Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein in the bowels of the DC parking lots.

Then of course, one looks around with somewhat the same wild surmise that fell upon the explorers who first glimpsed the Pacific Ocean and sees...What ?

For one thing, an absence of THINKING and an abundance of FEELING...or WISHING. Stop and consider for a moment. How long has the United States of America been governed by a methodology that places wishing and hoping above arithmetic  and cognitive activity before committing $14 trillion of our children's (and their children's children's) wealth on many fantasies and sewers. The majority of those who construct "Conventional Wisdom" base it ALL on "OH, If I WANT it to happen hard enough and if  I  LIE eough, it WILL BE !

We are spoiled to believe that we have access to Dorothy Gale's red shoes that we can click together and make it happen...IT being as concrete as a marijuana

But don't let meget started on that...

The ideas and activities that produced the greatness that once was "the shining city on a hill" whether you saw it or not, was hard work, dependability,
consistency, trust and traditional lawful behavior by a vast majority.
All this required thought and some empathy and compassion of course, but above all, the celebration of free thought-- earnest cognitive activity-- paid off
handsomely at every tier of effort and reward.

If anybody is doing any "tough"  thinking nowadays, he or she is dismissed and smirked  about in the lockstep media and you never hear of them without hearing also some smear on their social attitudes or their religious faith. Not everything that's grist for thought and planning can be relegated to a label.

As Robert Browning said (about thought):
"A man's reach should exceed his grasp ! Or what's a Heaven for ?!"

That kind of dynamism doesn't pause or cringe at the threat that somebody's "feelings" might be hurt or offended !

And, all colors and continents of people actually survive and grope upward because they learn how to think by making mistakes and finding that thought can
heal and absolve as well as poduce Tomorrows.