Thursday, October 04, 2012

The BIG Losers

Ernest Hemingway  wrote eloquently  about the Mfisi---Hyena---that, when punctired in the belly by a bullet or an enemy's bite, would gnaw and digest its own intestines.

You can look for the "legacy" media to begin this operation, along with vengeful hate-crime attacks on the tormentor who broughjt them low---Mitt Romney.

For, it IS the New York Times, the Associated Press, the Washington Post and all their toadies in the alphabet TV  networks who were exposed as traducers, liars and corrupt  conspirators Wednesday night  when Romney stripped "The One"  nekkid and with him, the depravity of most American "journalists".

Mind you, they will NOT melt likler snails in salt.  Not All of them.

They will consult new "talking points" and they will set out  to avenge the wounds meted out to their darling.

 Will you allow them to try this with impunity ?

Just picture the average independent or undecided voter in his chair before the TV set. (There had to be nearly 20 million "undecideds" watching.  What did they think?

"Who is this bright fellow dismantling the sitting president of my United States ?  Surely he is not the Ogre from a cult.  He is obviously not a slavering cannibal who mistreats wives, daughters and dogs. He has made no "gaffes"---quite to the contrary, he is really concernmed about why the president cut Medicare by $716 billion.  He wants to know where that money went.

So do I.

This very polite and civil man asks about the multiple billions of tax dollars given to so called  ."Green Energy" .companies that went into the toilet as soon as the "sponsors" skimmed  the cream. (Democrat donors ?) 

This is not the wild eyed robber baron all the slobbering MSNBC  people described.  This is not who Klugman, Keller and Klein  painted for me.

Have I been  lied to, altogether ?  Or did the dastardly Republ;icans Photoshop a Hologram and send it to the debate ?

So, just like when Little Johnny  copied Elmer's or Eleanor's homework and had to lie multiple, pyramidal  times to cover it up, the legacy media will have to DO something to try and  mend the "raveled sleave"  of  Obamanation.

Something like...say..."Wont you believe what we slickly manufacture (again) ???

Or are you going sto stick with C-SPAN and yourt lying eyes and ears ?

Monday, October 01, 2012

Big Snowball ? Or Steamroller ?

Don't look now, but someone other than Cato's Depot has been watching the sham-jive at the White House and the United Nations !

There is going to be a congressional investigation of Hillary Clinton, her untruthful UN ambassador and everyone else trying to cover their arses in the murder of four amerivans---including the Amnassador to Libya---in Benghazi on 9-11-2012.

Actually while the White House dithered and lied and while its sometime occupant went before the U.N.  to blame "the protests" on a video, and while they sent federal agents to imptoperly detauin the video producer....memberrs of the House Oversight Committe were gathering TRUTHFUL information:

(1) There have been continual attacks on the Benghazi consulate for weeks before the slaughter.

(2) The State Department, though warned by Libyan auyhorities, aparently REDUCED security, disarmed guards and hired unarmed Libyans from a Brit company.

(3) There have been more than 50 attacks on the consulate prior to September 11, 2012.

(4)  Libyans say the attacks were pre-planned and "had nothing to do" with any video.

(5) This is the most widespread Cover-Up since Watergate, much more intricate and potentially damaging to the whole nation.


(6)  No one was killed in the Watergate scandal.  Our ambassador and three others died as a resyult of State department "policy" and  hiding truth anbd warnings.

You can read the News Flash and see a video HERE!

The Congressuional Hearings will begin October 10, 2012, according to late reports.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Setting a New Nadir

"Let's see... a two bit burglary in an attempt to get some info on Democrat plans followed by a cover up vs. a policy of appeasement of radical Muslims bent on world domination leading to the murder of a US ambassador and three embassy staffers followed by a cover up. Yep, I'd judge the latter worse than the former...."

That is a quote from RAJAMAS MEDIA today.

Cato's Depot was 'way ahead of the curve on this, recognizing at the outset that the White House replaced Marines with unarmed Libyan employrees of a Brit firm, INVITING  a murderous attack on the Benghazi  consulate.

Were these "security hires" complicit ??

And THAT was while the White House was clamoring that the "protestors" were "upset" by a video. Then the secretary of state, Hillary Clinton took that line. Then the U.N. ambassador went on ALL the Sunday interview shows to say "there was no planned attack" to kill four Americans and drag the dead ambassador's body through the atreets.

That was THEN.

But NOW, CIA director Leon Panetta admits the bloodletting was planned far ahead of time, and that his agency lost track. They (AND WE) now know it was all pre-planned.

Well, whether you were cutting grass, milking a cow or dining at Chick-Fil-A with all those white and black Holstein cattle, we bet YOU knew differently too.

After all, it WAS the anniversary of  9-11 !!!

What do these third-rate scam artists take us for?

We think this IS wprse than Watergate, and maybe even worse  that Fast and Furious....Even though we still do not know how many people died in Eric Holder's conspiracy march toward more "gun control".

But if YOU let them, the sycophantic, whorish media will slip this into another memory hole before  Congressional investigators get a crack at it.

Where is the hell-raising  outrage?

Swallowed and muffled by the free cell phones Obama gave away, probably.