Friday, March 23, 2012

Hollering "FIRE" in an Empty Nation...

I grew up hating all the race-baiting hloody-shirt wavers in the South.

As a child, they scared me. As a grown man I abhorred them and fought them in elections from the county up to the U.S. Senate.

But I never expected to see the president of the United States lighting the torches of racism, and urging disruption and anarchy.

It is much like setting a bonfire alight in a gasoline station.

Which reminds me....What have Obama, Sharpton, Jackson, the Panthers and Farrakhan had to say about the two black thugs who set a 12 year old white child on fire on a Missouri fromt porch as he sought safety ?

CLICK HERE for a video and story about the immolation ! That's in case the media has suppressed or censored the story in your area.

There has been no closure to the investigation of the Zimmerman--Martin fatal shooting in Sanford, Florida. Grand Jury convenes April 11.

But a hunk of the population is ready to set all of America ablaze even though no one really knows exactly what happened in Sanford.

Early clues pointed to a wrestling match in grass or on the ground. Then, some said the shooter, Zimmerman faked evidence.

Now, we will probably never know, if the Martin shooting WAS second degree murder as legal beagle Neal Bootz says.

It is quicker and more exciting to set everything on fire.

Saturday Morning, March 24 UPDATE:

Miami Herald says Zimmerman has been a heroic figure in detainiong robbers and burglars in the past. A police witness who made the 9-11 call says Martin attacked Zimmerman, and was "on top of him" when police were summoned. Martin's father told police that the screams for help on the 9-11 tape were not his son's voice.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Proof Fatal Gun-Run Was Holder Obsession

Everyone does not remember that Eric Holder has been around in the Justice Department since the days when Janet Reno and General Wesley Walker slaughtered David Koresh and his Branch Danidians near Waco, Texas.

But he was a U.S. attorney in those days, and as far back as those 1990's he was skulking around plotting ways to take away legally puchased and owned firearms from United States citizens.

In a video unearthed by Tucker Carlson's DAILY CALLER, you can see our (now) Attorney General exhorting lawmakers and others to brainwash all Americans against guns the way they have been brainwashed against cogarettes.CLICK HERE .

You may not remember that President Barrack Obama, just after he was inaugurated, tried to soothe the anti-gun, anti-second amendment ignorants by saying he had a secret plan to restrict gun ownership that wopuld sweep the nation.

Many observers of the murderous "Fast and Furious" gun running in Southern border states by the Bureau of Alcohol Tax and Firearms , have harkened back to that promise.

Many believe the F & F conspiracy was designed to spill enough blood brainwash Americans into anti-gun mode just as Holder promised nearly 20 years ago.

It is very important that somebody watch these
subverters of the Constitution and Bill of Rights ALL the time. Backwards as well as forward in time.

Thank you, Tucker Carlson. Thank you Daily Caller.