Sunday, June 09, 2013

Watch the Shells and Shills !

We wager that you are hypnotized by the intricacy involved in the media's covering up for Obama and his administration's creepy corruption in the massive plot to bury the Benghazi murders, or the Justice Department's  intimidation of reporterss, or the IRS shakedown and silencing of conservatives during the 2012 election....OR,  more recently, the SHOCKING...I Say 
S H O C K I N G !!!!... revelations about national intelligence wholesale  spying on "regular americans".

Well, the fact that the UK  Guardian scooped rthe snoop story is a tipoff that it was a planned "leak" by dark forces to  take the heat off Benghazi, IRS and Holder  and reduce all the "scandals" to "manageable"  irrelevance,  while...well....while the OTHER hand manipulated the future of the United States.

In the United Nations, recently, Susan Rice was our ambassador and ventriloquist dymmy par excellence.  She told the world PLUS five political tell all TV talk shwes that the Benghazi massacre was caused by an amti-Muslim cartoon.

Now we know it ws a planned Al Qaeda  incursion carried out on September 11 on the anniversary of the WTC and Pentagon  destruction.

Ms. Rice is now Obama's top national security advisor---a position once held by serious giants with gravitas, rather than bloviating liars

But the focus of our scrivening  here is to point to her successor at the UN: Samanrtha Power.

Ms. Power is a champion of  "Soveriegnty Re-Distribution".

You can check H E R E for particulars, but Ms. P believes that the foreign policy of our United States should be self-immolation by mea culpa. ad that we should abdicate our existence in favor of having all the rest of the world hold suzerainty over us.

Three-card monte, sleight of hand shell games and misdirection have ever been the over reaching scenario of this Obama administration.

It is a disciplined staging that follows National Socalism formulae identified with the Saul Alinky "Chicago Way".

We should "redistribute" our attention to save the Sovereigny of our Repoublic.