Thursday, December 31, 2015

D A N C E !!!

We just completed a New Year's wish for our number one non-family confidant that seems now to be rather sterile and incompetent.

The "greeting" offered wishes and prayers for a "Renaissance" of common sense to replace the straitjacket of  "correctness" that plagues clarity of emotion and 
communication these days.

That sounds really fatuous and condescending  as one  reads it back out loud.

So, let us amend it.

How about:  "More dancing,  less shuffling and plodding in 2016 ?!!

There is, in the Encyclopaedia Britannica, if my memory is intact, the reproduction of carvings and drawings on an Algerian  wall  more than 10,000 years old, that shows many people dancing with the same attitudes and the same utilization of  artifact in their dance.

In case you care,  Wikipedia is very weak on "dance" and "dancing". But it is pretty clear that the North African area abutting the Mediterranean and the subcontinent of India are the first places that evidence dancing as an avocation of "early" populations.

Long before people had language, they danced to convey emotions and beliefs that were natural and, perforce, brought  forth song  and then language and  communicative cooperation.

Therefore nothing could be more human and faithful than to make 2016 a Dancing Year.

The song or melody can be supplied by the individual "heart"--- Spirit  or  imagination.

But, in the face of fear, anxiety or dilemma, Dancing really is a valid prescription. There is scriptural evidence aplenty that dancing including the use of bells and castanets proceeded from prehistory to the time of Abraham. In the fourth century, BCE, Aristotle delineated "Dance" in his Poetics.

Traditionally, celebratory dancing filled the Temple. The first thing that happens after marriage vows and the kiss is The Dance. In the synagogues of old, all the men danced with clasped hands. They still do. 

The Druids danced at Stonehenge. Egyptian  hieroglyphics show ceremonial as well as single person expression in the dance.

Dancing, in some societies, is still utilized as potent anti--Demon fare. There is no shortage of demons among the seven continents as we begin 2016.

Dance is freely available therapy and protection available anywhere anytime. One must have a certain amount of fortitude and devil-may-care goodwill to apply the balm of the "solo" dance.  But we have all seen the secretary do her terpsichorean best when she gets a raise. Similarly an Oklahoma cowboy does a single whoopp-de-doo  after staying glued on the back of a heaving bull.

The best places to really cut a figure are: the kitchen, the bath shower, the baseball dugout, center court at Wimbledon, American Idol finals, and commencement week at any high school or college.

So Dance, all you children ! 

But, don't stomp, whirl or leap to sounds of your ancient  Walkman or modern iPhone in the company of.… A Muslim friend.

It might cause "hurt feelings".  Centuries of Qu'ranic, Hadith and Sharia Law bans the use of musical instruments, song, or dancing by observant   Muslims.

Any twisting, shaking prancing or wiggling in Islam is reserved for seminaked slaves and a handful of devout  Sufi Dervishes who whirl in circles until they reach ecstatic oneness with a many-splendored, woozy climax.  

One can only understand the severity of this sanction if one had a hardshell Baptist, anti-dance  grandmother.

But in these parlous days, She would cut quite a figure, herself, to get some Serenity ! So, Dance ! 

Monday, December 21, 2015

Birthday Chords

This Christmas, we will share our two favorite Christmas poems. The first one has been called “wistful” and the second, “bitter”. They were created by two of America’s  most gifted purveyors of thought and passion. We prefer the appellation:  “POWERFUL”.

December 25

By W. H. Auden

...Once again
As in previous years we have seen the actual Vision and failed
To do more than entertain it as an agreeable
Possibility, once again we have sent Him away,
Begging though to remain His disobedient servant,
The promising child who cannot keep His word for long. 


To Jesus on His Birthday

By Edna St. Vincent Millay (1892-1950)

For this your mother sweated in the cold,
For this you bled upon the bitter tree:
A yard of tinsel ribbon bought and sold;
A paper wreath; a day at home for me.
The merry bells ring out, the people kneel;
Up goes the man of God before the crowd;
With voice of honey and with eyes of steel
He drones your humble gospel to the proud.
Nobody listens. Less than the wind that blows
Are all your words to us you died to save.
O Prince of Peace! O Sharon's dewy Rose!
How mute you lie within your vaulted grave.
The stone the angel rolled away with tears
Is back upon your mouth these thousand years.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Cry "Fascism"!!! ...(Or Sumpthin...)

Frst it was goofy New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg autocratically  banning the sale of "soda" carbonated drinks in the Big Apple.

Then it was Ms. Obama's  Calorie Cops, pushing kale and limp lettuce at Taco-toasting skool populations.

But now, in Massachusetts of all places, they have ( as all the left-wing and otherwise demented media types holler) CROSSED THE LINE !!!

In Worchester, public housing residents have been notified in a huge block-lettered missive that at least one person in a household must be either gainfully employed or be a full-time responsive student in a recognized learning facility, or...OR... Face expulsion from public housing!

Surely the author of this anti-Brave New World  threat will end up with chains and and anvils rusting on his extremities in the Charles River.

You may see the original story  H E R E !

This sort of  high-handed , ham-fisted treatment has been tried before by legislative giants  seeking to rid welfare rolls and public housing of drug addicts, dealers, loan sharks and sexual predators.

But usually some air-headed judge who has never read the Constitution or the first 10 amendments thereto, will step in and proclaim the sanctity of  anarchy, deviance  and perfidy pursued by  all citizens.

The idea that free housing is only for those people who go to school and / or work for their spending money, is almost as insurrectional and revolutionary as printing the truth in these Parlous days. 

We, who still practice the regimen, should all pray for the folks in Worcester --- that the housing official either recants or change jobs so he may live on, and that no one barters his next breath on any immediate compliance with the fiery do-or-die Dictum.

Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Give Us Honesty..Not a Lecture

I'll bet you missed it !

The first thing I saw on the Internet after Sunday night's bumbling from the Oval Office was a story that announced that  investigators have found 72 employees of the Department of Homeland Security who also appear on the no-fly anti-terror watchlist !

That is the kind of information that the president of the United States should be sharing with citizens, rather than scolding us for hurting the feelings of a congeries of people he trusts and we don't.

There are a couple of "approval" polls I look at every day. On the morning after this speech, the president's total approval plummeted five percentage points to -43. And this was from an outfit that usually begins every Monday morning by giving him a "clean slate"of  50% approval.

I can remember when after a president had a "chat" with the country, one could fairly hear  America Singing for a week or two.

Now it's more like  America Groaning  or America Sighing.

Political correctness, what ever it may be, cannot be hailed as a bastion of protection against people who arm themselves with machetes and automatic weapons ( despite laws that prohibit them) and proclaim God's endorsement of their mutilations  and beheadings.

It is difficult to believe that our president or his Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, has read the Qu'ran.

Two readers of this blog have asked what parts of the Qu'ran  are (in their word) "objectionable".   How about "bloody" ?

You can begin  HERE with this blog which lists most of the Suras and verse annotations that weave  the fabric of the so-called "radical" or "extreme" commands in the Book of Submission.

If you don't happen to have a Holy Q'an handy, there is an easy shortcut for perusing.  On the Internet, go to Robert Spencer's Jihad Watch website and search for "Blogging the Qu'ran", and just look up the Sura and verse.

As I end this screed, I learn  that our attorney general has reportedly "walked back" her stupid and illegal threat to prosecute any citizen who badmouths  a follower of Islam. 

La Lynch  has obviously no knowledge about the law or her duties which is just exactly what this whole government is about nowadays.

Wednesday, December 02, 2015

A Trump Trap Sprung ?

Any  old police reporter will tell you that no two witnesses to a crash or a felony in progress will tell the same story.

And though I am not convinced he will or should be nominated to vie for the US presidency. The Donald Trump stripped the lowlife arrogant media in this country naked to its soul  these past few days and rubbed their noses in "it".

Because I have two granddaughters in the New York City area, and because I knew people who lost friends in the 9 / 11  catastrophe, I couldn't understand why all these talking heads and newspaper youngsters were calling him a liar  when he pointed to the celebrating Muslims that I thought everybody remembered during the tailgate  bug-shuffle in Jersey City as  Twin Towers collapsed.

But I really believe Trump and his gang COUNTED on the dumb,biased, wrongheaded doofus media types to take their nastiest shot at him, as they had no recollection of the treacherous New Jersey IslamistIs' history of America hatred and planning of the first attack on the World Trade Center earlier.

There  was a lot of incredulity around on September 11, 2001. And some very sharp people, like Giuliani and Kerik, in Manhattan, were NOT surprised that there were Muslims left in the Jersey area to do anti-US  celebrating. In most sophisticated nations, that would have been no residuum of Islam in Jersey.

NEVER FORGET !!! The banners shouted. I have a special file on my root drive entitled "NEVER FORGET".

But a lot of folks just rather not preoccupy themselves with their nation's security, when it involves suspecting evil of  "neighbors".

Some neighbors! 

When highly placed "leaders" reassured us that "Islam is a religion of peace", my beloved Betts, made one of her  last prescient perusals: "Looks like they are makers of  PIECES to me."

So now, with the shamed and embarrassed big time media haggling over how many Jersey Muslims danced on the rooftops, we are presented by Breitbart of the new media with nine (9 !) points that seal Trump's  revenge over his attackers. 


Maybe I am just a romantic at heart, but I enjoy believing that like him or not, Donald Trump put one over on the juvenile drive-bys who like mules, have no yesterday's and no tomorrows.

But  Americans, who are all  "Heartland"  when they see the flag or hear the Anthem, have better memories than the illiterate pipsqueaks  who believe they control our destiny with their fears.

As we keep our eyes open and ears alert, we should enjoy---yes, and promote--- every pratfall of the clueless, panicked cockroaches.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Gee, THANKS....I Guess...


Despite the fact that all indications point to the demise of Thanksgiving Day as a holiday of any importance save serving as an introduction to a period of insane and savage commercial activity, it seems that gratitude itself should be recognized as a threatened concept in 2015, so here goes:

I'm grateful for the student athletes and other bums at the University of  Missouri for forcing out the college president because he suffered other students to look at the aforementioned cry-Bullies with squawnch-eyed appraisal while "not liking"  them. Since the aggrieved mob is an accumulation of subsidized vagrants, their "victory" is even more irrelevant than it would ordinarily be.


I am nostalgically reminded of my youngest son's  complaint at the dinner table about his oldest brother:  "Make him STOP !!! He's LOOKIN' at me !!!"

And shouldn't we all give thanks to the peaceful Muslims at Ottawa, Ontario Canada's hometown university for being offended by and closing down a yoga class freely offered there for 60 mobility-impaired and disabled people ?  Spokespersons for the Student Centre, where the yoga instruction has been offered for seven years, said that changing the name of the exercises from "Yoga" to "Mindful Stretching" would not satisfy the offended protestor, who complained the practice as well as the name of the exercises are both based in oppressive colonial enslavement and painful memory. What a boon these multi-offended people are ! And they are everywhere ! Aren't we lucky ?!
I am also  grateful for the recurrent demands by a very small minority of one-seventh   of American citizens demanding  "Reparation payments" for slavery. (Which, incidentally ended in 1863, almost exactly the same time Abraham Lincoln declared Thanksgiving a national holiday. (It was on October 3 then !) These demands always remind me that Muslims, and the Ottoman Empire across the Top of North Africa had more than one and one-half million Europeans in bonded slavery when America's first warrior after the Constitution was adopted, Stephen Decatur, ended the Reign of  Terror and enslavement by the Barbary Pirates. They held more than twice as many  European slaves  as were "owned" by US president Thomas Jefferson and  other elite Americans.


It is a source of much comfort and gratitude to know that most Americans surveyed (70 %) pay very little attention to the AlGorean Chicken-Little crowd of weasel- greedy frauds trying to sell the G W climate change stable sweepings 15 years after the evidence has died.   While there are pockets of ignorance here and there, most people older than the high school serfs know that most of the "scientists" who signed the original  GW scare document, had not completed their education or otherwise  qualified at the time they signed a complaint, more than 15 years ago.

Our effusive gratitude is qlso due the Mafia in the five boroughs of  New York City for daring to tell the Islamic State to dare attack the Big Apple at their FATAL  peril !  (Since the communista-wussie  De Basio has "castrated" the NYPD.

Charlie Lucky LIVES !

In a last paragraphh, let us seriously and fulsomely be thankful for honest courageous journalists wherever they are while we express hope that the number will increase as the extortionate, punitive corruption of the District of Columbia falls into proper desuetude.

Among the best are Peggy Noonan, Sharyl  Atkisson, Mark Steyn, Mark Levin, John Nolte, Ben Shapiro, Charles Krauthammer, Bill Maher, Megan Kelly, Steve Chapman, Jim Taranto, Sean Trende and the Prince of all of them, Matt Drudge.

We are ill-served by those who take pelf or praise for their perfidious prostitution of public trust in media performance.  They know who they are. 

Monday, November 16, 2015

Blood and Dither

On Monday the 16th I'm sure we all felt like punching bags, having been  buffeted and battered by visions and voice-overs and contradictory "analyses" of the sanguinary scenes from Paris.

President Obama, who on the day that the ISIS thugs massacred 129 Parisians, announced that "we now have contained ISIS" , and still would not use   the word "terrorist" or the word "jihadist" , now weakly admitted to a "setback".  Some setback !!!

Pope Francis addressed all Christians with the considered divination that "the end of the world is near..."

Vladimir Putin, after being briefly buttonholed by Obama at the G 20 summit in Turkey, dismissed the US president as " a boy-baby...a child" and vowed to rejuvenate an alliance with the United Kingdom and invited everyone else interested to join in "eradicating" jihadi terrorism, beginning right now.

Remembering Col. Ralph Peters' words when he all but predicted the exact site of the bloody ISIS Paris attack, when he also prescribed a cure for the festering malignancy of the Islamic Sstate:

"Kill them... Kill them all... Search  them out to their last hiding hole and kill them..."

Obviously, Col. Peters has read both the Qu'ran and either a history of Islam or a good unexpurgated biography of the prophet Mohammed.

Things being as they are, if I were in New Orleans, I would get up a mob and force every vessel loaded with Middle Eastern "refugees" to turn around and head back out of the Delta... PLUS the  Gulf of Mexico.

My ancient old arse has hardened, "thhickened to dross" as Robinson Jeffers once wrote.
I do not intend to "turn the other cheek"  when the future of my seven great-grandchildren is being compromised and disolved by fools.

From a very close friend in the Fort Worth Texas area, I received a missive this same Monday morning, and it aroused me as much as it shocked me so I share it here, and hope that my friend sent it to his Senator Ted Cruz also.

       "We are constantly told by the damp-diaper  PeeCee folks  that there is just a small percentage of muslims who are radical, and that the rest are "peace- loving."  Obviously they have read no histories of Islam OR, in fact the Qr'an or Haditha.
         "Still, a "small percentage" of  1,600,000,000 (Billion)  of the world's Mohammedans  is a considerable number. Twenty  percent would be 320 million ! (The present popu;ation of the United States.)

        "So, as   far as the rest of the "peace loving" ones are concerned, their failure to condemn amd ostracize  the "small percentage" speaks hugely and loudly. One might be persuaded that thhe Qu'ran's  message will not permit the peace-lovers to contradict their cohorts.

       "The failure of the "many" to condemn pure evil  COUILD render  them complicit as the active assassins---and therefore subject to the same response required to  eliminate the metastasis of the  cancer...."

And there we might as well turn the page  and close the cover of this chapter of our lament.  Will anyone DO anything ?  Are there, anywhere the informed and eager souls akin to those who struggled between 1776 and 1788 on this very land ? Isn't it sad that no one knows the answer to that question ? And, SICK  that some, born and fed in America reacted to the blood flow in France  by  shouting and waving banners that said, in nastier four-letter  language:

"To HELL with Paris !!! My feelings are hurt..."

Monday, November 09, 2015

Veritas, Veritas, Veritas

It just tickles me plumb to my follicles to see a courageous young reporter ask someone other than an Afrucan-American Republulican candidate for president a "GOTCHA"  question.

That is why  I keep a close watch  on James O Keefe  and  his  Project Veritas.  You should, too.

For the past few days he has been shredding  academics  at all the elite schools who are willing to "destroy" the Constitution of the United States  by slashing it, cutting it or shrredd it, since they view it as "a flawedaud  document  prepared by flawed men..."

( The first timeI heard  those  accusatory words   was when  the present  resident  of the Oval Office  " ran"  for it  in 2008.   They are uniquely   his locution  and they certainly  add weight  to the suspicion  that his secret  college transcripts  will never  support  his claim  to "constitutional law scholarship ".

O'keefe  and his  merry band of  hidden camera inquisitors   first struck  in the sacrosanct  halls  of  Cornell,  Yale  and  Vassar,  where they found   joyously eager   Ivy leaguers who    gladly   sliced ,   tore and shredded   the U.S. Constitution, physically and    gaily.

Then,  Project Veritas   headed south to North Carolina  where they  did their subversive act  on the Tar Heel state's   three  top universities  ( two of which ,  Duke and  UNC  Chapel Hill  ARE   ranked   higher  than some Ivy League colleges ) .

To the  "keepers of Title IX"  a young O'Keefe complainant  asked  that the United States Constitution  be  removed  and banned  from her dormitory because it was  " a trigger ". 

At NC State, She was graciously received and   eagerly  vindicated  by a staunch  anti- US Constitution   decision.

 At Duke ,  the instigators were  brushed off   and  dismissed .

 At Chapel Hill , It was suggested   in some very  fancy syntax,  that  the complainer  go  and have  her  head examined , so-to -speak!

This is all very exciting, rewarding and heartwarming  for this old soul .  I visited Chapel Hill   as a youngster  and wanted to go there,  but needed  to  stay closer  to an ailing  parent .

I have to admit  Ihave mixed feelings about  O'Keefe and his  Project Veritas not making  it to the Carter Center  at Emory  !

 Yet ....   

Monday, November 02, 2015

Puttin & Ice For Chicken Little

On the same day that our president said he would bypass Congress with his Hyper-Tax program to combat man-made global warming, NASA released scientific data establishing that in recent years the frozen continent of Antarctica has grown its icepack.

Farther than that, the added ice in the southern hemisphere has lowered sea levels rather than raise them as the Algoreans stridently say  we will all die, drowned in our beds by the rising oceans.

       Antarctica is growing not shrinking, according to the latest study from NASA. Furthermore, instead of contributing to rising sea levels,
the still-very-much-frozen southern continent is actually reducing them by 0.23 mm per year.

There is no reason to believe that Obama will pay any attention to these scientists who are guilelessly  throwing monkey wrenches into his despotic machinery because he has a top level nincompoop who guides his "scientific" knowledge who does not know the difference between a clam our oyster building calcium carbonate shells and a shrimp or lobster using  chitin to form their outer "skeleton skins".

And we are even deeper Doo Doo, truth-wise than that situation portends.
So far as I can see, there is no member of the television, magazine  or fish wrapper media in the United States that does not worship at the altar of Chicken Little. All of the aforementioned have a vested  ($$$) interest in frightening the wits out of every man woman and child with apocalyptic voodoo nonsense.

The only place you can find valid scientific information on the subject of climate science is on the Internet ! My favorite site is "Watts Up With.."

And here's a clue: don't believe anything you read where they talk about "settled science".  There is very little "settled" in scientific endeavor, you see, because honest science is directed and dedicated toward disproving one's favorite theory !  THAT is what science does.

 It is quite interesting to remember that in the United Kingdom, Prince Charles believe savagely that man is destroying his home in the universe by driving automobiles and flying jumbo jets. He is a passionate Doofus on the subject. He is not a scientist.

On the other hand we have Lord Monckton and James Delingpole, both of whom have spent many years delving into the mysteries of climate all over the globe and from their daily, weekly, monthly, annual accounting of temperature fluctuations from Aukland, New Zealand to Rejkyavic Iceland, they have taken great care to uncover duplicity on the part of  scientists at East Anglia University and other venues, causing confusion in the ranks of editors, propagandists and, yes, the confused brainpan of the Heir-to-the-Throne.

Of all the records and charts, it appears that no appreciable "global warming" has taken place since just before the millennium. The Warmists call this 15-year hiatus a "pause". They also call folks who do not believe their religion is kosher (to coin a phrase) "Deniers". You will see a lot of this word in the lamestream media.

But that won't change Anarctic ice thickness and Arctic ice cap buildup.
I never thought I'd see the day, but while Obama was threatening to bypass both the court and the people's legislature in his greed and lust for power, Vladmir Putin, in Moscow branded the concept of man-made global warming "A monstrous FRAUD !" (Emphasis by Pravda and Izvestia !)

The Testtosterone Tsar is probably correct about Syria also.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Double-Standarrd Desert Dudes Breaking Free...

Saudi Arabia, if it has ever arrived at all with the heavy baggage of austere Islamism they call "Wahhabi", came late to the fraternity of nations outlawing slavery,

Almost exactly 100 years after Abraham Lincoln signed our Emancipation Proclamation, Saudi Arabia outlawed slavery in the kingdom in 1962.

But, a couple of this (21st)  century's "Crown Princes" haven't heard the Gospel yet of free handmaidens and viziers and lackeys, even though one of the most flamboyant Saudi Princes of them all was a product of a liaison between an older "Prince" and a black washerwoman slave.

The particular "brand" of Sunni Islam practiced in the Arabian kingdom (established in 1932)  is considered the most austere and punitive of all the Islamic belief systems--- all of which, though faith-based, are stratified with political, economic, military and social prescriptions and proscriptions.

For instance, a thief's hands are amputated.  A woman having sexual intercourse (agreeably or forced) out of wedlock, is beheaded. And that's just touching the
Wahhabi high spots.  Wahabi Sharia court sentences of 1,000 lashhes of flogging are tame.

So today, in Beverly Hills, California,  one Saudi prince is said by police to have a screaming bloody woman leaving his rented digs in Beverly Hills, where other
"guests" have reported His Princeness being serviced sexually by one of his male attendants while he lined up his housekeeping staff, naked, around the swimming pool.

This is all on the record. He is quoted in the UK Mail as saying: "I wanted to see some nude, naked  X*X*Y !"

Let us shift the scene to Beirut, Lebanon where authorities blocked the (escape) flight of another Saudi prince, who was headed home to Riyadh on his private
jet.  The police and news outlets say the Royal arab had two TONS of "narcotics" on board: "40 large parcels weighing more than 50 pounds each". 

Now, it is true that the strict Wahhabi Muslim rule is against the use of alcohol "and other dangerous stimulants"... But the dangerous stimulants so far as we
can find out, are not particularized.

So we have Saudi Arabian "royalty" in its roles  as flaming  "Pervert" and "Drug Smuggler", respectively flitting about the world stage and fluttering pretty close
to the heat of the Kleig lights, while a supporting cast back in the kingdom live in fear of breathing or spitting in the wrong place.

And these are, arguably our most favorite allies in the Persian Gulf region (except of course for Israel which is hated and serially defamed and dismissed by our  Doofus Secretary of State John Kerry and our president, 0.

I guess I just want somebody out there to answer two questions:

Will either of these punks disguised in pink checkerboard turbans be punished ?

By Whom ?

And, remind me how many and what charges the Saudis  are holding Western "visitors" on.

TThe media is unfairly hypocritical anout "equality" and "fairness" when i comes to a suspect "Double Standards" in race or sex.  Will that cover these Dusky Desert Dudes ?

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Pub Switcheroo Shock

Conventional wisdom has it that a Muslim mosque is wholly devoted to teaching and reinforcing Qu'ranic discipline.

This is not so. According to the Encyclopaedia Britannica, while Mohammed's original mosque in Medina was fashioned for worship and indoctrination, modern mosques are centers with functions of military, legal, charitable, as well as religious and educational import.
ImaYussef prepared for the first Word Trade Center bmbing  in his New Jersey mosque ! Remember ?

Therefore the citizens of the United Kingdom AND Eire  who have been dedicated to their local "pubs"   for centuries and who are wholly and individually fond of  their "pint" are  in the throes of grief  over the disappearance of up to 20 "locals" a week throughout the United Kingdom. This will surely take on the bloody activity of self-flagellation and the wringing of hands and gnashing of teeth when they learn that their favorite Home away from Home will soon become a mosque.

It is a pattern already being realized in many small communities, where the conglomerates that own and operate most of the Inns in in the country, find it a welcome and lucrative choice to sell the  fading local pubs to Islamic communities fpr mosques.

It's no secret that the rusty and dusty-- as well as some bright and  sunlit-- rural mostly-beer drinking haunts have been money-losing propositions for nearly two decades. And when the pub has been sold by the conglomerate, its surrounding community of potential loyalists who have paid scarce attention to the demise   of  pubdom in the UK,  awaken with outrage that Radical Teetotalers are taking possession of their watering holes and that there will never again be music or singing in what was once "The Lame Horse"  or  "Biddy's Brake" or "The Unforseen" and will never again receive the benediction of sloshed and spilled "bitters" or "dark"  from  a tangle-footed tippler.

Members of my family and I have all-- back in the rowdy B-S days (before sobriety) frequented these loveliest of Britain's gifts to civilization and while I can understand  that charging two pounds sterling ($3) for a pint of the best is an understandable spur to the death of the public house, I cannot imagine Scotland, England or
either Ireland where Islamic mosques  replace the pubs with Islamic discipline and instruction in armament as well as the call of the Haditha and the Suras.

It is truly sad to an old and trustworthy pub lover to imagine Martial Arts taking over the space where many loud imprecations and poorly aimed haymakers characterized the reportage of violence at the sites.

I am not sure why, but this mind wanders to the specters of Sam Adams and John Hancock garbed in loincloth and feathers hoisting Tea chests into the drink.

Yes, indeed !  This Pub-to-Mosque thing is the way revolutions are ignited.






Friday, October 09, 2015


We decided to just let loose this week and tear up the tater patch as James Thurber said, without  doing any fancy directions to stories from other sources and URLs.

The reason is that my hide is itching at the bombardment of nonsensical unintended consequences piling up but being hidden by cynical and probably corrupt collectivist conduits of information.

Back when everyone was so excited about electric cars, some commonsensical Hayseed on a Nebraska farm was dismissed when he asked where the electricity
to run the electric cars was gonna come from: "Where will we plug-in instead of "fill up"? And other Rubes and Hayseeds were so impolite as to ask the
orgasmic greenies how the electricity would be produced without producing more so-called "greenhouse gases".

The greenies all assured us that WIND POWER would do the trick.

Now we know, from the great experiment in Denmark (the nation most dependent on "wind farms") that their maintenance and even the existence costs more than they produce in power.

As an aside, Denmark also invited mass migration of middle Eastern folk to "bolster" the Danish workforce.  And... Er... Um...Ah.. How is that working out
pray tell ?  Let's just say Hamlet never endured this kind of melancholy.

As a matter of fact, the Danish Parliament has done a full  reset on the ugly destructive wind farms... And there is a premium on the price of the beloved Tesla battery cars that will increase their cost to 180% of their present cost.

The effect of all this new information is twofold. First, media liars besotten with anything "green" and who have already disqualified themselves as reporters by
not telling the world that the "global warming" they love to blame on humans, has been "dormant"-- that is, stopped--- fur 13 or 18 years depending on whether
you're  looking at satellite records or icecap measurements.

Second, a lot of people will be doing rigorous thought-checking (not to be confused with scam-lie-factoid-checking of which there has been none to speak of  since Ben Bradlee turned loose Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein in the bowels of the DC parking lots.

Then of course, one looks around with somewhat the same wild surmise that fell upon the explorers who first glimpsed the Pacific Ocean and sees...What ?

For one thing, an absence of THINKING and an abundance of FEELING...or WISHING. Stop and consider for a moment. How long has the United States of America been governed by a methodology that places wishing and hoping above arithmetic  and cognitive activity before committing $14 trillion of our children's (and their children's children's) wealth on many fantasies and sewers. The majority of those who construct "Conventional Wisdom" base it ALL on "OH, If I WANT it to happen hard enough and if  I  LIE eough, it WILL BE !

We are spoiled to believe that we have access to Dorothy Gale's red shoes that we can click together and make it happen...IT being as concrete as a marijuana

But don't let meget started on that...

The ideas and activities that produced the greatness that once was "the shining city on a hill" whether you saw it or not, was hard work, dependability,
consistency, trust and traditional lawful behavior by a vast majority.
All this required thought and some empathy and compassion of course, but above all, the celebration of free thought-- earnest cognitive activity-- paid off
handsomely at every tier of effort and reward.

If anybody is doing any "tough"  thinking nowadays, he or she is dismissed and smirked  about in the lockstep media and you never hear of them without hearing also some smear on their social attitudes or their religious faith. Not everything that's grist for thought and planning can be relegated to a label.

As Robert Browning said (about thought):
"A man's reach should exceed his grasp ! Or what's a Heaven for ?!"

That kind of dynamism doesn't pause or cringe at the threat that somebody's "feelings" might be hurt or offended !

And, all colors and continents of people actually survive and grope upward because they learn how to think by making mistakes and finding that thought can
heal and absolve as well as poduce Tomorrows.

Friday, October 02, 2015

How About Allah ?

The famous college  historically recognized as one of the  pioneering educational institutions  in America,  the Colorado School of Mines  and Mining  has stepped into  the CowPlop  land of  Pee Cee--- and it may be costly.

A former   athlete there , a successful media  figure , wanted to donate $2,500  to a new  sports facility  at the college .   Donors were allowed  to  have a brass  plate  placed  in the facility  with whatever  words   the donor supplied.

This man,  actually very sensitive  to the   stupidity  of present day  academe   and its  hobby horses ,  simply asked for  notations  of verse  from  St. Paul's  letter  to the Collosians, and another noted verse.  He did NOT offer the vese...just the "address"   you understand !


One of the verses   contained  the appellation "Lord".  The Colorado  School of Mines advised the donor  that  "Lord", "God" and "JESUS"  are VERBOTEN  as far  as the little brass .medallions are concerned---. even if they are "masked" and only suggested by verse  annotation.

To our way of thinking, this proscription stands alone as the Premier Silliest  piece of  political correctness on record  anywhere.

Of course , .a state.where everybody is locked into a hallucinogenic  drug. with their  hookahs, bungs  and brownies, ANYTHING is possible.  Without a doubt,  the. ensuing lawsuit will find a special  place in the shelves of Colorado attorneys---and maybe. . even on Saturday Night Live.

One interesting afterthought:

What if  the Minnesota Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison had a son. at this school and wanted to have HIS  donor-medallio  read simply "Qr'an Suras 97 &  8."

Those  are  the ones that endorses...Yea, encourage brutality,  looting and extorting "Infidels" . All Christians, Jews, Sikhs, and Buddhists.

Would the Colorado college smile on Allah ?

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Halt That Book !

One of the most wonderful things in our civilization, and one of the best-kept secrets of success is the proliferation of  The Little Free Library .

The movement has prospered without any infusion of taxpayers' funds or bureaucratic mismanagement so that it pretty much interests most of the United States.

But the nasty worms and vultures are coming out of their fetid somnolence to attack one of the most beautiful imperatives ever to grace the mind and influence of literate men and women. The cancer lurks among us: that coterie of evil that wakes up every morning fueled by a raging fear that "somewhere someone is happy and that they are doing unselfis nice things..."

Especially in Shreveport Louisiana and Los Angeles California.

Some years ago, a Midwesterner, with a desire to memorialize his deceased mother who inspired him as a bibliophile, built a structure on his front lawn near his mailbox about the size of a church bulletin board but with depth enough and shelter enough to contain a selection of books.  He attached and invitation on the structure that encouraged his neighbors (and anyone else who passed by) to "take a book and leave a book". He called it his "'Little Free Library" and he recounted in a brief  paragraph his mother's lifelong advocacy for free-flowing information and love of books. All books. Any books.

Now there are thousands of these front yard libraries where people exchange literacy daily throughout the continent.  READ STORY HERE !

But nothing this beautiful, wonderful... This earth-changing can blossom and thrive without some attention from Lurking Luddites.

I'm reminded of a poem by the great Vachel Lindsay:
"Someone's always breaking windows! Someone's always throwing bricks ! Leaving filth and nasty garbage...Playing dirty YAHOO tricks !!!"

When the Little Free  Library  was endorsed by book lovers in the movie colony, police visited those who had constructed and supplied free lending stations for readers, and the officers reported that "complaints" had been received about the small  book-loan operation and that municipal authorities wanted the structures torn down, removed and NOT replaced. Permits would  be costly.

For some unaccountable reason, the mind numbing dicta have surfaced only in Shreveport Louisiana and in the toens  "within" Los Angeles. There are about 80 such creations in Los Angeles county. Stay tuned. 


This blog is just to put our audience on alert (En Garde !!!)

Present day Politcal Correctness moves to change the meaning of clear thought and purest motives.  It is lethal to individual freedom and suspicious of anyone 
possessed of an attention span longer than a mobile text message.  And the nature of these attacks is never what the attacker adopts as camouflage cover. Certainly, to some  cretins, Rembrandt's  Night Watch or Botticelli's  Venus-on-the Halfshell might be eyesores. These clods  would decry the lack of  limbs on the Venus De Milo and opine that she scandalized the neighborhood.  But they just would be in a fit of hatred of anyone   with a love of books that have no pictures to look at.

Of all the things that we have read about that plague our civilization and threaten to hasten Gotterdammerung, these 2015 book-burners  are rivaled only by the conspirators in the 9/11 Holocaust  as enablers of the End Times that we once  did not believe in.


Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Beset By Savage Sorceery

We wwere not provided a syllabus in any of the courses we took at Buford High School in the 1940s. But we understand that nowadays it is de rigueur  to offer such overviews for those prepping for college. 

Ergo, the PeeCee plague is painfully present in the preparation of public school pontification.  The American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) has found that schools in the United States now require students to recite "Allah is the Only God"  and some parents  are actually UPSET about that... Some even exhibit ANGER ! (That's a PeeCee no-no also....


We have become inured  to the antics of the pinko indoctrinators in the groves of academe,where a student can be flunked out of the course for saying "God bless you" when another student sneezes.  But coercing a tenth-grader to vow allegiance to the Muslim deity is a new level of forced NEWthink.

One shudders to imagine what would happen at one of these schools if a student actually stood up in assembly and "witnessed" for "a savior, Jesus"!!!  Probably a mass exorcism of the student body sponsored by the Beta Club or Cheerleaders .

What troubles some who retain active grey matter and cogitating equipment, is how this Inquisition Impress squares up with the words and actions of the planet's primary pusher of Political Purityy .

When the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS)  launched its bloody program of  beheadings, public rape and dismemberment, the New Yorker magazine interviewed U.S. president  B. Hussein Obama and he cloaked ISIS with his  own special tepid sobriquet: "Junior Varsity" !!!

As commander-in-chief, he has dealt with them with sincere fealty to his original snap judgment, attacking only from the air and that sporadically. Meanwhile he repeatedly blames "poor intelligence" for the fact they have tripled the area they control since he flipped them off
as "JayVees".

We may be faintly thankful that the insidious threat in the high schools cannot  get its wires uncrossed or message unmixed with the Emperor of PeeCee  ( who has no clothes and no shame. )

Friday, September 11, 2015

Mao and PeeCee In Hell

If you've been paying attention, you have noticed that whereas 15 years ago serious scientists were speculating about a phenomenon they called "anthtopogenic global warming".  

Most of the scientists were happy enough to translate that phrase into "man-made warming" or "the greenhouse effect".

This happened about the same time that machinations in the SOCIAL science  wing of academia were dabbling in the corruption of the language to accommodate "sensitivities" and "offenders" of disadvantaged and downtrodden minority subcultures.

Among the awkward inventions of the NewSpeak elitist glossary were "gay" in place of "queer" and "African-American" in place of  "Negro" or  "Colored". This was all in the name of an attempt to not disparage or offend people whose personal or physical traits "separated" them from the melting pot population in some way. 

This came to be known in the social scientist's rulebook as "politically correct speech"  and extensions of it were adopted unilaterally by faculties and imposed on students in upper tier colleges and universities, under what they now call "speech codes"  and." Anti-Hate language. Newspaper and TV stylebooks were rewritten to accommodate the resets.

So,  anthropogenic global warming first morphed into just "global warming". When that got laughed off the stage and strictly honest scientists began to point out that no "warming" had occurred since 1996 or thereabouts (when the torrid phony "hockey-stick" temperature change was debunked). THEN  the Chicken- Little  people started murmuring "climate change".

This initiated a return to GLOBAL politically correct enforcement.

Where did this concept whereby fecal matter can be polished to some magic and imaginary luster ?

How about Mao ?  

Yes, THAT Mao.  Mao Tse Tung or .i 21st century coinage, Mao Zedong. Yes, he started it all.


Mao made a speech in 1939 in which he dictated that there could be no "freedom" for the masses in China until every single citizen of the State thought and spoke correctly articulating the same beliefs without rancor toward any other part of the Chinese government, whether teacher or policeman;  commissar or military; party functionary or worker.  And by the time he had initiated his Great Cultural Revolution and the Great Leap Forward, everyone who spit out the bit or resisted the ropes was dead, and everyone remaining was--- except for a little bump in Tiamanmen Square more recently--- apparently saying and believing by rote !

That's TOTAL political correctness, in concrete, Mao's vision achieved by more than 1 billion participants after the "disposal" of several hundred million.

Therefore to paraphrase John Donne... Do not ask for whom political correctness is tailored. Future generations in  what was the United States of America for 250 years will be chained and resplendent in glittering PeeCee raiment, thanks to Mao's Invention !

Sunday, August 30, 2015


It would be difficult to count the words that have been written about mind control and the subversive nature  of  trash language in the destruction of stable societies and cultural norms. In its ascending pilgrimage accounted for by five millenia of history, from Hammurabi to Putin and Ayatolla Kahmeini, the world's human population has been bombarded by ... Indeed, threatened and coerced into adopting language with nonsensical roots that engenders behavior that begs credulity.

In Exodus, there is the story of Moses'  followers falling prey to the silver-tongued  Animism of Baal  while their leader was receiving the tablets of the Ten Commandments from the One God. While he was communing on  Sinai's Peak, the restless newly-freed people learned a new language and extracted from it a golden calf-effigy, something they could see, feel, smell, taste  and hear if they struck it.

So it has ever been in the history of seduction, traduction and prostitution of language for the slavery and control of men and women.

There are many historical examples, the most outstanding being the guile and hate of Savanarola's Inquisition, Oliver Cromwell's revolution, Dr. Goebbels' inventions for Hitler's  Nazi Germany  and Lenin-Stalin  Komsolspeak in Russia.

Now it's our turn.

In the Vanguard of Enforced "NewSpeak" predicted by  Aldous Huxley and George Orwell are members of the faculty at Washington State University, where students are warned in course syllabi that if they do not use the language preferred by their professors they will fail the courses and / or be forcibly excluded from class attendance.  READ DETAILS HERE !

  Among the requirements laid down for the students is the rule that they can never use "male" or "female" in any course work.  They are not allowed to use the phrase "illegal alien" and many many more  proscriptions are listed. Some "No-Nos" are left for the instructor / professor to invent later.

This horrible emergence of "speech code" graven in stone, blessed by college administration in  a course syllabus is the flowering of a great  stink-bloom that has been growing for all the years of political correctness fed by the manure of subversive left wing academia in rapture with incestuous passion for mind control of college students.

David Horowitz warned of this encroachment in the 1980s. The organization FIRE and the website Legal Insurreaction play leading roles in ferreting out the destroyers and their identities and activities.

Although Washington State University is the first higher education center to brassily announce its .perfidy in a catalog, you may be sure that many lesser institutions are poised like sprinters in the blocks to follow suit.

The goal, of course, is "K-12 and PreKin !!!"  (The scourge will be fait accompli before you're even finished with Common Core.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Right Side of Gallantry

What do Armando Valadares and Curt Schilling have in common ?

One was a Cuban poet who spent 22 years if torture in the Castro Gulag.  The other
pitched poetry through a shrinking strike zone in the major leagues.

After cobbling a stellar career marked by indestructible durability in the face of pain, Schilling has usually been known for his outspokenness and his loathing  of anything smacking of "political correctness".

Thank God he will never change. But ESPN benched Schilling from the Little League World Series for telling the truth on the social media outlet, Twitter.

Schilling's tweeted opinion brought into focus some numbers that are hair-raising even to the most politically correct, wussie-whipped among us.

He allowed that it is possible that less than 10% of the German population were Nazis and pointed out that if we accept international Islam's estimation that only 7%  of them are "extremists" that is a "staggering" number. (Actually, 105 million !)

The Tweet was accompanied by a photo of Der Fuhrer, saluting.


ESPN in a near- apology for its suspension of Schilling, said his expressed opinion was not in any way compatible with ESPN or its "policies".

I say: So What ? It is Schilling's OPINION !

Back in 1960, Armando  Valladares was a post office bureaucrat in  Cuba's Fidel / Raoul Castro revolutionary government in Cuba when he spotted the communist infection and complexion of Che Guevarra's secret police and Castro's hard left turn into totalitarian ideology.

Valladardes was imprisoned without trial and suffered torture there for 22 years while his wife Marta, PEN International and AMNESTY  International labored  for his release.  Some of his poetry and human rights pleading was smuggled out during the "8000 days".

When Valladares was released in  1982, he settled with the Cubano community in Florida and was appointed Ambassador to the United Nations Commission on Human Rights by President Ronald Reagan.

The Obama administration has treated Valladares the same way ESPN treats Schilling:

It is  worse than any communist totalitarian "party line ".... What you say is not true !(... but-if-it-IS-true-it's-not-important-because-I-don't-want-it-to-be-either-true-OR-important !!!"

The saddest thing is that the man who was once considered the most gallant and pain-proof  athlete in major league baseball APOLOGIZED...for  a "bad move."

Being right is not enough anymore when the rascals and  weasels own all the bullhorns.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Matisya-WHO ?

We would lay all kinds of odds that you have never heard of a rap and hip-hop performer named Matisyahu. 

But his story today lends itself to stunning realization that Jew-Hating, even under the softer sobriquet "anti-Semitism" is alive and well throughout the world... And not confined to the crazies in Iran, Syria, Lebanon, and other night-soil-spots in the Middle East region around the Persian Gulf.

In beautiful Valencia, a jewel in Spain's coronet,  organizers of one of  Europe's most lavish music festivals  have dethroned  Mitisyahu from a premier spot on their program under the guise of  "Boycotting Israel".  Of course there is a multinational group that has pledged to help destroy the nation of Israel by ending any financial investment in any Israeli industry or corporation as well as boycotting all Israeli motion pictures, theater productions and even books.


It now appears that by depriving their audience of Matisyahu's talent, they are just finally showing the true nature of the alleged "principled" boycott of Israel for its "crime" of merely existing.

But it turns out that Matisyuma is not an Israeli. He is an American Jew, subject to acts of nasty hatred and violence only in Brooklyn, California and the District of Columbia. ! 

Certainly, citizens of an area that nurtured, learned from and then put to the torch-and-stake all of Sephardic Jewry  would know better or find an easier softer way. But they are  standing on any pro-Palestinian dais.

They're just Jew Haters and they have taken off their masks just like the German Nazis did after Kristallnacht, launching the Holocaust. 

We have long been absolutely sure that the seed of racial / religious hatred burst into the bitter boycott fruit.

Now this small but eloquent act by some numbskull Spaniards has provided us with the truth.

We don't expect any imminent collapse of the boycotting by the anti-Semitic base at all the universities and colleges in the United States, but at least their cover is "blown" and we now know they don't care about Gaza or the West Bank.

They just hate Jews, totally  or  one at a time.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Who's A Loser ?!

Tuesday, the candidate for the Republican presidential nomination who leads the 17-person "pack" told CNN's Chris Cuomo:
"I am a champion Whiner !"

And thereby hangs a tale. Many people want to dismiss Donald Trump as a "clown".
But in our view, he is what he says he is. He is a name-calling whiner. And what is so remarkable about this man who actually graduated from the Wharton school of Finance (in real estate) at the University of Pennsylvania is he is  almost inarticulate. Among his "you knows" and "like I saids" there is one word he particularly loves and uses to label anyone who disagrees with anything he says--- or thanks.
"Loser" or "total loser"  are the labels that sprinkle his "Tweet" and "ReTweet" musings on all his famous Former Friends.
Another's discourse on this with a full list of DT's "Losers, is  H E R E ! 

Does this recurring habit of narcissistic disparagement disqualify a candidate for the  presidency ? Not if you take a good look at the current chief magistrate. Egomania and the certitude that those who disagree with one are  all "losers" may be a qualifying character trait for servants of the people from now on.  It's been so long since we elected or had appointed a person with tacit "leadership"  potential, we have almost forgotten that the first requirement for leadership is SERVICE.

It appears to some of us that LOYALTY is in sparse supply also, particularly in the Speaker of the House and the Majority Leader in the Senate both of whom are branded as liars and turncoats by Congressman and Senators. Therefore, those of us who decry name-calling as a substitute for principle find ourselves adrift  in a turbulent sea where the hungry and thirsty grab any flotsam or jetsam as though it were a life-saving Angel  or a  floating  sancuary.

Providence tells us we still have a half year until the first primary to clear the matter from our eyes and the cement-like wax from our ears and possibly separate the dross from the pure lode.

But, whining and name-calling  no mater how arrogant, will not serve anyone well.

Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Cindy's Story Wisconsin's Shame

Not enough people are aware of the rich, populist background with constitutional overtones that brought Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker to the attention of  thoughtful Americans.

Walker ran a tight ship, required value for every penny which put him in the crosshairs of the teachers' union and some rogue bureaucrats. He won two elections in one year including a "recall" and defeated his radical left wing attackers in every court case they brought to unseat him. He picked up Democratic and independent support, leaving only the People's Republic of Madison out of his applauding circle.

But the most exciting and THE  MOST  UN-REPORTED events that occurred as "fallout" from Walker's victories, were the jackbooted, battering-ram, dog-killing rampages of radical minded municipal and county police doing  damage to persons and property in harassing conservative- leaning citizens who staunchly and  openly supported Gov. Walker.

Now, the nasty tale  is unfolding !  HERE in THIS story !

In the beginning, four families of  conservaives and Independents joined in telling their stories to National Review Online. At that time, they were all  "John Doe"  because they were frightened for their own safety. Now in the lawsuits against the marauders, one of the complainants, Cindy Archer,has chosen to drop anonymity and personally stare down the offenders in court. Shy with the knowledge that they were in the wrong, the out-of-control law officers have ducked and dodged accountability for several years. Now they face punishment for grave and unjust unconstitutional search and seizure in violation of  human rights guarded by the Constitution. 

It's just as well that it took this long to rip the masks off  these  barbarians. to the extent that the left wing-warped press follows Cindy Archer in court, ( and you shouldn't expect a whole lot) everybody will see what kind of   Wisconsin Scott Walker found when he was elected, how well he fulfilled his promises....And what Wisconsin is like now. We should all be as lucky as they are up there.

Our chapeaux are tipped to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and, as always, to the National Review.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Is It Too Late ?

We predicted this--at least twice !

President Barack Hussein Obama has announced to a continent-wide meeting of African leaders that he can win the presidency for a third term.

This on a day when his Gallup approval rating plummeted to 44% !!!

"I think I am a pretty good president !" he is quoted as saying. 

HERE is the story !

Well, that would take care of the "Hillary" problem and probably it would change the complexion (No Pun Intended) of the Trump challenge.

If  it were not for the matter of a few minor, pesky legal and constitutional issues, could we just all relax from now until November of 2116 ?

Just think about it. Ted Cruz could stop calling Mitch McConnell a liar.... Mike Huckabee would be hard-pressed to link the present administration to "Holocaust" intentions... Jeb Bush could curb his inclination to mutter untruths about Scott Walker, and Carly Fiorina would probably emerge as the only viable un-besmirched Truth-Teller.

How refreshing and Outlook is that ?

What really is unfathomable about all this is: Why did Obama travel to the density of the Dark Continent to float this gassy balloon?  Did he  think somehow that the members of the African Union would "keep a secret" ?

Not really.  Isn't there still enough time for the "Machinery" to smooth the way ?

Certainly "Boo-Hoo" Boehner and  "Murky" Mitch McConnell can be counted on for some heavy lifting and paving of the way ! They've done such a great job of  sabotage on the GOP promises and making naught of  the midterm victories.

Silly  us.  We had all but lost hope that this election would end up with a BANG...instead of a ...w h i m p e r.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Deceit and Surrendeer

What’s wrong with this picture:

John Kerry is negotiating with Iran on their acquisition of nuclear reactor fuel and the lifting of sanctions against the Iranian government

The fact that four Americans are wasting in hellish Iranian prison is never discussed during these so-called “negotiations” from which the United States gets absolutely nothing and the Iranians get everything they want.

In addition the Obama administration releases and sends home to Iran a high level scientist of sensitive background.

What’s wrong with this is that it smacks of treachery.


What is even worse is that when Major Garrett, a CBS  White House correspondent, questioned the president on this matter, he was attacked not only by  O,  but by most of his colleagues at the “news” conference. They accused Garrett of “disrespect” and “embarrassing the president”.  But he was simply seeking a truthful answer— apparently such a rarity in that venue that the rest of the sycophantic Hive was either ignorant, nescient or just stupid.

Or could they be conscious conspirators  in bamboozling the American people ?

 Heaven Forfend !

It is obvious that the total “FIX” is in as far as any responsibility for spreading truthful reports of national importance is concerned by most of the Pinko pre-arranged “press”.

Certainly this is more than a twice told tale, coming from this blog, and maybe it could draw a submissive sigh from one who prefers noncombatant status.

But there are many among us enraged by this tableau of ugliness and deceit.  As a real  fact in life, it scares us to the marrow of our bones— just as does  the slaughter of five servicemen by a Muslim Terrorist   ---all disarmed by the Congress and the Pentagon in “Gun-Free Zones”.

No connection ?   Think again. The Blanket of Megiddo  is  immeasurable.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

NOT "Mimi" but "ME!-ME !"

First of all, we DO realize that our status as walking, talking, composing and ghostly fossil precludes our having expertise on this matter, generally.

But we do have some experience in the workplace, having occupied same for nearly 60 years of our life.

The subject is the fact that more than 60% of "millennial's" (actually workers between 18 and 25) surveyed by competent opinion professionals, stoutly declare they would quit their jobs if their employer restricted or banned their use of  texting  or mobile phone use and access to Twitter and Facebook during working hours.

Is that THEFT or BLACKMAIL ? Or both ?

You can read the whole story from Philadelphia's favorite television news outlet  H E R E !

This should not be the shocking surprise that it is to many of us. It has been noted before by many educators, therapists and  voyeurs of the millennial scene that these young people are really tans-solipsists, if not indeed, children of Onan.

It is agreeably poignant to remember when we scrawled steamy love notes and passed them to our beloved Juliet five seats away in the classroom. Even now it is powerful and captivating for some of us to remember those days and those notes.  

But the parents of these youths who choose sexting and gossip to work necessary to feed their faces ...these parents are similarly addicted, fading themselves into hardwired self -massage. so, what should  we expect ?

Well it's not too difficult to imagine lower productivity and a lot of anger and displacement of allegiance. On the other hand it might not be amiss to wager that some wilted and malleable psychologist or sociologist will pronounce the use of mobile devices conducive to facile and syrupy  labor environments.  Stupidity and sloth always seem to find  their professional enablers.

 Everyone gets a little bit irritated when a cell phone ring tone interrupts a serious discussion of  Jordan Spieth's  golf swing, or a dialogue on which spices should be exploited in Pasta la Bolognese !

But shouldn't we draw the line when Facebook and Twitter undermined the gross national product-- which includes Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and Linkedin ?

Or should we just relax, go soporific and pretend about  the UN-Brave, UN-New, UN- World ?

Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Non-Islam Terror in US is Main Threat ???

The increasingly strident and panic stricken chief magistrate of the United States in the ninth inning of his legacy-building, declared early this week  that bloodthirsty Muslim terrorists are no more a problem here than some unnamed homegrown variety. 

Read and See Video HERE !

One wonders who Obama has in mind here. It is particularly peculiar that he made this weird statement  while presiding over an ISIS strategy confab at the Pentagon. So far his strategy against the beheaders of innocent children has been notoriously limp and limited to sporadic pinpoint bombings.

Pondering the possible suspected All American terrorists we came up with Bubba Watson,the handsome young golfer from North Florida and the University of Georgia who once owned  the "General  Lee" drag racing car emblazoned with the Confederate battle flag on the TV  hit, show "Dukes of Hazzard". 

Or  maybe, he has his crosshairs on the daring  health professional at the  Centers for Disease Control who rated 
him : ." The worst president in our history"... "An amateur"... "A Marxist..."


You may be sure that if pressed,  he would  NOT mention  either of the "undocumented visitors" who recently committed mayhem and murder respectively, after having been deported as illegal "entrants" five and six times.

We can see the sycophantic underground inbred of the  "Homeland  Scourge-ity" racing to make an example of which ever  Cape Hatteras shark has bitten the most bathers !

But there will absolutely be no fuss or bother "profiling" any Arabic speaking among us. You can bet your entire whatever on that !

Monday, June 29, 2015

The Third Box

America's greatest strength sometimes lies in its deepest secrets.

For instance, an organization of black ministers and centrist conservatives in Washington DC is one of the strongest and most influential activist think-tanks AGAINST  gun "control".

CURE  was organized by the eloquent and brainy Ms. Star Parker, who loves to quote the great ex-slave writer-orator Frederick Douglass:

"There are three boxes that guarantee ALL Americans their liberty...the ballot box, the jury box, and ammunition box !"

Parker and others in the video clip you find H E R E describe how the National Rifle Association (NRA) was established as a proof against the abuse and exploitation of freed blacks and for their protection.

My suspicion is that this is just one more TRUTH that the White House and its slavering toadies in the media would much rather not know. 

But sooner or later, a huge majority of Americans of all races and colors and former allegiances will have the scales lifted from their vision. If you hope for this epiphany and wish to hasten it, you might send the information herein to someone you respect. 

Some messages are more equal than others !