Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Who's A Loser ?!

Tuesday, the candidate for the Republican presidential nomination who leads the 17-person "pack" told CNN's Chris Cuomo:
"I am a champion Whiner !"

And thereby hangs a tale. Many people want to dismiss Donald Trump as a "clown".
But in our view, he is what he says he is. He is a name-calling whiner. And what is so remarkable about this man who actually graduated from the Wharton school of Finance (in real estate) at the University of Pennsylvania is he is  almost inarticulate. Among his "you knows" and "like I saids" there is one word he particularly loves and uses to label anyone who disagrees with anything he says--- or thanks.
"Loser" or "total loser"  are the labels that sprinkle his "Tweet" and "ReTweet" musings on all his famous Former Friends.
Another's discourse on this with a full list of DT's "Losers, is  H E R E ! 

Does this recurring habit of narcissistic disparagement disqualify a candidate for the  presidency ? Not if you take a good look at the current chief magistrate. Egomania and the certitude that those who disagree with one are  all "losers" may be a qualifying character trait for servants of the people from now on.  It's been so long since we elected or had appointed a person with tacit "leadership"  potential, we have almost forgotten that the first requirement for leadership is SERVICE.

It appears to some of us that LOYALTY is in sparse supply also, particularly in the Speaker of the House and the Majority Leader in the Senate both of whom are branded as liars and turncoats by Congressman and Senators. Therefore, those of us who decry name-calling as a substitute for principle find ourselves adrift  in a turbulent sea where the hungry and thirsty grab any flotsam or jetsam as though it were a life-saving Angel  or a  floating  sancuary.

Providence tells us we still have a half year until the first primary to clear the matter from our eyes and the cement-like wax from our ears and possibly separate the dross from the pure lode.

But, whining and name-calling  no mater how arrogant, will not serve anyone well.

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