Saturday, February 27, 2016

Child Abuse

Is it permissible to comment on child abuse nowadays ?

Our average parent or grandparent is usually throttled, muted or trashed by educationoids because we did not get a license from a hallowed “teachers indoctrination unit-college” no matter what level of postgraduate achievement we have.

The child abuse to which  I have reference is the sort perpetrated by the president of the United States when he excuses his “swapping” of a murderous terrorist crew for a turncoat traitor by saying that George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Roosevelt all swapped prisoners of war because that’s what happens after a war is over.

Actually, George Washington was not elected president of the United States until five years after the Revolutionary war ended.

Abraham Lincoln was martyred before the end of the Civil War and FDR had his fatal stroke before the end of World War II— in either theater !

This lecture to media bootlickers from an erstwhile “constitutional lawyer” was never challenged at the time it was delivered.

But nevertheless, many defenseless underage, not-yet-citizens will go to their graves believing this drivel  and even argue that it is “delivered truth”.

A more recent profanation was delivered by a presidential candidate, while discussing gun-control, when she said that our  Constitution guarantees each one of us “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness”!


But those words are from the Declaration of Independence, which came nearly 8 years before the Constitution and Bill of Rights were ratified.

Then, too, the Declaration was an enumeration of those gifts of God to mankind which the American patriots believed to be threaten by the British monarchy.

On the other hand, the Constitution was an illumination of structures and personal rights guaranteed by those governmental structures.  These rights are, as we all know now, Civil in nature, not “natural” or bestowed by a Creator.

It is at least one citizen’s understanding that it is almost criminal— whether by intentional obfuscation or by nescience or ignorance, to mislead even the smallest Town Hall audience on such salient truth.

But I guess that’s all we can expect from a lawyer who was fired from her first government job for unethical misconduct.

When...O when will the degradation of our brilliant National  History end ?