Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Style-Book Nonsense

Possibly, few but me will comsider this important, but here it is anyway.

If I attempted to fully "document" my complaint, this Cato Blog would contain nothing but "CLICK HERE" notices.

If I were referring to POLITICO or DEMOCRAT UNDERGROUND or MOVEON.ORG, this would be a Dog-bites-Man deal.

The usually unbiased "THE HILL" on Wednesday, in airing the pathetic White House apology to Dr. Charles Krauthammer, used the phrase "conservative columnist" to identify Dr. K.

Why not just WASHINGTON POST Columnist ????

And why does the press and most of the blogosphere universally refer to Rush Limbaugh before his name as "Conservative Talk host" ???

Does everyone in the wasteland, drive-by, Lamestream Media share the same rigid STYLEBOOK on "Identity journalism" ?

Have you ever seen Margaret Carlson, Eleanor Clift, Tom Friedman, E.I. Dionne, Paul Krugman or Eugene Robnson identifioed as "socialist" or "Liberal" columnists ?

Does Crissy Mathews, Al Sharpton, Ed Schultz, Rachel Maddow or (supply YOUR own un-favorite) provoke a description of "Obama enthusiast" or "progressive liberal writer / talker " ???

NO. Never ! They are referred to by employer-centered identification only.

I am not, of course, suggesting conspiracy here. The fact that the AssPress, WaPo, NYTimes, AJC, Chicago Tribune and LATimes along with the White House website, the prsident's press secretary / spokesman ALL do it the same way IS an indication of prejudice and bias dribbling from the same platform.

Do all these people think they are ALL-powerful and that they can bend the minds of their attentive consumers ?

And where did they get the concept that the word "CONSERVATIVE" is negative or dirty, anyway ?

Why from their college professors, of course. And like insects they live in a "Hive" and thrive on incest and cannibalism as such animals must.

Is this a small thing ?

When all civilization is in play?

You must grasp an opinion like a cactus. My nettle says NO...It's very Big.