Thursday, October 19, 2017

Inescapable Consequence

Great Britain’s national health service is banning  surgery for smokers and the obese.

The news came to me via The Telegraph, which I read every day because it does not manipulate straight news stories or twist facts to bully or brainwash readers.

The decision was made by executives of the socialized medicine network after a meeting in Hertfordshire.

To support the fiat, NHS managers cited the high mortality rate of obese patients and cigarette smokers during surgery. It has long been accepted knowledge in medical circles worldwide that these two “divisions” of surgical candidates are, after all, the very poorest "pool" in  terms of survival.

In the United States, where it appears that medical patients as well as slavering attorneys are poised in every instance to pounce on any clinician that fails to produce a miracle, we might very well see similar restrictions seep into insurance contracts and healthcare networks’ policies .

The prediction here is that if and when someone in the United States proposes withholding  surgery from smokers and fat people, the first contentious caterwauling from the Uber PC  media will be:


Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Society's Harvest of Decadence

What does a snot-nosed arrogant conspirator against honesty have in common with a sleazy casting couch bully misogynist ?

They both invaded my consciousness over the weekend and sucked America's social culture to a new, lower status--- today as well as historically.

James O' Keefe, founder of   Project Veritas  disrobed the younger of the two, (Name of  Nicky Dudich),  capturing him on camera boasting of his dirty tricks in both the 2008 and 2012 presidential campaign, claiming to be "undercover" for ex-FBI director Bob Comey as an "Antifa Punk" as well as Comey's  "Godson" !

Dudich now works for the New York Times  twist-editing videos the same way he did for candidate Obama and  president Obama. AND for  ANTIFA, the conspiracy. This sewer-urchin obviously has no personal truth either. A collection of his forebears told O'Keefe they have no knowledge or acquaintance of Comey.

As an employee of the Old Grey Lady Prevaricator,  Dudich cannot even speak coherently or clearly.

Not foreign, but fifth grade:  "Like I, you know, was, like, really tight with jim. We, like, hung, y' know ?" 

Having honed his expertise as an apparatchik of the Left in its war of disinformation, he now presides over "strategic" videos for the Slimes on  Twitter and Facebook (plus Instagram and Linkedin, one supposes). ALL subversion. And he really knows how to spill the beans on his past and present employers. Check him out HERE!

Dudich  is a long way from Harvey Weinstein (Nicky is still gainfully employed.)  But they are peers in setting a new sub- earthly standard of  tooting the horn of Obloquy  and creating subhuman standards of behavior in the American landscape and social milieu.

No less a source than the New Yorker magazine has come up with a video from the New York Police Department of Harvey Weinstein admitting that he enjoys groping and bullying young starlets as well as seasoned actresses. The New Yorker  called attention to a list of at least 13 women who had stepped out of the shadows to drop a dime on Harvey. Four of his fellow executives and enablers-cum-  accomplices at his companies have resigned and his erstwhile company is hastily changing its name, and probably its stock symbol.

The point here is that there IS and HAS BEEN, for decades a slick, complex, intertwined conspiracy among Big Media, Big Law and Big Hollywood to hide and enable evil bullies above the glass ceilings  and nasty little crooked reporters and editors and the honeycomb  of the mainstream media.

Our playacting ignorance of their essential serial 
 destruction  of the social fabric is a sin for which we will never be forgiven by those who come after us and  face the insuperable task of rebuilding  an honest and trusting society capable of fair and just dialogue.  

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Whut In The Name Of SAM ?

Well-versed as I am in tracking down ghosts, gremlins and imps, let me share my discovery of a new barely discernible invader.
A few of my friends who are fond of the English language, have joined me in recommending that before a graduate of a journalism college be given a job-- particularly if he or she is 35 or younger-- such prospective employee in the communications industry should successfully complete a rigid course in English grammar and be given a free copy of  Strunk & White's  Elements of  Style !
Just now I shared a "breaking"  story with a very cultured professional artist (NOT a rapper) and she could not for the life of  her grasp whether the subject of the story was in sympathy with a group when he resigned his position---OR if  he had quit because he disagreed with them.
The reporting was that bad. The writing (or exposition if you will) was worse than the reporting. I realized that I had reacted to message board comment on the story rather than to the story as it was presented.
Here we have a situation where the weight and value of the report lay in the person's reason for his resignation. That WAS the story, and THAT was missing.
*(It was about a man who had always wanted to have a trained voice so that he could sing the Star-Spangled Banner before a large audience. That was his heart's desire and he realized it two years ago when he was hired by the
Baltimore Ravens to sing the Anthem at every home game.  The explosion of the big social justice war mixing anti-police bias with anti-patriotic fervor tore this man's heart--- and his dream-- to shreds.)* 
Only an awkward  writer without a vestige of sensitivity or sentiment would not understand the singer's  reaction.
But I stumbled on another scary hypothesis.  If the K-12 government skools are dumbing down our children, is it possible that part of the educationooid agenda is to produce high school graduates more poorly equipped than
GED-earners ? Are they so deaf to  language that even my old city editor Sam Cox couldn't scare Ned's First Reader literacy into them ??
If this is the case, then that explains  why so many of the younger   "centrist" and so-called "conservative" writers and TV anchors were reportedly tutored or home schooled.
They don't have space  or  time for garbage and slanted conspiracies.
It is a horrible thing to think. But I'm stuck with it until some trustworthy soul disabuses me.
Sam Cox didn't go to Harvard or Princeton. But he could quote Strunk and White until your eyes rolled.

In the Na

Monday, September 18, 2017

Always the HIDDEN

BREAKING NEWS:  The Australian, on Tuesday reported a primary group of Global Warming scientists have announced their "former" calculations are WRONG! They now say that warming is slower and "we may be able to stop it..."

When "Medidiots" raise hell about the United States pulling out of the "Paris Accord" on  man-made global warming, have you ever known them to mention money ?

Have you ever known them to quantify the "gas-emissions" restrictions imposed on the different countries under the  "Accords ?

Me, neither.

As this is written, empty-headed and clueless punditoids  scream about the present administration's  "contradictory" attitude as regards "Paris".

Just putting aside for the moment the fact that the previous administration illegally "agreed" to the international money pledge and emission controls without the advice and consent of the Congress, it is vital to remember that under the agreement the United States would be required to limit GG admissions to a level nearly four orders lower than China, where the GG admissions are more than three times those in the USA.

Obama also agreed to exorbitant payment of trillions of tax dollars over a period of years to come. This similarly, a monumentally exorbitant number compared to Chinese and Russian  penalties.

But the sly and cute feature of the Paris  Two-Step really lies in the amount of money American businesses as well as taxpayers would be required to expend to meet the unreasonable (and one could add unnecessary) "emission" restrictions..

THIS  punishing bloodletting would clearly give all the other nations (especially China) on the planet a huge advantage  in trade cosmetics and balance.

That is why the Dealmaker-in-Cief  has threatened to leave the accord (along with the fact that he is probably personally skeptical of the GW / CC  hoax,

Then, of course there is the looming Sausage Factory  "approval" by Congress. For you can be sure that unlike his predecessor, this president will submit whatever "accord"  comes our way with alacrity. It always comes down to a subversive conspiracy of  "Cherchez L'Agent" doesn't it ?

THIS JUST IN !!!   Charlie Daniels just  Tweeted that he would make a deal with Al Gore !!!  If Al will give up his swanky personal jet (bought with "warming" hoax money), Charlie will "talk to his cows about cutting down on their  flatulence !

Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Out of Soap ?

We are no longer shocked and surprised when the dumb and blind Liberal press put together a 1300 word hit piece on a corrupt US Senator facing trial— without ever mentioning that said Senator is a main cog in the power structure of the Democratic Party. 

This is exactly what the New York Times did over the weekend when forced to acknowledge the existence of mass corruption charges against the New Jersey Liberal bigwig Robert Menendez.

But David Remnick of the New Yorker magazine, obviously pressing the leftwing envelope constriction, promoted a piece by Benjamin Wallace-Wells that sneered:

“Why does America Need the Cajun Navy ?”

Putting aside momentarily the obvious shame of  historical ignorance about the Acadian Hegira from British Canada to America’s Franco- friendly Louisiana, we must note that, along with the hyphenated last name, the two New Yorker magazine scribblers exactly trademark the snotty, arrogant Marie Antoinette mien that drowned their left-wing burrows with a Hurricane of pure, and arguably multi-partisan Populism !

The Cajun Navy has been around a lot longer than either Remnick or Walace-Wells. It is a part of the warp and woof of maritime Louisiana and Texas along with Mobile and Biloxi adjuncts.

Once upon a time, eons ago, when I was writing a newspaper column, one of my bosses who also posted a daily comment, asked me:

“Are you giving out of “soap” yet ??!!”

 I was quick to answer, “NO WAY, Jack !”

But having watched the would-be president-destroyers in action for the past six months or so, and seeing them reduced to criticizing the First Lady’s footwear, and now finding fault with a nongovernmental, costless (actually PRICELESS )   Congeries of liberty- loving generosity on the part of Unorganized Cheerful Givers, there is more than a small gnawing suspicion that the media mob, suffused with envy and hatred... Is “out of soap”— and just when it  needs some  Lye  to detox its loathsome  lairs.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Usec You r Eyes & Ears

There are no words to describe the heart-chilling reaction to this video of a raging mob of   ill-intentioned and well disciplined enemies of everything the United States of America means to its loyal 300 million citizens.

Beginning in the days when the crowd of  Weather Underground conspirators made bombs that killed themselves as well as policeman, it has been obvious that we have some extremely dangerous brains suffused with murderous anarchy in our nation while we allow absolute freedom of speech. (Except for "fire!" in a packed  theater.)

And now, in the grand proscenium of Berkeley (U. Cal.), we may have a hard precursor of the kindling point.

No room for puny opinions here in this post. We will just leave it to you to contemplate and evaluate your own "feelings" when you hear a rapacious mob that even the pantywaist media named "Anarchist"  chanting:

"No Trump!..No Wall !!...No USA at ALL !!!"

Take a look and listen HERE!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

DESPOILERS... For Sale or Rent

George Orwell, in his prophetic book, 1984 :
 Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.” ...
Now,in a Los Angeles suburb, a lively-looking statue of a smiling priest hanging on to the hand of a small boy was painted all crimson last Sunday night and a white and black Swastika was spray-painted on the child's back.
This identifies the numb illiteracy and ignorance suffusing and condemning the hordes of paid thugs and those intimidated by them  as bookburners, woman / witch killers and zombielike Luddites.
They and their paymasters are so dazzled by their own private rapturous evil that they no longer admit the true meaning of  language other than their  illegible noise of  poorly trained beasts.
Unlike you and me, they are hardwired  to pardon themselves screaming  of "slavery" that has not existed here in the past 152 years.
It is vastly nasty and insulting idiocy for anyone to play around with words like "Fascist" and "Nazi"  in a national community that has been investing the blood of its young generations in the destruction of those two , as well as other totalitarian slave doms since 1941. And before that, in the  1860's.
Those of us who have given our sons and grandsons to the work of international policing and punishment of  the evil are outraged and insulted by the acrobatics of fools, whose handlers KNOW they tempt rage and pray for cowardice with every tumbled icon and expunged  book.
The proper response to all this is not reaction, but a measured diagnosis to reveal the intricacies of the planning and funding behind these riotous cretinous acts.
For this pounding, repetitive uproar that so pleases the empty headed millionaires on television channels is not crafted to just remove a  statue and paralyze a greedy legislative class of weasels. The whole point is to weaken... And then disassemble the Republic  as if it were made of Leggos-- one essential piece at a time.
And if we continue to encourage their shell game... sort of winking at the Bureaucracy Goliath while we dismiss every David that appears, we will join all the sad losers who bowed their heads and welcomed the implacable history of Hegel and Marx, having no bitter history of our own anymore from which we shudda, cudda learned.

Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Or Is It Fear ?

The mind rebels against holding the concept of liberal, progressive orthodoxy  engaging in apologetics and downright approval of Islamic law that requires honor killings of little girls raped and ritual mutilation of  female toddlers'  genitalia.
In a nation–- and in a time–- wherein every long-held aspiration of women has been accepted and fulfilled on almost every corner of our communities in the United States, it is fair and even vital that we ask ourselves what kind of Omni-Standard of approval can any subset of our society adopt to accept these bloody practices in the name of “diversity”.
It is not as though there are no legal restraints on butchery and murder of the innocent.
And there is a great deal of historical decision against evil doing camouflaged as religious activity. The wholesale slaughter by fire of “witches” in the pre-nation American colonies is well documented as are the legal redresses for such maniacal mass murder of innocent souls.
In this second decade of the 21st century, is it possible that some of our most permissible progressive rule-benders are  sowing the seeds of social destruction giving a pass to extremist zealots on track to obliterate the meaning of “America” ?

A faulty memory says  it was Edmund Burke who warned that bending one’s knee to a Zealot is fatal.  That might be the final consequence for a nation as well as for sweet innocence of heart.... Or craven  Fear.

Wednesday, August 02, 2017

SMU Sadly Smug ?

Southern Methodist University apparently does not deserve recognition as "Southern" or "Methodist" or "University".

Its admistrative authorities in Dallas  have barred the  Young Americans for Freedom from "planting"  nearly 3000 American flags on the main quadrangle of the campus to memorialize Islamic attacks that killed that many in the World Trade Center September 11, 2001.

The demonstration, which has proceeded decorously for the past eight years, was deemed by the SMU power structure to be "possibly hurtful" and "triggering" to frighten or discomfort some in the  "SMU community".

It is certainly within the purview of a private school to "police" its environment.

It is also the right of Methodists and other philanthropists everywhere to temper their generosity with common sense in the future.

This is the same "University" that trashed a Texan named Smith for heroic action in a volatile situation on the assumption that "Smith" was white and did injury to a nonwhite.

It turned out that "Smith" was an American-born of Asian extraction (a much smaller and more vulnerable "diversity" group).

But, inthe USA,  Academe has morphed into a sissy / prissy Fascist determinism promising to trample and erase any evidence anywhere of glorious and gleeful  free expression.

And how many of these acrobatic atheistic  arbiters know that their ilk and the expunging from power of their ilk were the primary reasons for the establishment of the first  "University" in old Padua, centuries and centuries ago ?

Friday, July 28, 2017

Can You FRY a Leak ?

Leakers of the Swamp, UNITE !  You have nothing to lose but your drips !

A leak from within the Justice Department (which is now investigating leaks) says  the Leaker-in-Chief  may be James A. Baker,  General Counsel of the Federal Bureau of  Investigation (part of the Justice Department) for having leaked secret and classified information or documents to press and media, thus undermining FBI investigations into leaks.

The savvy news outlet Circa  which has had more than its share of 'scoops"  (by way of leaks) was the source of the revelation, basing the story on leaks from "sources wishing to remain anonymous, familiar with the impending investigation."

While we may approach this development with a smidgen of levity, it may well be, as they say in DC,  "YUGE !!!!"

On the other hand, somebody somewhere is going to have a celebration investigating the Justice Department's investigative arm investigating itself and its top lawyer.

You may not see this aired on your expensive cable lineup anywhere, and there is no reason to believe any of the print media in their death spiral will be disposed to report a story about the investigative arm of the government's investigative arm attempting to plug "leaks".

Any illegal or subversive  "leaking" is always applauded by the media, especially that phalanx of the media in receipt of the sneaky skinny.

It is First Amendment cash and carry time for the pundits and op-ed wizards, no matter the hint of  venalirt or greed involved.

On the other hand, it may be that this fish is too big not to exploit... And...  F R Y  !

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Anatomy of Subversion

Just in case there is someone out there who does not  believe there is a nationwide conspiracy of writers, editors, photographers, cartoonists, television anchors and their bosses all of whom are closely locked in an allied, incestuous bestiality , there emerged last week a carefully collected and annotated "anatomy" of the infected left wing conspiracy that has grown and blossomed in plain sight while US citizens overdosed on political correctness for its own sake.

Old school newspaperman and purely directed early television "announcer" reporters generally eschewed the sobriquet "journalist".  My two nationally known favorites were Merriman Smith of United Press and David Brinkley of NBC. They called themselves "newsmen".

They would just as soon have led recruiting for a a snake handling cult as they would have announced a partisan opinion.

There was a story about Ann Coulter raising the roof with Delta Air Lines for moving her out of an upgraded "comfort" seat. (She is six feet tall.) The wire story (AP or Reuters) started off:  "Conservative author Ann Coulter...."

Now, reflect...Have you EVER seen a news story that began: "Liberal writer Maureen Dowd.." Or "Progressive pundit Chris Matthews..." ??? And while you will always see Newt Gingrich gratuitously pigeonholed as "arch-conservative former House Speaker", you will NEVER  hear or see Terry McAuliffe nailed as "wild eyed liberal" and not even on the most reactionary website with you ever see New York's Mayor outed as "Neo-Anarchist Bill DeBlasio" .

I am appending a link to John Sexton's paragraph-verse-chapter account of the innards of the media conspiracy that obliterated from the electorate's consciousness the Spectre of Jeremiah Wright goddamming America in 2008. Get it  HERE .

Admittedly,  I haven't searched around to see if  THE JOURN-O-LIST is still around. I doubt it because over the past eight or nine years, the operation of the HIVE  has become so all-pervading, that its members no longer need a meeting place. They all have each other's secret, unlisted, undocumented, almost invisible iPhone numbers and destinations.

My best friend and I used to talk about the Clinton or Obama talking points arriving "over the transom" every morning.  As any FOOL  can plainly see, the Serpents  coil and writhe, and coordinate  their venomous, truthless  attacks 24 / 7 / 365.

I see. 

Saturday, July 08, 2017

The Pure and Mighty Rot

The best thing that nonagenarians do is reminisce. Surviving more or less alone most of the time provides ample opportunity for colorful memories.

My subconscious must have been working overtime, when I took off my headphones (from listening to a book) and somehow or other was reminded of Bernard Shaw, the great African-American journalist who personified dignity and unflappability as a CNN anchor during the late 20th century.

When I think of Bernard Shaw, I always think of John Holliman, a young agricultural stringer who got caught in Hurricane Gilbert, and did such a great job of on-site reporting, he was our eyes and ears at the bloody Tiananmen Square  massacre, and finally the old pro globe circler New Zealander Peter Arnett.  These three were on the roof of the nine story hotel in Baghdad from which they reported the shock and awe hellstorm of 90,000 tons of missiles and bombs that fell on Baghdad. 

They did it without the twitch of whisker--- except that I remember Shaw, the oldest of them, dived under a table at one point, then went to the basement only to return after he gave  out of  cheese-whiz with which he entertained  Saddam's lackeys who were also bunkered.

I was 66 at the time and I wondered to my sweetheart Betts, "what the hell that old man is doing over there ?!"  (Shaw had an interview with Saddam Hussein scheduled. He was a prescient fellow.)

In my apprenticeship as a reporter, I covered the poisoning death of 119 moonshine  enthusiasts at the hands of a dumb bootlegger who added a drum of methyl alcohol to his 
popskull white lightning for extra profit. I covered the Savage tornado near Warner Robins that killed 19 and damaged the airbase. I was the United Press reporter on the scene at the capitol for Georgia's two-governor / three-governor comic opera. I gathered quotes from every statehouse elected official the day that the school desegregation decision came down in 1953. 

But I never got my self a shot at a war, and looking back at CNN's preparation for the siege of Baghdad is very instructive. They had four redundant lines dedicated to relay audio and video when all the other journalists, wire services, papers and networks had  to depend on telephone lines--- which were a little less reliable than "iffy" during the bombardment, and the ensuing occupation.

I guess what I'm saying is that at that time as an old newshound and lover of journalism, I believed that John Holliman, Bernard Shaw and Peter Arnett  were the luckiest journalists on earth to be working for Ted Turner's CNN.

Now, the once- non-pariel diadem of news reporting is reduced to defending itself ON-AIR for having threatened-- in effect, extorted or blackmailed---a private citizen who bounces around  the Internet just like me.

It just makes me sad and angry. Not because of any difference in political opinion with  the Zucker-led  outfit, but because the recent history of the polluted information conduit is fulfilling a prophesy made by my dearest friend, the late Ray Moore.

"When professionals turn their backs on their craft to  hustle and grovel so as  to change or twist folks' minds, the whole world dies a little.... And a little more."

This isn't the first time that I'm glad I left journalism school and spent my last year and a half with philosophy and English composition professors.  It is  easier to dodge copious blame by association, because it's really getting hopelessly  dishonest out there, all the way to what used to be "The Top".

Saturday, July 01, 2017

Reflect on the Fourth

Midsummer celebration of July 4, was casual and scattered in my hometown in my early years.

Fireworks were bootlegged and I don't remember parades after my uncle Roy Wilson died because he was the closest I came to World War I (Except that I was born just seven years after it--- and just 60 years after "THE WAH" between the states.) 

But in my family,, the first concept I had of July 4 was my grandfather describing a packed room of men in Philadelphia in 1776 (which might as well have been 1500 B.C.E. in my head. The way Vick told it, this was a collection of fairly literate gentlemen who were ready to fight their King for their personal and private "rights"s as well as their constitutional and international "Liberty". 

He mixed a metaphor so to speak because he characterized their collective sentiments as being the same as the indomitable Scot Richard Rumbold, who said just before he was hanged:

"I could never believe that some men were born Saturday and bridled and other men born booted and spurred to ride them..."

So I didn't have a desperate "praise the Lord and pass the ammunition" feeling about the fourth as a child, that others absorbed. When I first saw James Montgomery Flagg's depiction of Uncle Sam, it excited me somewhat because it was so portrait- like.

I think it was my teacher Miss Berta McCurdy who told me that the original Uncle Sam was a New York businessman who sold beef to the Navy during the war of 1812 and all of the boxes were stamped U.S, and the Navvies christened him "Uncle Sam". 

We have always enjoyed fireworks and look forward to barbecue, especially after we learned not to use tomato essence on the cooking meat and to take it slow and easy starting out with hot ashes and ending up hours later with coals.  Homebrew almost frozen made the hours slide by.

An important point about July 4 is one my father-in-law  Ralph Pierce laid down: "Never buy or consume watermelon until after the Fourth !"

It shreds my soul and drowns my eyes when I know that somewhere in the United States on the fourth of July, someone will damage or destroy an American flag. There will be some selfish dystopian  oaf who will sit or lie on his belly and close his eyes during the Pledge of Allegiance.

I can't do anything about that. It will all grind down exceeding fine for them in the end.

It is for us the quick and living who feel safer and more free because of those gallant men who offered, on history's altar their "lives, fortunes and sacred honor" in defines of tyranny, for us.  

Maybe, remembering, we can accept the debates that fuel the glue factory of legislatures, with the empirical evidence that Uncle Sam is the symbol for the longest surviving Republic and the most senior written and published Declaration of Independence and Constitution on this planet.

We do  not make this a priority  nowadays the way my Granddaddy did.   Who is going to value and salvage  America's tomorrows ?

Sunday, June 25, 2017

None So Blind

We are all aware of the old postulate that one definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and over the same way, with the certainty that the results will be more rewarding in some  distant reputation.

Sen. Chuck Grassley pointed out that though his fellow "Chuck", Sen. Schumer, had been advised by Department of Justice attorneys as well as by intelligence directors that Pres. Trump was not, is not, and never has been the focus of  investigation regarding Russia influencing the 2016 election.

Yet because Schumer got that information behind closed doors he felt free---( if not indeed entitled) to  lie to the New York Times and CNN by continuing to claim that the probers had Trump in their crosshairs. Even after Sen. Grassley called him a liar and everybody within the DC Beltway knew about it, Schumer continued the practice.

When one of your liberal Democrat friends looks wanly in your direction and asks "why oh why can we not win an election anymore... We are zero- for-four since November..." You may reply, with impunity: "because your Party is crazy with liars for leaders and a conspiring truthless media".

The nearest you will ever get to balanced nonpartisan reporting on Washington in Washington is at THE HILL, where good investigative journalism thrives. They also have exclusive access to surveys by the Harvard/Harris group. (Lou Harris, beginning 70 years ago, wrote the book on polling methodology and statistics. And it goes without saying that Harvard University is not going to Kow-Tow to any right wing blandishments !  Here is an excerpt from the Hill:

Those are the findings of the latest Harvard-Harris poll, provided exclusively to The Hill, which paint a complicated picture of voters’ opinions about the myriad probes that have engulfed the White House.

Sixty-four percent of voters said the investigations into President Trump and Russia are hurting the country. Fifty-six percent of voters said it’s time for Congress and the media to move on to other issues, compared to 44 percent who said the focus should stay on Russia.

Of course, YOU could have told them that.  Even before Karen Handel whipped his Ossoff.  But the liberal DemonRats  have been in a bubble now for a long time...A bubble blown by the  Clintons and their entourage (Begala, Emanuel and McAuliffe)  and made opaque by the Obama era.

As this is written,  there are signs that some of them are scraping off the opacity, and seeing the rot of  Nancy and Lying Chuck.

But the smart money says the mainstream media giants will be the last to admit that everything since the summer of 2016   REALLY  DID  HAPPEN !

Sunday, June 04, 2017

Scam of Uncle Sugar ENDS !

It helps if you like popcorn... Like the lady on the psychiatrist's couch, who pled guilty to loving popcorn. 

"Oh yes, Dr. Schnauzer," she squealed. "If you like popcorn the way I like popcorn you must come over to my house. I have TRUNKS full !!! In fact, I have an ATTIC  FULL !" 

Great sufficiencies of popcorn are necessary these days to ward off insanity when you see a panel of morons on CNN asking one another what could possibly be "the motivation" for the London Bridge terrorist attacks. 

Or you could switch over and see a talking head swoon in disbelief and argue with a guest who reveals that the climate "Accord" President Trump opted out of actually would have cost the United States billions of dollars annually, with no expense at all for the other "signees". 

Along this line of thinking, we have two very dear friends who live right on the ocean. The Algorians who have conned and scamnmed huge chunks of cash with their great hoax almost had my friends convinced that the water was going to rise and soak up all their homes and liveoak trees. One of them is still pretty shaky on this point. The other has done some homework that involved looking into the motivation of these blood-swollen ticks on the body of the earth, who meet several times a year at "G-20", "G-8" and so on. Usually disguised Bilderrbergers. 

He tells me now that he is convinced that these "G" meetings are NOT held to improve conditions in Botswana, Yemen and Laos. It is obvious to my friend that these global economic confabs have more to do with blackmailing Uncle Sugar for more loot to subsidize their shabby economies.

If it is difficult for a citizen to understand why so many people scoff at the Paris Treaty, a look at the pig that squealed loudest is informative.. 

Germany's automobile exports are certainly the country's prime product. When compared on a unit for unit basis, German automakers (who have a protective organization labeled with some capital letters like a government agency) cannot compete with US, Korean and Japanese cars. 

Under the Paris climate Accords, as well as other darkly complicated sanctions, the "gap" of competitiveness would have been closed. THAT, rather than compassion, sympathy, empathy and fear of rising oceans, had multiple applications under the Paris tricky deal. 

In almost any multinational deal that puts on the royal raiment of religion that the theory of man-made global warming has assumed, it is always thus: 

Follow Uncle Sam's money. 

(And while the Europeans indulge in theatrical Hara Kiri to "shame" us, they are back-channel begging us for cheap "surplus" natural gas for their homes and industries.....What two-faced weasels !.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Rout the Reptiles !

About 30 years ago, immersed in addiction studies and designing treatment protocol in a medical practice, we were faced with a serious dilemma.  A member of the staff was behaving erratically to the detriment of facility “culture” and we ferreted out (detected) that said staffer was high on speed at the workplace, where she had some supervisory duties.

Of course, it had to be reported to the chief executive and owner of the health clinic. Then; high level investigation took place.  A trap was set, the staffer’s guilt was established and termination followed.  In those days there was a time-release speed capsule and the subject maintained a pocketful.

Between the time the damming report was made and the exit scene, various vindictive activities took place, the most amazing of which was the introduction of two nonpoisonous grass snakes into the room where we saw patients and families.  Fortunately , the serpents were in full view when we arrived, and not difficult to catch barehanded. They were less than 2 feet long, and almost tame. A fellow worker later  said the avenger’s paramour supplied the snakes.  We just released them in the parking lot, without comment or fanfare.

All this happened quite a while before crazed crooks learned how to cook asthma medication into “crank” to push cocaine into a loftier economic and social stratum.

Our intent in reporting the offender was to protect the practice and its patients—Not just to “snitch” on another. It was a positive, protective effort.

We were  reminded of this when we read about some students at Kellogg community college in Grand Rapids Michigan, who were handing out mini-book complete editions of the United States Constitution, when they were arrested on orders from the institution's authorities.  The purveyors of the founding document were members of Young Americans for Liberty.  They were acting to counter what they terrned the school administration's anti-free-speech policies.

These lovers of the United States and its solid foundations did not run away from the evil, boa constrictor  grasp of the “authorities”.

With swift insouciance the YAL  asked Michigan courts to expunge the arrests and restrain the school authorities from further infringement of their constitutional rights to donate free copies of the United States Constitution to anyone who wants / needs one.

There’s no need for things to get bloody.  Just chase the snakes out and drain the swamps.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Impeach A Leech Reach ?

It has not escaped the old geezer's attention that a great many of these illiterate young reporters writing about "impeachment"  don't even know the difference between an IM-peach and a CLING-peach...AND that they were  yet unborn in 1980 and were still swaddling when Bill Clinton was impeached in the 1990s.
But Wild Waters from the Left Coast  is not the only screamer the Republic has had in the last 30-something years to fall madly in lust with the big "I" word.
By the count of Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit, various Democrat  vocalists-- sometimes in chorus and sometimes solo, have begged for the impeachment of every Republican
president since Ronald Reagan, who was threatened with impeachment before he had spent a year in office.
Oh yes,  the frothy-mouthed  hard left partisans have set up a caterwaul at least seven times in the last 35 years threatening impeachment of the nation's commander-in-chief in 1981, 1983, 1984 (Reagan); 1991 GHW Bush); and in  2004, 2005 and 2007  (Dubya Bush).
The Democrat partisans were mostly silent in the mid-90s when their president, William Jefferson Clinton WAS impeached by the House of Representatives and let off the hook by  the Senate. (It had something to do with soiling a blue dress.)
Many of us who remember all of this fruitless and fanatical fury to impeach Reagan and the Bushes cannot recall the specific complaint, but it all added up to the fact that the three GOP chief executives were... well... Breathing!!
In impeaching federal officials, the lower house of Congress brings impeachment articles and the Senate holds the trial and "disposes". 

We did some research on those impeached and convicted over the years, and found one strange anomaly of Wikipedia.  The Internet's sometimes sloppy but always available research resource  lists every high-level federal official found guilty by the Senate since 1788....EXCEPT  ONE !
That one is Alcee  Hastings, who now represents Miami-Dade Florida in Congress, despite the fact he was impeached and found guilty of bribery ($150,000) committed less than 
two years after his appointent to the federal district court bench for southern Florida by  Jimmy Carter.
Agile Alcee, as he is fondly known, avoided punishment in the South Florida courts, but fell victim to an outraged press, led by the then- fearless- and- distinguished Miami Herald.
"High crimes and misdemeanors" is the phrase used as criterion for charging and punishing in pursuit of impeachment. Almost all of those convicted of impeachment charges have been guilty of bribery-conspiracy involving  large sums, and in the past two or three decades, RICO racketeering charges.
So far as our research is concerned, no one has been successfully impeached and convicted for just being elected to high office... So don't bet the farm !!! 

Wednesday, May 10, 2017


There is already, moving across the land, a bogus  wailing and gnashing of teeth over President Trump's dismissal  of feckless FBI director Jim Comey, a missfit from day one. The only thing impressive about him was his size: 6'8". Otherwise he stacked up as just another Manhattan shyster.

The Federal Bureau of investigation has been in need of a culture transfusion for some time. Comey  did not possess the needed quality or quantity of  sanguine boldness.

One of my dearest friends and confidants supplied me with a sad commentary on the Comey FBI that has nothing to do with Hillary, Huma, the Weenie, Putin or DJT .

Just read this:

     To me, we need no more insight into the FBI under Comey than the Orlando nightclub massacre and the recent shooter in Ft. Lauderdale airport.

Prior to the terrorist slaughter in Orlando, a gun-store owner contacted the FBI to alert them that the man had come into his store wanting to buy bulk ammunition and military-grade body armor. The FBI did nothing.

The airport terrorist, who told the FBI in Alaska that he was receiving transmissions in his brain from ISIS, was briefly "investigated". The Feebies  then returned his weapon to him and put him on the flight to Florida.

Therefore let there be no bogus weeping at the bier...No Saurian sobbing. This big, vacant-faced  self promoting oaf  had neither leadership or investigative credentials. And, if  there was ever a big galoot "in over his head:" and woefully inept at covering  his arse, J.C are HIM.

What we need is blessed assurance of protection FROM  his ilk henceforth.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Shining Pragmatic Path

"The difference between my two sons," the old winemaker confided, "is that when Aaron sees unhharvested grapes, he curses at the sky... But Bruno sees only the profit from raisins !"

And so it will probably be with the scurrilous  US  media conspiracy, when it learns that Russia has decided to work WITH America's ally coalition in Syria.

The confused and conflicted reporters and columnists of the fifth-column-Estate, which can't make up its fevered minds whether President Tump is a secret agent of Russia's Putin or a raging cowboy taking us to an Asian war. They  could learn much if they would just shut up and listen.

For instance, on Saturday, Sergei Lavrov, the Russian foreign affairs boss, confided that the Kremlin would now be seeking ways to work with the United States and its allies in Syria, rather than in opposition. 

You may read the whole story reported by "Sundance"  in the Conservative Treehouse Last Resort.  HERE.

This is obviously the result of brilliant pragmatic gamesmanship by Pres. Donald J.Trump and his Secretary of State "T-Rex" Tillerson.

Incidentally, save Sundance and the Treehouse to your Favorites  They are GOLDEN.

Probably the most important thing other than getting the Gorsuch nomination through the Senate, was Trump's trade detente with China's XI, which led to China's abandonment of North Korea and the subsequent "failure" of North Korea's ballistic missile tests.

This playing out of power-chess gamesmanship is a performance absolutely foreign to and unimaginable to the adolescent vacuities of the immediately former administration. It's the sort of thing Reagan or Roosevelt or Churchill ore Thatcher would come up with.

In my small corner it will produce an unseemly display of mirth. 

R O F L M A O....

Tuesday, April 11, 2017


Here's a heads-up  for the NAACP, the Urban League, the Congressional Black Caucus and Black Lives Matter:

Muslims, right now as we breathe, are capturing, imprisoning, torturing and SELLING migrant blacks from West Africa daily for from $200-$500 "a head" in Libyan communities. Some, of course, are sold into sex slavery. Others to die laboring.

This has been going on since the late 1700s and early 1800s, when Libyans and Tunisians were called "Barbary Pirates" and ran an equal opportunity worldwide slave market, mostly comprised of white European victims.

United States discouraged the Pirates in its first international role as "policeman-to-the-world, invading the North African coast with its brand-new Navy and ending the piracy horror.  Temporarily.

At that time, the North African Muslims flaunted  their piracy based slave trade.  Despite the harsh interruption by the United States, slavery in that region has continued, but more subtly practiced as time goes by. (No Casablanca pun intended!)

This story, which was reported worldwide by the BBC, Yahoo, Agence France Presse and documented by the United Nations, can be consumed  HERE.

You probably will not hear or see it on your television screen or in your local fish wrapper. It is not politically correct. Like all other indications that the brutish depravity of a worldwide ideological plague is gaining rather than losing force is just too much for the liberal left to digest-- much less regurgitate.

It is almost harshly  fitting that we attend the fact that murderous slavery still thrives under the protection of mosques and Suras while we, the civilized, offer our hearts, minds and souls to the total peace and generosity of Passover and Easter blessings.

Tuesday, April 04, 2017


As a former newspaperman, it is difficult to construct a way to think about the fact that the major non-cable television networks-- in their United Way-- chose to ignore the Bloomberg News and Fox News  scoop about Obama's  security adviser Susan Rice ordering all our spooks  to send her complete spreadsheets on all the Trump personnel they had in their web of spying on American citizens. The "spreadsheets" were revealed Tuesday by U.S. Attorney Joseph di Genova.
Why should I be surprised that these same networks that summarily disdain the United States Constitution,  shelters a woman who used  the IRS to harass and shut down nonpartisan think tanks, AND look the other way when an U.S. Attorney General tacitly approved gunrunning by federal agents that ultimately led to the death of one such agent ?
Why should we be surprised when these left-wing America- hating media giants coddle a lawbreaker when they have already hidden malign activities of the same person when she lied to the United Nations and the American people by claiming that a radical Muslim raid that killed our   ambassador and three other Americans in Benghazi Libya was "the result of a video mocking  the prophet Mohammed" ?
This latest chart of nefarious activity may be gossamer camouflage  for a sickness in our national communications conduits that only a judicial  scalpel can "fix".
Don't hold your breath until legislative committees mangle the language and obfuscate the issues. Only when somebody has enough guts and precience to call for a special grand jury and a special prosecutor/counsel to do some bloodletting investigation and brutal indicting will we get relief...and justice.
The powers that move these America-haters brush off Congress and its subpoenas like the wild animals of Africa brush and blow away flies. 
There is a pattern, if one pauses and looks carefully.  It is almost as architectural as Kubler-Ross'  levels of grief.
When something like the election of Donald J. Trump or the malignity of Lois Lerner, Eric Holder or Susan Rice comes along, these Hummers in the Hive first pretend it did not happen.
Then they say if it happened it was the best thing that could have happened, and they go about picking up motes  and bypassing the fecal matter.
Next, they attack the discloser  of the Emperor's Nekkidness. (In the present case, that would be Mike Bloomberg's news service and the largest newspaper in America, the Wall Street Journal  and the cable news service (Fox)  that attracts three times the viewership of its rivals, and sometimes  it eclipses the old alphabets.
We haven't seen the Hive get its total  comeuppance.  Yet.
But I do believe that time of redemption for the Honorable, and reckoning for the Deceitful may be coalescing as we breathe.

Sunday, March 26, 2017


California  Governor Jerry "Moonbeam" Brown on Sunday announced for national consumption, his provincial  dictum that a border wall or any other effort to dissuade lawbreaking border crossings is "Un-Christian".

Without spending any time on what disaffection for Mr. Brown will pour forth from the antireligious TV network  Pooh-Bahs  and God-haters in the rest of the media,  it is only fair to position him in the same globalist fantasy world with his fellows who believe no one  can  successfully defend love of country... Or in many cases, love of one's own property.

We have come a long way since most of the world's people joined to punish Germany, Italy and Japan for taking land to which they had no claim historically or legally.  In about 77 years, we've advanced to the summit of solipsism. " What I say is mine IS mine and you have no say !"  

The answer from the dollar-driven  allies who endorsed those who break the law by entering the United States without consent or count by  ICE officials often is to point out that the mass Sneak-Incursion is simply a rollback of the Louisiana and Gadsden purchases with a armored helmet tip to all the Conquistadores, including Santa Anna and Pancho Villa, who last threatened with arms, not night-stalking !

"It's our land !... We're just finally HOME!" Is the threnody of  La Rasa.

And anyone would have to be graveyard dead not to get a chill up and down the spine from the intensity of the flag burnings by the illegal aliens.

Too often, the mush brained Jerry Browns  who make their skillful heart melting  case for pretending that these masses are not indeed scofflaws,  magnetize the idle; affluent  citizenry.  That is a good sign.

But, might not a person who enters a country without its permission also tend disown other laws of long-standing protecting that country's  schools and homes ?

And if, for instance, to such grown-up lawbreakers reaped and  sexually assaulted in every way possible two 13-year-old girls in  a Montgomery County Maryland junior high school, would it be appropriate or proper for a school authority  to damn complaining parents as "just  racist"?  Should such reaction   be considered even "human" ?

And my question, which has  not been answered in any new story is:  "What in the name of Montgomery County Maryland were two grown males doing with access to these children and a  privy room to exploit for their butchery ?

Fair enough that they so completely validate the word "illegal".

Maybe someone could arrange for Governor  Brown to pray with a wounded Maryland girl-child.

Friday, March 17, 2017

RAAAAAAAAAACIST COLORS: Red~ Whjite~Blue...Really ?

Probably the story would never have attracted attention if it had not been "sluggedd" with the call letters WHO.

That's where Ronald Reagan had his breakthrough job re-creating the Chicago Cubs games on the Des Moines, Iowa Clear Channel radio station. The station in the mid-50s and 60s and early 70s was a favorite when we traveled to the three Canadian Prairie provinces to write about  pointing breed field trials on the prairies of Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba where southern trainers took their strings to train and compete on a plethora of game birds. 

Before you got out of Indiana and into Wisconsin and Minnesota,  WHO was the station to listen to because it was clear and entertaining over the expanse of the Great Lakes states and the Dakotas.

Obviously, WHO retains all of the characteristics that made it one of the four or five most forward looking diseminators of information available in the great Midwest.

They still do not mix in any political partiality or twisted bias in reporting the news.

This story that took my breath away was about a basketball game played between two Iowa high school teams --- very serious rivals.

One of the teams, Valley High,  had cheerleaders and musicians dressed in new outfits of red, white and blue ensemble.  They were very active in exhorting their fans and supporting their basketball  quintet.

Apparently everyone enjoyed their performance.  Valley High won the game by two points, 55-53.

Only then did the other team's school administrators  and coaching staff demand an apology from Valley High school for its "ugly, bigoted racism" evidenced by the red white and blue colors they wore. 

An executive of the complaining school went so far as to say that "any levelheaded adult would feel threatened and offended"   by the patriotic display of the USA flag colors.

If this had happened in New Mexico or California where the illegal aliens flood the schools, welfare offices, food stamp  "banks", emergency rooms  and homeless shelters, some citizens might just shrug and  roll  eyes as they did when hundreds of thousands of  illegal alien sneaks  and  scofflaws, voted in  the United States presidential election.

But, IOWA ??

We can only sadly remember the words of a courageous American commenting on the sprawling criminality of Nixon's many-splendored  gang:

"There is a cancer eating away at the vitals of this nation !!"

Only this time the partisan blind cannot see and therefore cannot read, recite or recognize the word "ILLEGAL"  or evaluate their own  nescience / ignorance.

There is no wonder that a majority of Americans fear for the security and safety of their children every morning when they go to government skools peopled and promoted by a coterie of educationoids with no values and no shame.


Tuesday, March 07, 2017


Why is this man laughing ?

Could it be he is watching a video of the U.S.  media and democrat weasels being outsmarted by a "crazy" new president of the United States ?

Since the new president nailed his predecessors, catching them red-handed spying on him,  the Dem / Media Conspiratorial Complex has hushed dramatically about alleged Russian "hacking" of  the 2016 election. Why is That ?

Because it never happened. The only "hacking" of the election ws apparently done by U.S. intell;igence officials.

This was revealed in a huge mother lode of secret correspondence "outed" by WIKLEAKS  Tuesday.

It will be a while before all this is brought to light by our national legislature. But, as the new  Homeland Security chief, John Kelly  said (also on Tuesday), POTUS would never have opened the Pandora's Box without firm evidence . Part of that evidence, ironically is a New York Times story last January 19. 

There is a lot to be investigated here.  Haven't yoyu always wondered what message  Attorney General Loretta Lynch divulged to Bill Clinton on their airport tarmac meeting ?

One thing is obvious.  The charge against the newly elected president and his agents that they played footsie with Russins during election 2016 is an issue that the DeepState would just as soon forget...and have YOU forget also.

They are not  at all knowledgeable or nimble when someone exposes their lies and skewers them on their own pothooks.

And it must be a soul-killer to be laughed at by Vladmir Putin on an houtlyy / daily basis.


Sunday, February 26, 2017


If the unprecedented ferocity and nastiness exhibited by the Democrat party and its slavish media comrades is surprising to you and you cannot understand the depth and corrosive nature of the non-facts they all make up as they go along, look at this:

Donald Trump carried 2626 counties within the 50 states. Clinton won only 486.

Let that sink in. In the very smallest political collective where intimacy is everything, the Democrat party has been losing both area and influence steadily for the past 16 years.

 With 33 state legislatures controlled, more than half of them by "Veto-Proof" margins... As opposed to 13 Democrat-held legislatures... The shock is still gaining intensity and the gloom still darkening in the  Democrat party and most certainly in the aeries  of the Lords who rule over the nation's fish wrappers and bobble headed vacuum brains of TV newsdom.

Every election since 2009 has seen the GOP increase its number of governors so that now there are 33 Republican and only 17 Democrat state executives.

The frenzy... The horror... The contradiction of faith.... These are the fuel ingots that power the hydrophobic hyperbole of partisan bile and the  unprofessional and ultimately proftless "sausage- news" made up out of nothing.

Consider for a moment the fact that between four-fifths and  two thirds of all the citizens in the United States of America believe all of the traditional media outlets are liars and scoundrels,and that  six of ten voters side with Trump on handling of aliens.

All these figures just drive the invested  Democrat politician and the people in charge of  content  distribution  into paroxisms  of  flickering, unwholesome excess.

And the Democrats came within a couple of breaths of electing an avid Islamic follower and darling of the Muslim Brotherhood as chairman of the national committee last Saturday.

Therefore, be satisfied  that all of the garbage... All of the false reporting and "Let's- Pretend"  news  bulletins are not just anti-Trump knee-jerks.  They are so bobble techniques driven by fear and a large shot  of vision.

The Dim-Dems have not been in such a hopeless desert since 1928... Maybe not since  Lincoln  invented the Republican Party.

If you take a deep breath and cogitate a little bit, you will recognize  the voluminous howls and teeth-gnashing are also stand-in mime for  "Nothing to see here but an obsolete, moribund   manure spreader ! Just move along please....."

Wednesday, February 15, 2017


Advice from a worn-out news-wire service reporter:
Just stop reading or listening and use the remote to find Nickelodeon when you see or hear the phrase "sources say" !
In what my sons call  "the olden days", we called  that  Bull-Spitting...Bogus...AND unprofessional.
Nowadays  this the way 80% of the stories on ESPN and about 40% of the stories in "prestigious" information conduits  begin or end.
If  these ink-stained wretches and Kleig-blinded morons of  Vidi-universe end up in court, they always have the crutch of  "privileged info" to fall back on in the matter of cornered  rodentia everywhere.
Nowadays, in the muck strangled stables of the fourth estate, which no Hercules could clean, the appellation "FAKE NEWS" is repeatedly hurled at these once trustworthy purveyors and arbiters of accurate information.
Whether the pros have been supplanted by rogues or traduced and brainwashed by America haters and race baiting billionaires like George Soros, we will probably never know for sure.
But in a time when all children (up to 20) are "kids"; where all law enforcement officers are "cops"; where males are "guys" and black gangs are "teens" and where arsonist rioters are  "protesters"--- where  supposed  news content and headlines may contain "snuck" and  "alleged fatality"  and  "hot pursuit" and "unclear shooter"... Simple  Ned's-first-reader articulation is sorely needed, but in  fatally short supply.
And with all this,  the torturous reach for superiority,hatefulness and derision are sometimes more easily recognized by the expression on the face of the TV  talking head than by the words that pour unintelligibly and inanely from their pie-holes.
We plead guilty to having labored in an earlier generation, and to being a purveyor of reverse ageism. But my mentors, few of whom ever saw the inside of a journalism school all were more thoughtful well spoken articulate and literate  than almost anyone I can read today. My television hosts and tutors were sticklers for understandable  and measured vocatives.
On a newspaper one of the rules  was "rape is a vegetable... assault is a crime". The word "cop" was verboten.  Respect was foremost... Even on the  crime beat.
Speculation and opinion appeared on two pages of the newspaper and nowhere on local television.
And no one, not even the opinion columnists, editorialists  and  syndicated savants ever built an essay on a foundation of unidentified dubious "sources".

Healthy skepticism is definitely  the weapon of these days. Maybe even total distrust beckons.


Thursday, February 02, 2017

Nasty Screamer ? KEEP IT UP !!!

This may be our last contemplation. There is no real reward for composing thoughtful comment when language is mostly  dying.
It is true for everybody except us, but we haven't settled in well with the texting glossary:  "bec", "h8", and  "b4", y' know.

We were never weaned off of poetry.  The fact that universally accepted master poets,  novelists and essayists from other countries have chosen English for their masterpieces certainly counts for something---(Joseph Conrad, Vladimir Nabokov, Joseph Brodsky and Jorge Luis Borges are four such.)
With the possible exception of John Milton's  Areopagetica and Jonathan Swift's A Modest Proposal, the most stiring paens to Liberty have been cobbled from personal experience and pain by black-and-white Americans from Frederick Douglass and Thomas Paine  to the Roosevelts and JFK (Ted Sorensen).

But an old friend has called me to monitor a video clip of a Seattle "protest" in which a woman who claims to be a "preschool" specialist educator  screams F-bombs and calls for mass murder including a presidential assassination.
And she does it with apparent impunity. 

We who retain a smidgen of sanity can of course, click this mierde off and make a stab at sanitizing our memories and souls.

But the fact is that knowing that multiples of this evil are abroad is instructive to our safety.
Let us  hope that this woman and everyone who shares her vehemence will continue to "protest" in like fashion, and with regularity.

According to surveys published before and after these indelicate events, our side (SANITY), gains adherents, even from her "side"  (the would-be murderers') as they  loses with every such profane, inhuman  "protest" !! 

Crying jags and   Pelosi  pleas  that a colleague misrepresent himself as a Muslim have no effect at all. Apparently decency still "rules" in our nation.  But decency alone will not save us from ignorant butchers.