Saturday, May 29, 2010

Tawdry Tattered Lies Tend to Fray And Unravel

We may not ever have this opportunity again to relay a scandalous meltdownin high places, so we exploit it.

We are aging swiftly, y'knw ?

Ed Lasky at the American Thinker (, my second favorite Blog, had an intersting scooop Saturday.

That job that ex-POTUS W.J. Clinton (aka Bubba,akaSlickWillie) offered Congressman Joe Sestak to retire from his senatorial bid against Arlen Specter, is a sort-of, kinda will-o-th'-wisp.

First, George Soros' ex-mouthpiece Bob Bauer, now deputy chief of staff in the White House and Counsel said it was an honorary job without remuneration.

Then the New York Times leaked that the job was a position on the President's Advisory Board on National Security and Intelligence.

Todays revelation, in Lasky's blog is that Rep. Sestak could not have been appointed to that board legally as long as he was a government employee: a Pennsylnavia congressman !

According to multiple surveyors of the federal statutes involved, that board is made up altogether of academics, trhink-tank members, authors, ex-diplomats and former spooks and NO government employees are eligible.

Our D.C. Beltway elite, upper echelon BRAINS just cannot get their stories straight.

But, they may be faced with that mission impossible before a Special Prosecutor.....Someday...Maybe after November ?

Friday, May 28, 2010

What is "Deniability" ???

Well, THAT'S differunt, Huh?

I mean, if it was William Jefferson Clinton who offered Joe Sestak a federal job and it ws a Non-Paying job in the Obama administration not to run against Senator Arlen Specter, that THAT makes everything Hunky-Dory. Right ?

What kind of "DENIABILITY" does that provide. These ex-Soros mouthpieces like Bob Bauer and ChicagoWay finaglers like Rahm Emanuel ?

They are just too subtle for me.

In the courtroom, or the Court of the Senate, the weight of archival legal deniability runs a helluva scale.

There is "technical" deniability. There is "relative" deniability. There is "personal" deniability. There is....

Well, how about TRANSPARENT deniability? That is what the president promised when he was orating with his teleprompters in the Campaign of '08.

Friday afternoon, all the discussions between the Sestak senatorial campaing in Pennsylvania and the White House were being sifted through; routed through, and filtered through Rep. Sestak's brother.

Would you wager that he does not even KNOW Slick Willie ?! (aka .Bubba).

We're talking a whole LOT of layers of deniability here folks.

Washington Post writers are rsuhing to whitewash it all.

And 35 years ago, Bob Wooward and Carl Bernstein stood against the whole of Creation to dig out the Slimy truth hbidden in the "deniability"of the many-faced and layered cover up of Watergate.

Where is the Hero of 2010 ?

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Shudda Seen It Comin'....

It was bound to happen.

You got a dumbaxe like Robert Gibbs as mouthpiece . You got a veep who can NOT think when his voice is noising. You got a chief of staff that makes Dickens' Fagin look like Tinkerbelle and a deputy chief of staff from George Soros' payroll.

Then you duck the press, vacation, hide, feint the media, stroke the anchors and pundits with sweet nothings and do not hold a press conference for 339 days.

That is a recipe...NO, a PRESCRIPTION for the ABYSS!!!

Richard Nixon never saw the day.

Hey! We have THREE big name Democrat woohoos saying the White House tried to BRIBE them to fiddle an election or a choice for high legislative office. Two of them are candidates. First, Andy Romanoff of Colorado accused Obama's deputy chief of staff, Bob Bauer of offering a cabinet position to him if he would withdraw from his Senate race. Now you have Joe Seestak who ended Sen. Arlen "Janus" Specter's political career last week claiming (three times) that "the white House" offered him a lucrative post not to run.

And, Gee, you gotta throw Blago in there. Disgraced former Illinois governor Rod Blagogevich has said he was importuned by the White House to name their choice to succeed Obama.

That;s a helluva Hat Trick, y' know ?
Sure beats Valerie Plame and Bob Novak for sausage. The hilarious tipoff is Stonewall Gibbs, telling his White Houise media mice that he was beyond the Beltway somewhere when those talks went on.

I can remember when Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein would have stretched this story out for at least a month. Michelle Malkin has it all in one column on

You didn't think Jim Carville was raising all that noise about the oil spill because it was threatening the Louisina town that gave him his last name, did you?
Naw...he was just switching shells, flashing cards...drawing attention away from what MAY be..... COULD be... grist for a Senate Trial.

Bribing folks to jimmy elections is a High Crime and much more serious than a "misdemeanor".

Sunday, May 23, 2010

We Are Playing "Let's Pretend"

Europe may be falling apart, melting slowly under the burden of its "Sperm-to-the Worm" entitlement socialism, but its wire service news is still exhaustive.

We had to dig into the Agence-France Presse budget to find the bitter, lethal call-to-death aimed at ALL Muslim soldiers in the United States Army from the foul mouth of Anwar al-Awlaqi.(

Awlaqi has issued his fatwah in his role as American AND Yemeni citizen. He was reportedly born in Las Cruces, New Mexico where his father studied agriculture. Awlaqi (the younger) attended colege in Colorado and at George Washington University. He never completed a doctorate or any advanced Islamic university scholarship, but he poses as an "Imam" for his al-Qaeda purposes. According to Wikipedia, mainstream Muslims consider him an "untutored nutcase".

However, where Eric Holder, the U.S. Attorney General, the AssPress and the American media ALL refer to Awlaqi's two agents of Death as "alleged", "accused" or "charged and presumed innocent", Awlaqi freely refers to the "Heroic accomplishments" of Col. (Dr.) Nisal at Fort Hood Texas and Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the botched "underwear Christmas bomber" in Detroit. Sure, they did it, he says.

Awlaqi bosts of the fear he has created in the United Strates through his training and inspiring these terrorists.

This worshipper of death and purveyor of terror paints his trainees / devotees with all the treappings of their exploits.

But we still refer to them as "alleged" miscreants. AG Holder is fastidious in "Mirandizing" them...protecting their rights.

I say they are assassins and spys nestled in our bosom. I say they should be treated the same way General George Washington treated Major John Andre' when he uncovered the Benedict Arnold-Andre' conspiracy and defection.

Washington summarily hanged the number one bon-vivant of espionage.

This tippytoe quest for "diversity", "non-aggressive response" and appeasement will destroy us all if it obtains much longer.

In Yemen, Afghanistan and the Kush, they laugh at us.