Sunday, May 23, 2010

We Are Playing "Let's Pretend"

Europe may be falling apart, melting slowly under the burden of its "Sperm-to-the Worm" entitlement socialism, but its wire service news is still exhaustive.

We had to dig into the Agence-France Presse budget to find the bitter, lethal call-to-death aimed at ALL Muslim soldiers in the United States Army from the foul mouth of Anwar al-Awlaqi.(

Awlaqi has issued his fatwah in his role as American AND Yemeni citizen. He was reportedly born in Las Cruces, New Mexico where his father studied agriculture. Awlaqi (the younger) attended colege in Colorado and at George Washington University. He never completed a doctorate or any advanced Islamic university scholarship, but he poses as an "Imam" for his al-Qaeda purposes. According to Wikipedia, mainstream Muslims consider him an "untutored nutcase".

However, where Eric Holder, the U.S. Attorney General, the AssPress and the American media ALL refer to Awlaqi's two agents of Death as "alleged", "accused" or "charged and presumed innocent", Awlaqi freely refers to the "Heroic accomplishments" of Col. (Dr.) Nisal at Fort Hood Texas and Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the botched "underwear Christmas bomber" in Detroit. Sure, they did it, he says.

Awlaqi bosts of the fear he has created in the United Strates through his training and inspiring these terrorists.

This worshipper of death and purveyor of terror paints his trainees / devotees with all the treappings of their exploits.

But we still refer to them as "alleged" miscreants. AG Holder is fastidious in "Mirandizing" them...protecting their rights.

I say they are assassins and spys nestled in our bosom. I say they should be treated the same way General George Washington treated Major John Andre' when he uncovered the Benedict Arnold-Andre' conspiracy and defection.

Washington summarily hanged the number one bon-vivant of espionage.

This tippytoe quest for "diversity", "non-aggressive response" and appeasement will destroy us all if it obtains much longer.

In Yemen, Afghanistan and the Kush, they laugh at us.

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