Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Lies and Bluebottle Flies

Never in my memory have so many prominent people been so desperate to mislead the citizens of the United States about so many things.

A very brainy friend of mine with an upscale MBA degree and an expansive background in business comments that "they are just preoccupied with being ‘cool’—to the point of deriding any lasting intellectual allegiance to absolutes like "good" and "evil".

Or....maybe...Truth and Lies ???

Here are a few recent examples.

(1) When the Hutaree nine were arrested on charges of Sedition and threatenng the U.S. government, they were painted as frothy-mouthed knuckle draggers, dangerous racaist killers. But the federal agent embedded with them, when on the witness stand could not repeat any terrorist or racist threat by them, or recount any plan they had, and so the judge released them on bond !

(2) Presidential press secretary Robert Gibbs, on May 24, told a crush of newsmen that the Obama administration could see no reason to change anything in view of the oil rig explosion and resultant oil spill that killed 11. Yet, the president, Big Sis Napolitano and the administration chorus, on Sunday, April 2, repeated the mantra at least 16 times on TV "we have been ahead of the curve on the spill since Day One !"

(3) Finally, administration toadies, and especially their sycophantic follower, NY Mayor Mike Bloomberg (on Katie Couric’s CBS show) reacting to the Times Square bomb car, blamed a disgruntled Tea Party white racist. Bloomberg said: The failed bomber ...probably... upset about his mortgage or against the Obamacare plan...

As this is written, at least two Pakistanis in Karachi (and maybe eight) have been arrested by U.S. security agents for complicity with the confessed terrorist, Faizal Shahzad, who attained U.S. citizenship within the last year. (So much for CAIR and No-Profiling !!)

Other than the pattern of plain intentional lying and misleading, is there another pattern here ?

My MBA says "they’re jyst trying to be ‘cool’ like Obama..."

I say it’s murkier than that: Do anything, say anything, twist and torture facts and even bend laws to make anyone who disagrees with the administration ZEITGEIST a "dangerous extremist". Big Sis Napolitano announced this from the onset of her tenancy at Homeland Security. She said Americ’s main threat is not from foreigners (she never uses the "T" word) but rather from "native extremist zealots".

No matter that going back as far as Bobby Kennedy;’s assassin, ALL the terrorism in this country (yes, inclusing the OKC bombing) has had the infusion of Islamic fascist terror.

But just as the national origin of a huge percentage of the murderers, rapists, assaulters and killers-by-clunker in Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and California MUST be overlooked in the name of "diversity" and "political correctness"...so, also must out security be compromised by looking the other way, so as not to be be branded "biased" by cleaning up festering cankers.

Why was Faizal not on the watch list, if he trained and traveled with known terrorists ?

Look around. Upon what pile of what do we always find Lies and Lies and Blue Bottle Flies ?

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