Wednesday, May 10, 2017


There is already, moving across the land, a bogus  wailing and gnashing of teeth over President Trump's dismissal  of feckless FBI director Jim Comey, a missfit from day one. The only thing impressive about him was his size: 6'8". Otherwise he stacked up as just another Manhattan shyster.

The Federal Bureau of investigation has been in need of a culture transfusion for some time. Comey  did not possess the needed quality or quantity of  sanguine boldness.

One of my dearest friends and confidants supplied me with a sad commentary on the Comey FBI that has nothing to do with Hillary, Huma, the Weenie, Putin or DJT .

Just read this:

     To me, we need no more insight into the FBI under Comey than the Orlando nightclub massacre and the recent shooter in Ft. Lauderdale airport.

Prior to the terrorist slaughter in Orlando, a gun-store owner contacted the FBI to alert them that the man had come into his store wanting to buy bulk ammunition and military-grade body armor. The FBI did nothing.

The airport terrorist, who told the FBI in Alaska that he was receiving transmissions in his brain from ISIS, was briefly "investigated". The Feebies  then returned his weapon to him and put him on the flight to Florida.

Therefore let there be no bogus weeping at the bier...No Saurian sobbing. This big, vacant-faced  self promoting oaf  had neither leadership or investigative credentials. And, if  there was ever a big galoot "in over his head:" and woefully inept at covering  his arse, J.C are HIM.

What we need is blessed assurance of protection FROM  his ilk henceforth.