Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Is It Too Late ?

We predicted this--at least twice !

President Barack Hussein Obama has announced to a continent-wide meeting of African leaders that he can win the presidency for a third term.

This on a day when his Gallup approval rating plummeted to 44% !!!

"I think I am a pretty good president !" he is quoted as saying. 

HERE is the story !

Well, that would take care of the "Hillary" problem and probably it would change the complexion (No Pun Intended) of the Trump challenge.

If  it were not for the matter of a few minor, pesky legal and constitutional issues, could we just all relax from now until November of 2116 ?

Just think about it. Ted Cruz could stop calling Mitch McConnell a liar.... Mike Huckabee would be hard-pressed to link the present administration to "Holocaust" intentions... Jeb Bush could curb his inclination to mutter untruths about Scott Walker, and Carly Fiorina would probably emerge as the only viable un-besmirched Truth-Teller.

How refreshing and Outlook is that ?

What really is unfathomable about all this is: Why did Obama travel to the density of the Dark Continent to float this gassy balloon?  Did he  think somehow that the members of the African Union would "keep a secret" ?

Not really.  Isn't there still enough time for the "Machinery" to smooth the way ?

Certainly "Boo-Hoo" Boehner and  "Murky" Mitch McConnell can be counted on for some heavy lifting and paving of the way ! They've done such a great job of  sabotage on the GOP promises and making naught of  the midterm victories.

Silly  us.  We had all but lost hope that this election would end up with a BANG...instead of a ...w h i m p e r.