Sunday, July 24, 2011

Issa Cutting to the Bone

Depot received two requests for any news on the "Fast and Furious / Gunwealker scandal. Commenters said they got news nowhere else.

Therefore, I report the latest.

Representative Darrell Issa's Oversight Committee in the House will interrogate several Department of Justice and BATF officials Tuesday, July 26 who have heretofore been muzzled and out of subpoena "reach".

C-Span will doubtless carry the hearings, but the time and outlet is not yet publiched. Check the C-Span schedule online.

These officials will answer questions about the smuggled firearms found at US Border guard Brian Terry;s murder site and also timeline the efforts made to silence them and, possibly, shred in-house communications regarding the scandal.

Meanwhile, the StateDepartment's coming under increasing scrutiny for allegedly supporting the "gunwalking" of thousands of automatic weapons into the hands of powerul, wealthy CentralAmerican drug cartels.

Most shocking news this week is a lengthy expose' story in the liberal LATimes wherein a family is asking the DoJ and BATF to divulge where guns came from that killed their son in Mexico where he served as a US agent. Read that story HERE.

All in all, an exciting week upcoming in the scandal that will bring down some powerful people when the protective leftwing media is suitably chagrined or choking on its venal complicity.