Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday, Feb. 10... A GLORY Day

It's possible I am the only one...BUT I am making February Tenth my personal Freedom-Glory-Day.

It is the day thatm in the words of Mike Hucjabee and other Baptists, Jews, Mormons, Bahai, Hindus and Buddhists "We all became "Catholics" !

And the arrogant, unfeeling, autocratic president of the United States took a well needed thumping from people who have actually READ the Constitution of the United States with reverence.

Making "mandatory" health and reproductive rules for the 310 million citizens in this nation is NOT the purview of the government. Especially when the rules counter personal Faith.

The man in the White House is one of a number of officials in U.S. history who have believed our constitution is disposable. Thomas Jefferson, who was in Paris when it was adopted, often said the Constitution should be replaced every 10 years. Had Chief Justice John Marshall not come along, the radicals might have managed that and aborted "Man's Last, Best Hope" in its gestatory period.

Radicals still want to do this. Even SCOTUS Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is itchy about it.

But on Friday, February 10, Obama hollered "calf's rope" and backed away from Tyranny nd what might have become his impeachment.

And, on the same day, my favorite subtle actor who can be wistfully funny as well as hilarious, Bill Murray, got VERY serious. (Video HERE )

The star of Groundhog Day and Caddyshack told a CNBC interviewer that the people of the United States could be...SHOULD BE...more personally responsible.

He said he realized there were always people who needed help, but that the women who bent their bodies and burst their hearts pushing wagon wheels over the muddy Rocky Mountain passes were the true symbols of America, and their success in setting and reaching goals is the template for American responsibility of Spirit.

So, we have another "Freedom Fighter "going public with the simple message of "have-a-goal-and-be-personally-responsible" for reaching it.

Murray will catch Hell from Hollywod's Socialist Hive, but so did Ronald Reagan.

Others whose colleages disdaned them for voicing such sentiments incluse Pope John Paul II, and Adam Smith andAlexander Hamilton and John Adams, (the two non-slave owners among the Foundung Fathers.)

People who attend history are usually uniquely respnsible for what they sayand do. Hail February 10 !

Monday, February 06, 2012

Seduced by the Stupid

It is disheartening to see people falling for the same whoring lies and misleading stories that set these clowns up in business in D.C. four years ago.

Evasions by the White House and the attorney general about an ATF whoopee gang bang that led to a US border guard's death has finally hit the "mainstram" after a year of obfuscation and outright lying.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics so fogs and buries the truth about unemployment that it takes the Congressional Budget Office to come up with the REAL figure of 11%.

And, right there in the small print of the BLS pdf printout is the glaring fact that there aremore than two million more people without jobs than there were in January of 2009, when Obama was inaugurated.

The alphabet TV sycophants hide the truth and froth at the mouth about the "light at the end of the tunnel".

That light may be an Iranian nuclear bomb. But it is NOT jobs.

But the behavior of the talking heads is of a subgrade quality that reminds me of the sweet dimwit female person who demonstrated horror one night when she said that police were brutalizing the African Americans, chasing them with clubs, stun guns and gas...and she showed corroboartive film.

But the police were Parisian gendarmes on the Rue de Berri, in the City of Light and the people they were chasing were Tunisian or Algerian persons of color.

That's when I stopped using the term thatwas born in the 1980's.

If we progress any further with our PeeCee daintiness, we will see the CNN and MSNBC liberal-locked-lip girls and boys referring to African-Virginians,or African-Illini.

What do they do when the victims of oppresion and minions of wealth envy are Jamaicans or Haitians??

It's all the same to these stupid people. It's class warfare, and they are taking their Saville Row and Roman Silk suits to the side of the smelly who vomit wherever they are protesting and move on.

And YOU are going to be LED by them and what they say ?