Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Di-Hydro-WHUT ?!

Surfing the net, visiting the few absolutely trustworthy sites where old-fashioned investigative reporters like Bob Woodward ferret out good scoops on bad poops, I found a squib where a New York Post writer had caught the Empire State’s chief lawyer going stupid.

NY Atty. Gen. Schneiderman announced a plan to track down every "Warming Denier" citizen and every “entity” with an eye toward prosecuting everyone that “opposes” HIS view of “Global-Warming-Climate-Change.  According to the story, Schneiderman just bloviated without specifying what statutes are being flouted by those who may-say the big hoax that comprises the nasty globalized fascist money pot that has morphed into an Anti Human  religion. 

But being the 100%, 24-carat socialist fascist that he is, Schneiderman will certainly come up with something... Like maybe a firing squad. Followers of Schneiderman, DeBlasio and Cuomo will certainly agree to override the state’s prohibition of the death penalty to punish those who dismiss the emotional prolix of these truth- trampling connivers.

But their raison d’etre is in its death throes. There has been no “warming”, no ice-cap melting and no rising oceans in 17 years, since the advent of the slobbering AlGoreans, who based their fears and their panic on manipulated and inauthentic data and tried to “sell” it with a nonexistent plethora of non-accredited pseudo-scientists. HERE is Video and Charts 

This plague which is really the most gigantic hoax in human history, reminds me of a story I read one time about a young student in Idaho. I wish I could remember his name.

For his project, he chose the subject: “Controlling a Lethal Chemical”.

He told his audience that Dihydro monoxide has the following characteristics:

(1) It can cause excessive sweating and vomiting.

(2) It is a major component in acid rain.

(3) It can cause severe and fatal buns and its gaseous state.

(4) Accidental inhalation of it can kill you.

(5) it is one of the prime causes of erosion.

(6) It decreases the effectiveness of auto brakes, threatening lives.

(7) It has been found in tumors of terminally ill cancer patients.

Of  50 randomly chosen young students in his audience, the young chemist reported 46 as being very concerned to the extent that they petitioned for banning the chemical compound. Three believed that a a further study of the qualities of this dangerous substance should be underwritten “by the government.”  Untutored panic reigned !

Only one knew that dihydrogen monoxide is...WATER.

It is the opinion of most seasoned, adult  Americans that the whooping and posturing about mankind causing climate change and the demand by a few  blackmailers is just another money deal in which the tax paying population is snarkily played as stooge with phrases like “carbon footprint” while wind turbine and solar energy companies form a long line to bid for bankruptcy protection.

We are told that we are not bright enough to understand the complexities of humankind’s deleterious effect on planet Earth’s climate.

Like most of the grammar school teachers they tout as “scientists” we may not have degrees in climatology. Few DO.

But we DO know that H20 is water, and we can tell Bullspit from Champagne.