Monday, September 22, 2014


The working condition of the present administration's foreign policy was unclothed again Monday by John (He WAS  in Vietnam!) Kerry, who is supposed to be Secretary of State and majordomo of all things diplomatic.

The dilettante mainstream media's inability to agree on whether the latest incarnation of seventh century (AD / DE) butchery  should be called  ISIS or ISIL, the initial "I" in both appellations certainly stands for "ISLAM" for the international press.

(ISIS is "Islamic State in Iraq and Syria" and ISIL stands for "Islamic State in the Lecant".)

But Kerry, in his exalted role and with great hauteur, looked down his nose at former Congressman and nowadays TV host Joe Scarborough and smugly confided that "ISIS has nothing to do with Islam".  Clicj HJERE for Story

All the way up to the Oval Office,  the flimflammers  believe they can make anything come true by saying it !

We are all innured to the Jabberwocky of Joe Biden,  and Kerry HAS  been downright silly sometimes when faced by the reality of Bibi Netanyahu, but this kind of Abbott and Costello  doubletalk is beyond outlandish.

Don't send in the clowns... He are already here.

Can the United States get a reshuffle of these wildcards or a reset of doofus domination in the executive branch of our government in time to survive ? 

If a big shot government Poo-Bah  thinks he can laugh away his spoken absurdities, do we just go our ignorant, sappy way and pretend these confused con men are "harmless" ???

At our Peril !!!