Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Non-Islam Terror in US is Main Threat ???

The increasingly strident and panic stricken chief magistrate of the United States in the ninth inning of his legacy-building, declared early this week  that bloodthirsty Muslim terrorists are no more a problem here than some unnamed homegrown variety. 

Read and See Video HERE !

One wonders who Obama has in mind here. It is particularly peculiar that he made this weird statement  while presiding over an ISIS strategy confab at the Pentagon. So far his strategy against the beheaders of innocent children has been notoriously limp and limited to sporadic pinpoint bombings.

Pondering the possible suspected All American terrorists we came up with Bubba Watson,the handsome young golfer from North Florida and the University of Georgia who once owned  the "General  Lee" drag racing car emblazoned with the Confederate battle flag on the TV  hit, show "Dukes of Hazzard". 

Or  maybe, he has his crosshairs on the daring  health professional at the  Centers for Disease Control who rated 
him : ." The worst president in our history"... "An amateur"... "A Marxist..."


You may be sure that if pressed,  he would  NOT mention  either of the "undocumented visitors" who recently committed mayhem and murder respectively, after having been deported as illegal "entrants" five and six times.

We can see the sycophantic underground inbred of the  "Homeland  Scourge-ity" racing to make an example of which ever  Cape Hatteras shark has bitten the most bathers !

But there will absolutely be no fuss or bother "profiling" any Arabic speaking among us. You can bet your entire whatever on that !