Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Firm Eyes = HUGE Prize

It is to laugh that we look at what will soon be the election of the ninth Republican Senator to erase a Democrat incumbent in 2014.

Sen. Mary Landrieu defeated herself last week in her runoff to be decided the first week in December. She vigorously attacked her opponent, Bill Cassidy for "being AWOL  during and in the wake of hurricanes Katrina andRita.

We cannot believe she did not know Cassidy is a medical doctor and that he used his own resources to organize and fund an emergency medical center for refugees of the hurricanes.

Maybe Miss Mary doesn't know that the national Democrat  Party has withdrawn all funds supporting her candidacy as of the night of November 4, 2014.

There's a lot of that going on. The dems  cut their losses in a lot of places. Those left high and dry would make a long, LAWNG list of losers.

For the liberal party did not just lose the Senate and the House and the hold on governorships,  it lost nationwide almost every state legislature and all the way down two justices of the peace ! Read THIS !

I am not sure that even every Republican officeholder in the United States realizes what has happened.  It just goes to show you that names rarely count.

For instance, would you have picked Reince Priebus over Debbie Wasserman Scgultz ?  (Party Chairpersons.)