Friday, April 17, 2015

Falsehood Fatigue

(Here is an email I sent to my son, KP and another cpnfidante on .my long- deceased Mother's birthday. Keith said I should "blog" it. So, here it is !)

What bothers me is not that a candidate for president flat-out LIED to a group of kidnapped Iowans, telling them that all four of her grandparents were foreign immigrants.
What bothers me is that only one young reporter had the time and/or the guts to worry his way through seven decades of census information to establish that she was lying and that three of her grandparents originated in the Savage Wilderne of Pennsylvania.
And the further outpouring of "bit-Dog"  screaming that it was (1)  "no big deal, (2) sexist, (3) "cherry-picking" and (3) partisan hyperbole.
This is proof that I have outlived my niche and that there is no right or wrong, no standard to separate miscreants from well-meaning idiots and that every cogitation, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, algebraic equation and every calculus "DEPENDS"  on some irrational or nebulous (usually secret) dynamic.
I just can't stand it anymore.  Anyone and everyone who thinks this sort of excremental mind-warp  is acceptable
just doesn't fit into a logical and contemplative live community.
Yet almost all of our information is processed by these vacuous mischievous evil demons.
It is hellish to be "old-fashioned" and irrelevant in this age of relativism and decay.