Wednesday, November 06, 2013

So, Palin Read the Law ?

How many times does this happen every year unbeknownst to the majority of literate American voters ?

How many times, that is, does  a well-known public figure ( politician, priest ,  statehouse grifter, columnist, and blogger or talking head ) make a prediction about future  hazards and calamities and said prediction is pooh-poohed by what seems to be thousands of other pompous politicos , pundits, palavering  TV  boobs and hustlers ---and we never hear when the original warning shot is proven to be  valid and spot on target  ?

 Well I can't remember a famous  case.... Until now.

Back in 2009, when fright-face  House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told us all that we needed  to pass the Obama care bill to find out what was in it because it was over 1000 pages longand according to her the Congress had only  only days   to rubberstamp  the monstrosity .

Former   Alaska governor Sarah Palin, mused judiciously in an interview as well as on television  that the worst feature of all the murky Obamacare oppression   was its setting up of "Death Panels" tasked with appointing the ancient, the halt, the lame and the blind to die a little bit sooner because medical care would be wasted on their already  moribundity.... said condition to be adjudicated by non medical bureaucrat  gatekeepers.

And so it has come to pass.   (STORY HERE)

 Was "stupid "  Sarah Palin the only person who read the   cumbersome bill ?

She was well-known for this kind of treachery as governor of Alaska by shadowy grifter Democrat  operatives  and naysayers  whom she was forever unmasking and disrobing.

Of course,  minions of the fish wrappers, the AssPress and the  sycophantic  babbling heads will always claim  foul when they are countered buy someone who reads proposed legislation and researchers intention .

ESPECIALLY some woman who was so infra dig as to choose life rather than abortion for a Downs-child  pregnancy.

It has never been   considered  "FAIR"   by members of the left wing "HIVE"  for  opposition to use  LOGIC or for their opposition to be armed with WIT, of which they can   boast of a not  a half measure.

For a month noww, they have been in disarray, strangled and silenced by their Idol's outright wb of lies to them and us.