Monday, November 08, 2010

Mea Culpa & Footnotes

More than anything, we want readers and followers of the Depot to have faith in what is offered here.

With that in mnd, Let us hasten to correct a badly timed report made here that Congressman John Dingell of Michigan was defeated on November 2.

He won, in fact. He is an icon of Democrat Party seniority, as was his father before him. The Duingells have always been productive, patriotic representatives of their Michiganders and the Dingell name is on some fine legislation.


To add another nail or two to the coffin of the Democrat coffin of hegemony, at least four more House seats appear to be going to the GOP, making the total of wind 65.

Not only will this further strengthen congressional punch, the accompanying landslide victories in 690 statehouse legislatures will blunt the encroachment of Obamacare ills into many states, it will "set in stone" the flavor of congressional dustricts for the next decade, because the 2010 sensus announced before January 2011, will dictate redistricting by state legislatures. Al allegedly nonpartisan "commission" will redistrict in California and Florida.

Finally, speaking of California, the Central Valley was still canvassing votes as this was writtenMonday, Nov. 8---six days after the el;ection.

Brazil recently counted and reported 100% of its nationwide voites in less than six hours. And Brazil is not a teeny-weeny shrunken country. It has 190 million citizens, 57 per square mile compared with the United States 300 million and 83 per square mile.

As they say in Yankee Stadium...."Go Figure !"