Saturday, February 19, 2011

We Get Mail...

(We don't get a LOT of mail. But here is a sample backlog to christen 2011)

Q: My grandfather gave me your blog to read. Why should I pay any attention to it ? You’re just another shriveled up old white male...

A: Well, no particular reason other than (1) I am usually right, (2) I was immersed formal study of post-graduate History, Philosophy and Psychology and I have consumed a lot of biographical information you will never be exposed to. (3) If you ignore History, it will devastate your arse and your ambitions.

However, I can refer you to some old black men and women: Dr. Walter Williams, Dr. Thomas Sowell and Dr. Condoleeza Rice; and some younger ones, Congressman Allen West and entrepreneur Herman Cain.

Q: You are obsessed with Jews and what you call Jew-haters. What’s the Big Deal ?

A: My four score years have included pogroms in Poland, the Baltic states, Russia and the Holocaust in Germany Eastern Europe. Before that, religion based efforts to exterminate Jewry have been de rigeur sine Creation. None of it worked because it was all based on lies and envy.

Besides that, something VERY bad always happens to the foolish sheep.

Q: Wont you concede that a great deal of the opposition to a black president of the United States is racially based ?

A: Probably. But his popular vote was breathtaking evidence national elections are no longer racial brawls. According to the alphabet networks, the Big Print Media and the dying news magazines, only blacks who oppose a black president are suspect and irrelevant. I just differ. Presidents of whatever color are more trustworthy when they show allegiance to the United States in any and all circumstance, who believe in the preamble as well as the constitution and the bill of rights.

Q: Is this resurgence of States Rights and “nullification” a dangerous thing, threatening federal power ?

A: So far, the federal courts do not seem to believe it is. We are certainly going to find out.

It is a very startling and ironic fact of history that Thomas Jefferson spent half his life proclaiming that the Constitution (with which he had NOTHING to do in its birth throes—he was in Paris) was ratified by the States, not the people. Yet he stoutly vowed until his death that revolution “ every few years” was healthy for a national government.

Q: Are you gutsy enough to pick a favorite candidate for president in 2012 ?

A: Yes. John Bolton, former UN Ambassador, who not only predicted the Egyptian “revolution”, bit when interviewed on the first day of the protests, said:

“Whoever the Egyptian Army and military want to be head of state will be head of state. Egypt;’s military has been in charge since the fall of the king and the ascendance of Naguib and Nasser. They chose Mubarak and they will choose his successor...”

Thanks to all who took the trouble to email. We’ll do it again.