Saturday, May 21, 2016

It's NOT The Weather, Cornell !

Brian Cornell, the CEO of  Target stores began his stewardship of the mammoth discount house by scurrying around many of the stores incognito while "feeling" 
the situation with what the financial world at that time believed to be his super sensitive "Profit-Prophet" antennae.

Last week, however, Mr. Cornell displayed either a tone deafness of mammoth proportions or a propensity to disassemble and mislead his stockholders.

Said stockholders have been suffering greatly in recent days. In the brief time since Mr. Cornell announced that all bathrooms and restrooms in Target stores will be Transgender Sanctuaries, the price of one share of  TGT, on the New York Stock Exchange has plummeted from $81 to $67.

When asked about this during the freefall, Mr. Cornell attributed it to "the bad weather we've been having."

Now we all know that this space is devoted to exposing the alleged man-made global warming hoax as the nastiest most widespread Scam and Sham in Earth history. 

But this "excuse" for what appears to be a precipitous blot on Mr. Cornell's economic  escutcheon is a dud... And a silly one at that.

Is he saying that because it's been wet and chilly somewhere no one is shopping ? 

Wal-Mart's  sales have been climbing during both 2016 financial quarters so far.

Target's  emporiums--- which now offer groceries-- are not bunched up, confined to some small area that has been brutally "targeted" by ill winds. They sprawl 
all over the world--- especially all over the United States.

Usually we are all greedy to exploit outdoor activities as Spring burgeons and blossoms around us. Nasty weather wouldn't keep us from the bright cheer of a shopping spree.

On the other hand, fine weather would not send us pell-mell or helter-skelter to the Target stores.

It would seem that Mr. Cornell, as he marches lockstep with the White House and its commandment on transgender accommodation in every rest station, and locker room  is simply in crippling  denial.

Families just don't want creepy creatures sharing their daughters' private , intimate areas.

The suggestion here is that Target and Mr. Cornell eat some reality pills and  take a look at the financial growth of  Chick-Fil-A, and the soaring popularity of the Washington Redskins.

Pee-Cee is a dying, losing proposition. And American families are seeking common sense greatness again.