Sunday, February 26, 2017


If the unprecedented ferocity and nastiness exhibited by the Democrat party and its slavish media comrades is surprising to you and you cannot understand the depth and corrosive nature of the non-facts they all make up as they go along, look at this:

Donald Trump carried 2626 counties within the 50 states. Clinton won only 486.

Let that sink in. In the very smallest political collective where intimacy is everything, the Democrat party has been losing both area and influence steadily for the past 16 years.

 With 33 state legislatures controlled, more than half of them by "Veto-Proof" margins... As opposed to 13 Democrat-held legislatures... The shock is still gaining intensity and the gloom still darkening in the  Democrat party and most certainly in the aeries  of the Lords who rule over the nation's fish wrappers and bobble headed vacuum brains of TV newsdom.

Every election since 2009 has seen the GOP increase its number of governors so that now there are 33 Republican and only 17 Democrat state executives.

The frenzy... The horror... The contradiction of faith.... These are the fuel ingots that power the hydrophobic hyperbole of partisan bile and the  unprofessional and ultimately proftless "sausage- news" made up out of nothing.

Consider for a moment the fact that between four-fifths and  two thirds of all the citizens in the United States of America believe all of the traditional media outlets are liars and scoundrels,and that  six of ten voters side with Trump on handling of aliens.

All these figures just drive the invested  Democrat politician and the people in charge of  content  distribution  into paroxisms  of  flickering, unwholesome excess.

And the Democrats came within a couple of breaths of electing an avid Islamic follower and darling of the Muslim Brotherhood as chairman of the national committee last Saturday.

Therefore, be satisfied  that all of the garbage... All of the false reporting and "Let's- Pretend"  news  bulletins are not just anti-Trump knee-jerks.  They are so bobble techniques driven by fear and a large shot  of vision.

The Dim-Dems have not been in such a hopeless desert since 1928... Maybe not since  Lincoln  invented the Republican Party.

If you take a deep breath and cogitate a little bit, you will recognize  the voluminous howls and teeth-gnashing are also stand-in mime for  "Nothing to see here but an obsolete, moribund   manure spreader ! Just move along please....."