Tuesday, October 15, 2013

SCOTUS Reckoning

There is no specific legislation that empowers the U.S. Government to issue edicts to alledgedly control "greenhouse gases" that supposedly convict mankind of "warming" the globe.

But the environmental protection agency limits commerce, closes down coal fueled power plants and indulges in issuing non-statuatory regulations with no popular support.

Now, the Supreme Court has collected six  lawsuits into one case it will hear this year.  SCOTUS announced this, but the US  Murky Medis did NOT cover the story.

I found the announcemenmt from SCOTUS in  AFP 's News Budget. (Agence France Presse).

You can read the AFP story H E R E !

There was a time when the conspiracy to tax everyone for a ghostly "carbon footprint" would have welcomed this crisis-ender moment with glee. 

No more.

James Hansen, formerly at NASA has been disrobed as a liar. The UN-IPCC report has been dismissed as fraudulent.  The East Anglia warmists were caught  jiggering numbers, dates and timelines.

Many people now know that gass passed by global cattle herds and even  by termites, produce more CO2 than internal combustion engines.

It is obvious that the media muggers are freaked in the USA because they did not report the  SCOTUS announcement.

Stay tuned for the fall of the dominoes. It is a certainty that the high court justices are neither low-informatuion drones OR Chicken-Littles.