Monday, December 01, 2008

Habitual Grateful Hearts

So, along comes the second of Thanksgiving pieces---This one, inspired by real people who live their grateful Hearts.

Live into your eighties and you will discover there is an excess of baggage and garbage slung at the young.

That's why every “Older” generation loses contact with its offspring, in most cases, however temporarily or unnecessarily.

I know I am not the Archimedes, or the Columbus or the Newton in this deal...the first to Discover, that is. But I lay claim to being in a shriveling minority.

What separates the successful enthusiast from the unsuccessful, but doggedly determined One with a good Plan is...


If you think I mean some militant ritual genuflection to Bright or Dark invisible powers, you are wrong.

I sent out an announcement of a Heavenly Celestial Display Sunday night or the Crescent moon and two plants (Venus and Jupiter) in near-collision type "conjunction".

One beautiful Lady out west; Lea Archer, immediately replied as soon as she had run outside from her keyboard to see the delight. Another important friend, Dr. Charles Hjerpe also thanked me. Like me, hr had never seen Jupiter "bare-eyed" before.

I wrote Lea that I very humbly believed the unbidden, joyful free expression of Gratitude, and the delicious personal gift to ones self of a grateful heart “is transcendent, and probably just a hair’s breadth below Immortality itself, in the total scheme or things...”

I pass this on to those of you who still have some children handy you may infect with the idea.

My Red Headed Goddaughter, Betty Taylor is my favorite template for Gratitude and her adult sons and nephews reflect it. Lucky men.

It wont work on those over 10, inoculated with the ME-ness, of acquisition and greed without right reason. Indeed, after age 12, the lack of the habit of gratitude must be repaired by purchase of it with boundless sin and sorrow. will probably forget this.