Friday, September 11, 2015

Mao and PeeCee In Hell

If you've been paying attention, you have noticed that whereas 15 years ago serious scientists were speculating about a phenomenon they called "anthtopogenic global warming".  

Most of the scientists were happy enough to translate that phrase into "man-made warming" or "the greenhouse effect".

This happened about the same time that machinations in the SOCIAL science  wing of academia were dabbling in the corruption of the language to accommodate "sensitivities" and "offenders" of disadvantaged and downtrodden minority subcultures.

Among the awkward inventions of the NewSpeak elitist glossary were "gay" in place of "queer" and "African-American" in place of  "Negro" or  "Colored". This was all in the name of an attempt to not disparage or offend people whose personal or physical traits "separated" them from the melting pot population in some way. 

This came to be known in the social scientist's rulebook as "politically correct speech"  and extensions of it were adopted unilaterally by faculties and imposed on students in upper tier colleges and universities, under what they now call "speech codes"  and." Anti-Hate language. Newspaper and TV stylebooks were rewritten to accommodate the resets.

So,  anthropogenic global warming first morphed into just "global warming". When that got laughed off the stage and strictly honest scientists began to point out that no "warming" had occurred since 1996 or thereabouts (when the torrid phony "hockey-stick" temperature change was debunked). THEN  the Chicken- Little  people started murmuring "climate change".

This initiated a return to GLOBAL politically correct enforcement.

Where did this concept whereby fecal matter can be polished to some magic and imaginary luster ?

How about Mao ?  

Yes, THAT Mao.  Mao Tse Tung or .i 21st century coinage, Mao Zedong. Yes, he started it all.


Mao made a speech in 1939 in which he dictated that there could be no "freedom" for the masses in China until every single citizen of the State thought and spoke correctly articulating the same beliefs without rancor toward any other part of the Chinese government, whether teacher or policeman;  commissar or military; party functionary or worker.  And by the time he had initiated his Great Cultural Revolution and the Great Leap Forward, everyone who spit out the bit or resisted the ropes was dead, and everyone remaining was--- except for a little bump in Tiamanmen Square more recently--- apparently saying and believing by rote !

That's TOTAL political correctness, in concrete, Mao's vision achieved by more than 1 billion participants after the "disposal" of several hundred million.

Therefore to paraphrase John Donne... Do not ask for whom political correctness is tailored. Future generations in  what was the United States of America for 250 years will be chained and resplendent in glittering PeeCee raiment, thanks to Mao's Invention !